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Useful hand-made articles from newspaper tubes: we create coziness in the house!

Are you tired of the old newspapers that have accumulated on the balcony and in the kitchen cupboard? Don't rush to throw away the waste paper! It can serve as an excellent decoration for your home interior. You can even donate these newspapers. Does it seem too original and strange? Do not worry. We will like your present because the newspapers will have a sophisticated form.

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Old idea - new crafts

Useful hand-made articles from newspaper tubes: we create coziness in the house!

Most people, looking at old newspapers, catalogs and magazines, see only garbage, waste paper, which should have been disposed of long ago. But do not throw out these sources of information. Create a masterpiece from them - a unique interior object. Use ancient weaving techniques to create beautiful new crafts from ordinary newspaper tubes.

Such a direction as making cute handicrafts from newspapers with your own hands is becoming more and more popular for three reasons. First of all, it is a good way to use resources sparingly and just an excellent method of disposal. No need to throw away paper products or look for a collection point for old magazines.

The second reason is that the master does not need specific skills to start creating. This is not knitting, when you have to constantly count the loops for a beautiful pattern and the required size of a wardrobe item. And this is not embroidery, thanks to which exquisite interior objects are created, but the occupation itself requires perseverance, meticulousness and the ability to handle a needle and thread.

And the third reason why they like weaving from newspapers is the cheapness of consumables. If earlier natural materials, bamboo, rattan, palm leaves, willow twigs or vines were used for such an activity, today you do not need to worry about how much harm you cause to nature, or look for money to buy consumables. You will get by with what you have. Do-it-yourself basket weaving will be a great way to spend time with benefit.

Millennial craft in a new way

Weaving is one of the first types of craft that originated on the planet. The remains of wicker baskets were found in the Egyptian pyramids. As soon as people learned the simplest technique of joining vines, grass or twigs together, the craft of creating household items from a comfortable, flexible and plastic material quickly spread throughout the world.

This method has become popular because both man and woman can easily cope with it. To create a wicker thing, you do not need to have special equipment and the craftsman does not need to apply brute force or super-efforts. You can join the global trend of item reuse and develop the best original craftsmanship traditions.

Where to start?

What types of crafts from old newspapers are the most popular? This is a basket, casket, vase, lampshade and even a portrait. If you don't have the skills to weave, start with a simple basket. This type of newspaper product will be a good craft option for beginners. You don't need any special skills. And even a child can cope with this task.

This activity will be a great hobby for the whole family and an exciting alternative to computer games. Weaving is also useful in that it develops fine motor skills of the hands. This is true for both children and the elderly.

You will need:

  • Newspapers or magazines (the paper should not be too thick, otherwise it will be difficult to form tubes of the same shape);
  • Glue (PVA or in the form of a pencil);
  • Scissors;
  • Fine stick or knitting needle;
  • Clothespins;
  • A piece of cardboard for the base (bottom);
  • Form for the frame (it can be a cardboard box if the basket is rectangular).

DIY shopping cart instructions

Everything is elementary and simple. First, fold the newspaper sheets in half, cut lengthwise, and then start cutting the strips. You should cut the newspaper into strips 10 cm wide and 22 cm long.

Useful hand-made articles from newspaper tubes: we create coziness in the house!

Place a knitting needle or pencil on the edge of the strip if you need a wide vine, and wrap such a cylindrical object in paper. Roll the sheet gently into a tube. Attach the remaining edge to the base with glue. Take out the knitting needle and move on to the next one. Create 30-50 straws in the same way.

When choosing a method for decorating the bottom, you can give preference to an ordinary piece of cardboard, square or round plywood. Another option is not to use additional elements. The bottom of the basket can be woven in the same way as the sides.

If you decide to use a support, the first straws will need to be glued to a piece of cardboard at a distance of about 1.5-2 cm. For a basket with a wicker bottom, just place two straws on a flat surface.

Interlace them with a third, placing one part of the tube under the other and then on top of it. Do the same with the fourth tube, only in reverse order. Add straws gradually, expanding the bottom to the desired size.

This method can be tricky for a beginner. Therefore, for the first time, use a simple and convenient system for gluing the tubes to the cardboard circle. After the frame tubes (vertical) are attached, glue the tubes near their base at an angle of 45 degrees,which will braid the wireframes.

Make sure that the tubes are snug against each other. When you get the desired diameter, pull the ends of the tubes perpendicular to the bottom. Hold each tube vertically and braid the other horizontally.

This is the simplest schema called a string . For a uniform and thorough weaving, extend the tube by gluing the next one to it. You can also insert one vine into another. There are many ways to weave any product. Choose the right one for you to make this work enjoyable.

Video tutorials will help you decide. Watch a couple before starting to get a feel for the process. And although a couple of master classes watched will not make you a master of weaving, they will definitely help you master the process.

Helpful Hints

To prevent the structure from falling apart at just one glance at it, use clothespins. As you weave, secure each wall with clothespins, gradually moving them up. To simplify the work, it is recommended to take a flowerpot, bottle or box of the required shape in order to braid this object and thus create a symmetrical and stable structure. In this case, clothespins are not needed.

When the desired height is reached, wrap the edges of the protruding tubes inside the product and glue them to the walls of the basket. Your decor is almost complete. Go through the glue inside and out. Let it dry, then paint the basket with acrylic paint on both sides. Choose a color that best matches your home decor. In almost any setting, baskets in natural colors wood-like , as well as white, look great.

Cover the finished painted basket with clear varnish. So it will last a long time and will be less susceptible to kinks and moisture. You can decorate your creation with a variety of elements. You can stick, for example, flowers or patterns. You can take finished products that are sold in flower shops - in the form of insects, the same flowers of various shapes, animals.

There is nothing difficult in the implementation of your idea. Experiment, it's a fun process. When you master the basic technique, start creating even more original items. Lampshades, bread bins, coasters, wall clocks - you can make all these interesting things for your home with your own hands, without spending almost a penny.

Wrap your creation with beautiful craft paper or other gift paper, decorate with a hemp rope bow. This hand-made souvenir will be a great gift for a loved one.


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