Unique properties of mumiyo

Mumiyo is a precious substance extracted in the mountains of Altai, with healing properties, thanks to which it quickly heals wounds, rejuvenates, saturates the body with minerals and contains active substances with a unique effect. It is a remedy for burns, antimicrobial, strengthening, to improve metabolism.

Unique properties of mumiyo

Outwardly, it is used for treatment and skin care and hair. It is an excellent remedy for combating defects, easy to prepare and allows you to completely get rid of many problems with regular care.

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Skin and hair care with mumiyo

Mumiyo, or mountain wax, contains a number of minerals that improve the regenerative processes in the skin and strengthen its structure at the cellular level. These are magnesium, aluminum, iron, calcium, zinc and nickel.

In addition, Altai resin contains useful amino acids, vitamins, mineral and wood resins, bee venom, animal and plant enzymes that act as natural stimulators of cell growth and renewal.

Such a complex composition helps to quickly regain strength and restore normal processes in body tissues.

Indications for external use :

  • aging skin that has lost its elasticity;
  • scars after rashes and acne;
  • acne for any skin type;
  • tendency to redness;
  • pigmentation of all kinds;
  • inflamed oily skin;
  • stretch marks after pregnancy or dramatic weight loss;
  • very dry or very oily body skin with itching, odor;
  • poorly healing cuts, abrasions, burns;
  • other skin injuries (after consultation with a dermatologist and surgeon);
  • hair loss, age-related and pathological baldness;
  • weak, brittle hair;
  • oily scalp , dandruff.

How to use stretch marks mumiyo

To get rid of stretch marks left after pregnancy on the stomach, lower back, hips, shoulders, you need to use mumiyo in a cream prepared with your own hands.

This is due to the peculiarity of the resin: its active substances are subject to oxidation when in contact with air (for example, in an open jar of factory cream) and inmeshes with auxiliary components.

In a branded tube of cream for stretch marks, it quickly loses its healing properties, so the shelf life of such a product does not exceed 12 months, but in fact the cream is ineffective after 2-3 months from the date of production.

It is better to use a fresh remedy with mumiyo for stretch marks, prepared just before use, that is, at home.

How to make a cream for stretch marks with mumiyo? We buy mumiyo tablets at the pharmacy or through distributors. Their release form is most often in tablets of 200 mg, although it is also found in plates of different weights.

You will also need a non-greasy body cream. There are good reviews about using a simple baby cream, but you can take any cosmetic product for cellulite, stretch marks, moisturizer, etc. that you are used to using.

Cooking the cream 3-4 times :

  • for 50–75 g of baby or other cream, take 2 g of mumiyo (in terms of tablets - 8–10 pcs, check the weight with the data on the package);
  • crush tablets into powder, pour into a container with 1-2 tablespoons of chilled boiled water, mix until the powder is completely dissolved;
  • little by little add the cream to the liquid, trying to mix the mass as thoroughly as possible - emulsify;
  • measure a portion at a time, put the rest in a clean, dry cream jar or at least in a food bag, well close it from air until next time.
Unique properties of mumiyo

Apply your product to problem areas, rubbing in gently until completely absorbed. If the cream turns out to be oily and you feel uncomfortable, you can take a shower and wash off its remnants, but only 4 hours after application, so that it has time to take effect.

Instead of tablets, you can purchase a briquette, then you will need a kitchen electronic scale. If you overdo it, you may experience burning and redness on the skin, which will go away on its own when you rinse it with plenty of water.

This will not be an allergic reaction, just a local irritation. Mumiyo is a very active substance!

Reviews of women about this method are the most brilliant: the result is noticeable for some already on the third day of application, for the majority - in a week. Fresh stretch marks from pink turn pale, then disappear.

Old stretch marks (6 months or more) of a purple hue first turn red, then turn pale pink, and after 1.5-2 months they can already be seen only up close, looking closely.

Use the cream daily for 2 months in a row, then another month every other day. Stretch marks on the abdomen, back, hips and even breasts will go away completely.

Is it possible to use mumiyo cream during the feeding period?

Although this substance does penetrate deeply into the skin, it can be used topically to combat stretch marks during pregnancy and lactation.

The microscopic part, of course, will enter the mother's blood, but no datax that the mummy is able to overcome the placental barrier. In addition, liver cells capture and decompose all active substances in the blood into simple components.

You can use the cream during lactation on many areas of the body. However, remember that any substance on the skin of the mammary glands of a nursing mother can enter the baby's esophagus and cause irritation, so stretch marks on the breast can be removed only by stopping feeding.

Another disadvantage for nursing is a specific mineral smell. Some babies suffer greatly from the change in the smell of the mother, reacting with worry, crying, and even loss of appetite.

This is not a pattern, but special cases, and still be on the lookout and stop using the cream if the baby reacted sharply to your new scent.

How to apply hair products with mumiyo

Hair care includes caring for normal scalp blood circulation, sebum production and protecting hair from the negative effects of tap water, dust, tobacco smoke, styling products and coloring.

Medical masks based on mumiyo tablets for hair will become a real salvation.

If your hair is dull and weakened by numerous styling with a hot hairdryer, the ends are split or the hair is brittle along the entire length, try to correct the situation with nourishing masks with mumiyo:

  • Crush 1 tablet into powder, mix with 1 tablespoon of castor oil and 1 egg yolk, you can add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil to mask the unpleasant smell of mumiyo. Apply to hair roots for 1 hour, you can overnight, then rinse with warm water and shampoo;
  • Crush 1 tablet into powder, add 1 tablespoon of unsweetened honey, 1 teaspoon of olive oil (or almond, sesame, grape seeds). Apply to hair from roots to ends, wrap with foil for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

If your hair is highly electrified and has lost its shine, gets tangled in the comb, then homemade mumiyo spray will help you:

  • Grind 2 tablets into powder and dissolve in 200 ml of purified, preferably mineral water, pour into a spray bottle and spray the hair along the entire length an hour before washing, can be repeated before each wash for 1 month;
  • instead of water, you can use a decoction of chamomile: pour 1 tablespoon of chopped herbs with 200 ml of boiling water, hold in a water bath for 10 minutes, add water to the original volume, cool, strain, add powder 1 tablet of mumiyo.

Do you want your hair to become thicker, and the scalp does not show through sparse strands? Make masks with mumiyo for hair growth once a week for 2 months :

  • 2 tablespoons of a mixture of dry herbs, taken in a 1: 1 ratio (burdock root, nettle, mint), brew 100 ml of boiling water, insist, strain, add powder from 1 tablet of mumiyo. Rub into th skinfishing for 20 minutes, do not rinse, it is better to leave it overnight;
  • Rub 100 g of fresh cranberries through a sieve, add 1 tablet of mumiyo, apply to hair roots for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water without shampoo.


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