Top 8 Most Loyal Dogs In The World

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world

How is a dog's mind assessed, by what criteria? Ability to survive independently in a difficult world, unquestioning obedience to a person, quick mastering of commands?

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world

Surviving on their own - if viewed from the human side - are not the smartest, but those who know how to adapt to circumstances and even - in some cases - by turning off their own minds to stand out less.

Full submission and command execution? And if the animal obeys commands and orders that pose a danger to him? If you remember the dogs that stopped tanks at the cost of their lives, can they be called smart?

One criterion remains - quick mastering of commands. But is it possible to judge intelligence by him alone? Ranking the top 10 smartest dogs in the world, Canadian scientists have created special tests.

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Assessment intelligence and intelligence of human friends

Scientists from Vancouver, when studying the mental ability of canines, were even able to estimate the intelligence quotient - IQ. In the average dog, it is the same as in a toddler aged 2 years. That is, the animal knows the meaning of 165 words, distinguishes between gestures and signals, you can agree with him.

The most intelligent representatives of the animal world react to 250 concepts, easily switch from language to language, that is, after 2-3 contacts they understand similar commands in different languages, demonstrate knowledge of arithmetic. Intelligence of smart dogs is approaching the level of 4-5 year old children, and in the ability to demonstrate social skills - to 6 year olds.

Some can be taught to operate simple mechanisms, add numbers to 5, navigate the terrain.

Scientists have assessed their ability to express emotions:

  • joy;
  • angry;
  • offense;
  • disgust.

Along the way, it turned out that animals can admit their guilt only immediately after committing an offense - they, like little children, forget about it in 15 minutes.

So wait for an apology if a four-legged friend is guilty in the morning, you should not meet at lunchtime. Feelings of guilt are not available to the dog, and punishment will hurt.

Top 10 smartest dog breeds

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world

If we consider the first place in the ranking of the smartest dogs, then they will be the border collie.

The breed was developed in the 19th century. The main ancestors are Scottish collies, which were crossed with various types of shepherd dogs. A breed was obtained with exceptional performanceability, hardy, agile, impetuous, characterized by sharpness of mind and instant reaction. Some representatives of this standard have rightfully won the title - the smartest dog in the world, as they successfully replaced the guide for the blind and nannies for small children, successfully coping with emergency situations.

Height at the withers of a dog - up to 53 cm, weight up to 20 kg. Bitches are slightly smaller.

The second place is rightfully taken by poodles. No wonder they are most often shown in the circus, where they demonstrate quite complex tricks. The activity of small poodles is limited to performances in the circus and companionship with aging ladies, but the larger representatives of the breed work at customs, sniffing out drugs. Large poodles are capable of hunting birds, they can act as rescuers: they swim well, protect children. So the rating gives them the 2nd place by right.

Which breed takes the next step?

German Shepherd. The breed is so ancient that it is not even known which dogs were its ancestors - specially bred dog breeds or wolves. Already in the 7th century, representatives of these breeds became loyal and devoted friends to man - they guarded and defended. Long-haired shepherds were presented at an exhibition in Hanover in 1882, and short-haired dogs were presented in Berlin in 1889.

Now these dogs with an average height of about 55 cm at the withers are used in protection, as a shepherd, in animal husbandry - they are used as guides for the blind, serve in the armed forces, are used to detain criminals and guard state borders.

They get along well with children and old people, they easily adapt to life in a large family.

If European scientists figured out which breed of dog is considered the smartest, they would surely put the German Shepherd in first place.

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world

The following are in mind Golden Retrievers. Initially, the breed was bred as a hunting one, for raising game from the water. Currently, these dogs are considered the best companions of owners in families with small children.

Qualitative characteristics of the standard: sensitivity, patience, calm character, composure, constant desire to be helpful, lack of aggressiveness towards other dogs and strangers. They master skills well in the process of training.

Doberman Pinscher. Dogs bred in Germany are considered stupid, but if you evaluate the qualities by human standards, then we can say that the dog is on his mind . Puppies show extraordinary abilities in a healthy family atmosphere with a patient owner.

If the animal is not raised, it turns out to be an uncontrollable dog, which will be impossible to cope with. He will demonstrate a natural mind only when coming up with the next tricks.

But you shouldn't start as a companion. Its main qualities are to defend and attack.

Representatives of the Sheltie breed - miniature collies - are very intelligent and loyal. Easy to dressThey run, execute commands, and at the same time are excellent guards - smart, from the first time they understand the division into their own and aliens .

In seventh place is the breed from Newfoundland - the Labrador Retriever. Demonstrate rare quick wits, efficiency, balanced character. Excellent swimmers, so they are used in the water as lifeguards.

Papillons are descendants of the continental spaniel. The breed is indoor, medium-sized, but this does not interfere with demonstrating social skills. Excellent companions for people of retirement age, they can easily find lost things, can help out in a difficult situation, point to open doors, windows, a household appliance forgotten in the socket - it is enough to show just once what is required of the animal.

Ninth place - Rottweiler. Strong, powerful, but at the same time they have a fairly balanced character, despite the pronounced aggressiveness towards other dogs and strangers.

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world

The type of nervous activity of the animal is stable, therefore, when choosing a protector, it is advisable to focus on them.

Rounding out the top ten smartest Australian Shepherd. Her closest relatives are the Pyrenean Sheepdog and several types of collies. The breed was bred artificially, and more recently - in the twentieth century. As a result of a successful experiment, an executive and very quick-witted animal turned out, perhaps too active and requiring increased attention to itself.

Devotion and loyalty

If you ask the owners a question, which breeds of dogs are the most intelligent and loyal, of course, they will name their pet. However, according to scientific research, the ratings for intelligence and dedication do not match.

Scientists ranked by loyalty:

Top 10 most loyal friends of the canine world
  1. German Shepherd.
  2. Labrador Retriever.
  3. Collie is friendly and playful.
  4. The beagle has an extremely keen sense of smell.
  5. St. Bernard is the largest and most peaceful.
  6. Boxer.
  7. Dachshund. Although it demonstrates not so much devotion as affection, since she is not able to disregard for a minute.
  8. Kuvasz - originally bred to guard the herd, spiteful, but able to lay down his life for his master.
  9. Espanyol-Breton - heightened sense of loyalty, a friend who is ready to go to fire and water.
  10. Yokshire Terrier. He may not be able to localize the enemy, but he is always ready to knock off track , fearlessly grabbing the aggressor with small teeth.

All pets are attached to their owner, but these representatives have an increased attachment inherent at the genetic level.

When acquiring a four-legged friend, this feature should be taken into account. When trying to give them into good hands, these animals fall into depression and may die.

The 10 Extreme Loyal Dog Breeds

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