The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

The laws of karma in relationships between people

Rarely have anyone not experienced such sensations: you meet a person for the first time, you start communicating, and it seems that you have known him for many years. Understanding at a glance, interaction from the first days of acquaintance between people can appear only if there is a karmic connection between them.

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What is karma?

The laws of karma in relationships between people

Karma is the influence of the past on today's circumstances, the fate of a person. Surely the karmic connection arose for a reason - the knowledge of the soul means that the souls were familiar for a long time and met in one of the past lives.

If a karmic connection arises between a woman and a woman - in a past life they could be friends or be in a close relationship, between a woman and a man - the relationship was either kindred or love. Karmic partners meet in order to end past relationships in this life: to get closer or finally part.

Signs of a karmic connection

How to understand that the meeting is predetermined by fate? Signs of a karmic connection between people can be explicit and implicit. To clarify whether the souls were really familiar before, perhaps with the help of additional actions that can only be performed by people who have contact with higher forces.

To determine the degree of connection, they conduct clairvoyance sessions, read Tarot cards, runes, gypsy cards or make an astrological forecast.

It is possible to recognize a karmic encounter by obvious signs - an inexplicable attraction of strangers to each other. They met by chance, talked a little, and after parting they remember the meeting, as if they gave the vis-a-vis a piece of their soul. Many years pass, and people still remember this meeting.

The laws of karma in relationships between people

To return experienced emotions, people are ready to do things that are unusual for them by nature.

If a relationship is established, the emotions in them are strong enough - both positive and negative. If you know how to recognize a karmic connection, then you will not resist the will of higher powers and you will save yourself from destructive emotions.

Relationships can arise not only because of the meeting of souls in the past - a karmic connection is determined by the date of birth, connecting astral entities.

New destinies

Astral entities fill human bodies, fueled by energy. They postThey certainly evolve, their subtle bodies are depleted after entering a person. At the moment of meeting with the karmic half, a person opens up, and it is easier for the ethereal creature to penetrate inside. They can completely change a person, and loved ones will stop recognizing him.

The following types of astral entities are distinguished from living people:

  • angels are positive;
  • demons - destroy the inner world, push to actions that cause negativity, are able to completely destroy the personality - if a person tries to resist rebirth, he develops mental illnesses, for example, schizophrenia.

Astral entities leave the bodies of dead people and go out in search of new victims.

They can be classified:

  • demons or laurels - they are attracted by lust, greed, adultery - rough energy;
  • bastards - they make you create conflict situations, switch to profanity.
The laws of karma in relationships between people

There are several other forms of entities with different habits - some of them choose victims depending on the energy, certain habits, others are looking for a new body based on gender. For example, demons prefer to inhabit women, reptiles prefer men.

Sometimes sorcerers and shamans prepare essences specifically to deal with certain people - on request. They are transported in the astral dimension.

If a karmic meeting occurred with a person whose soul is filled with someone else's astral essence, the relationship will hurt both sides, since the connection is created artificially.

It is very likely that the energy field, created without changing the hypostasis, would not have tightened the other side. However, breaking off such a relationship is as difficult as it is true.

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Karmic marriage is considered one of the strongest alliances. But how do you know that the relationship is true and the essence of the person is involved in them, and not the astral guests who changed their character?

Astrology and numerology can help with this. If for astrological predictions you need to have special knowledge and inner intuition, then you can figure out the basics of numerology on your own by making a calculation using special tables. Of course, only specially trained psychics and astrologers can make full-fledged predictions, but even an amateur can understand what is happening on the basis of systematized observations.

For example, marriages are considered nonrandom if the age difference between a man and a woman is multiples of 5. The strongest unions are those in which, after meeting, they learn that the difference is 15 years.

The laws of karma in relationships between people

Karma of marriage is calculated by date of birth. Partners add up all the numbers in the date of birth.
For example: 19.04. 1957. After adding up the number 36 is obtained - for this person every 36 years something global will happen in his life.

The age of the partner is calculated in the same way: 08/28/1962. The age of change is also 36. Marriage is karmic.

Another pair of partners: 08/10/1965 and 07/19/1963.

Age of change - 31 - you need to keep in mind, a dozen is added completely; and 47. Even multiples do not match. The connection is not karmic, although marriage can be successful.

Numerology can help everyone individually understand the main character traits, find out addictions, outline the scope of activities in which it is possible to achieve success.

How karmic relationships are formed

The laws of karma in relationships between people
  • Karmic relationships develop in different ways, just like any relationship. Partners can communicate for a very long time, and the fact of their marriage becomes a surprise to others;
  • A huge difference in tastes and social status;
  • Marriage is concluded with lightning speed, and after a few years people cannot say what prompted them to it;
  • A very important sign of karmic connections is moving. People who get married leave to live somewhere else, in some way breaking off ties;
  • Childless marriage - closed future is predetermined by karma;
  • Fatality and difficult relationships - people, in the opinion of others, need to leave. One of them is an alcoholic, drug addict, sadist and the like, he tortures his soul mate, but she is not able to leave.

Psychics explain complex relationships with karma - in a past life the situation was the opposite, and now a partner who receives constant negativity is responsible for his own sins. But not everyone agrees to suffer and periodically try to get rid of such a relationship. How to break a karmic connection with a man or woman who makes life a hard labor, and is it possible to do this?

Not only spouses ask about this, sometimes friends bring physical and moral suffering, whom it is impossible to leave, as you evaluate your own act as a betrayal.

Breaking up a tough relationship

The potential for rupture is largely determined by the quality of the relationship.

The laws of karma in relationships between people
  • If people complement each other, the connection is magnetic - a break is impossible. It's like Yin and Yang - one cannot exist without the other. One will disappear - life will lose interest for another;
  • The debtor-creditor - in a past life they were in the opposite role, and now they are repaying debts - take care in the reverse order.

As soon as the karmic debts are paid - and this can be felt by the changes in attitude, by the ease of communication - you stop feeling guilty, leaving the sick or drunk, the connection can be broken.

In order to quickly pay off debts, you should analyze everything that causes irritation and pacify the negativity in yourself. As soon as this is done, then the partner should be released, despite the feeling of duty and the possible condemnation of others. The opportunity to change karma should not be missed.

We need to remember that by our action now, in the future we will rid the creature in which the soul will enter from moral and, possibly, from physical suffering.

HOW KARMA WORKS explained by Hans Wilhelm

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