How Hormones Influence You and Your Mind

The hormones of pleasure and happiness

Do you think mood swings are temperament, personality traits? But no - everything is much more prosaic. The nature of our happiness is chemical. The feeling of boundless pleasure is a complex of biochemical processes controlled by special substances - hormones.

The pleasure center is located in a section of the brain - the hypothalamus. It is a bundle of neurons that generate, in response to a certain action, a series of complex reactions. Under the influence of the hypothalamus, the production of neurotransmitters begins, in ordinary life called the hormones of happiness.

Endorphin, dopamine and serotonin are substances that control our mood. By taking control of them, we can control our emotions.

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Dopamine is called a pleasure hormone. More precisely, it forms dependence on it.

The hormones of pleasure and happiness

So, for example, there is a habit of finishing dinner with something sweet. Even doing what you love, having a cup of coffee with friends, is a consequence of the production of dopamine.

Scientists have found that the process is not as important to its development as its anticipation. When you are on the verge of something grandiose, unusual, long-awaited, exciting - heart rate and respiration quicken, blood rushes to the skin. Dopamine gives us quick thinking and body flexibility.

This is how this effect is felt at the physiological level. The hormone is extremely important in extreme situations. During injuries, it helps to withstand the painful shock and adapt to new conditions.

Lack of dopamine leads to apathy, depression and even the development of tremors - Parkinson's disease.

This hormone of happiness does not arise from the absorption of all kinds of goodies. His favorite activities are his source: drawing, embroidery, going to the theater and cinema, sports.


Our sense of joy and happiness is directly dependent on serotonin. Thanks to him, we have the opportunity to enjoy tastes, aromas, sensations, and, most importantly, we can remember these moments. With an excess of serotonin, a feeling of euphoria arises. Glows from the inside - they speak of those in whom this hormone just plays in the blood.

Another important fact was discovered by scientists: this biochemical substance protects against such a terrible disease as cancer!

Serotonin not only makes it possible to get a charge of good emotions, but also can make some cells withself-destruct.

Raising the level of the hormone in the blood is quite simple - eat something delicious. Serotonin is made from tryptophan, an amino acid found in foods. It is mostly found in chocolate, dates, bananas or nuts.

But the most pleasant way to increase serotonin is to take a walk in the fresh air under the gentle warm sun. Lack of natural light leads to a decrease in hormone levels.

The mechanism of its release is simple: when mood improves, serotonin levels increase, and when serotonin increases, mood improves.


The hormones of pleasure and happiness

These natural active compounds are produced by cells of the nervous system and brain. The effect of endorphins on the body is similar to the effect of serotonin, but much stronger. In this case, something similar to drug addiction appears. Explains this effect - the chemical formula of endorphin. It is similar to the morphine formula. A person gets used to the dose of happiness , and when the level of endorphins in the blood decreases, he feels very uncomfortable.

But unlike drugs, endorphins have a positive effect on us.

They strengthen the immune system, accelerate wound healing and increase stress resistance, have a strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect.

In women during pregnancy, the amount of this chemical element in the blood increases, and after childbirth it drops sharply. Therefore, women who have given birth often suffer from postpartum depression and neuroses.

How can you increase the production of these natural promoters of happiness and pleasure? Go in for sports. A half-hour workout increases its concentration in the body by 5 times. More often indulge yourself with new experiences, change the environment. Go to the cinema or theater, take a walk along the promenade or the park, or do some art or cooking.

If a person has no shortage of this happy hormone, he is always full of optimism, vitality and energy, he feels absolutely satisfied. If there is, he becomes apathetic, depressed and considers himself the most unhappy of mortals.

What makes us happier

Physical activity. This remedy works better on men.

In just a 30-minute workout, the concentration of happiness hormones increases 5-7 times.

The hormones of pleasure and happiness
  • Sex. Since ancient times, medicine . The rest - for prevention.
  • Food. 40-kand for a percentage of the population, food improves mood. Everyone is familiar with the fact when a person is seized by stress. But not all foods are equally conducive to the synthesis of the hormones of happiness and pleasure. Chocolate, bananas, and ice cream are the best for depression.
  • Pregnancy. Purely female stimulant of good mood. The very state of pregnancy gives a woman a feeling of happiness. The level of hormones in the blood reaches its peak by the time of childbirth.
  • Cold. Low temperatures, within reason, of course, increase the production of joy hormones. Walking or running barefoot in the snow is great for neuroses and depression.
  • Art. Music, painting, cinema and theater are excellent stimulants of a good mood. With their help, you can get rid of apathy and even normalize blood pressure.
  • Ultraviolet. The gentle rays of the sun have a beneficial effect on the body, increasing the concentration of serotonin in the blood. Replace transport for walking, get out more often to nature or to the park - and you will see how your mood will always be on a positive note.
  • Laughter. And, of course, don't forget to laugh. Laughter - continues life, improves mood, protects against diseases.

Where is happiness lost?

Lack of hormones of joy in the body can occur for many reasons. Chronic fatigue, infectious and viral ailments, endocrine diseases, stress, family troubles.

All these factors are perceived by a person extremely painfully, gradually a bad mood is equated to the norm and he begins to exist sadly with an insufficient content of these substances.

Don't despair, eat a chocolate bar, warm your nose in the sun, smile and everything will be fine!

Happy Brain Chemicals: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin

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