The consequences of unprotected intercourse

Spontaneous sex is often the cause of various kinds of problems, ranging from unwanted pregnancy to the development of sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, intercourse is an integral part of human life, but unprotected sex is fraught with many dangers, which will be discussed in this article.

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Unprotected sex : what is it?

The consequences of unprotected intercourse

As a rule, most people associate unprotected sex with a casual relationship with a little-known partner. However, spontaneous copulation can also occur in a married couple who have lived together for more than one year.

In any case, this does not negate the negative consequences that can affect the health of both partners. With an unprotected act, no barrier agents are used that can prevent pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Contraceptives include:

  • male and female condoms;
  • hormonal preparations;
  • vaginal latex diaphragm or coil.

In addition, girls who have not previously experienced physical intimacy fall into the risk group. At the same time, along with the delights of the first sexual experience, they can receive many unexpected and very unpleasant surprises in the form of genital infections.

What are the consequences?

During unprotected intercourse, a person can lie in wait not only for sexual infections (sexually transmitted diseases), but also other types of diseases. Both those and others, gynecologists call STDs - sexually transmitted diseases. If, after spontaneous intercourse, you find a rash on your skin or any discomfort in the genitals, be sure to consult a doctor.

Infections that theoretically can be picked up with an unprotected act include:

  • hepatitis B and C;
  • papillomavirus;
  • syphilis;
  • trichomoniasis (gonorrhea, hussar rhinitis);
  • cognitive mollusc;
  • speed;
  • ureaplasmosis.
The consequences of unprotected intercourse

The list of all infectious surprises does not end there, since modern medicine has at least 20 sexual diseases that can be caught in thethe absence of any remedies.

In addition, women should understand that sexually transmitted infections in men often do not appear, remaining in a latent state. However, a woman awarded with a disease quickly realizes that something is wrong with her body.

What are the symptoms of an STD?

After spontaneous intercourse, you should consult a specialist if the following symptoms appear:

The consequences of unprotected intercourse
  • the genitals are swollen;
  • strange discharge appeared from the genitals;
  • discomfort in the groin while walking;
  • itching and pain in the genitals;
  • exacerbation of existing diseases;
  • a rash appeared on the body and genitals;
  • sharp pains accompany urination.

If you find these symptoms, be sure to contact a specialist.

In addition, gynecologists recommend undergoing a comprehensive examination in such situations:

  • When changing a permanent sexual partner;
  • In case of unprotected intercourse with a stranger;
  • If you find any suspicious symptoms that appeared during the change of sexual partner.

Late with preventive measures, what about?

What should and can be done if unprotected intercourse has already taken place?

If you have been unable to use traditional means of protection before sexual contact, you can use these tips:

The consequences of unprotected intercourse
  • Relieve need and wash genitals with intimate hygiene gel;
  • Be sure to disinfect your genitals with a commercially available antiseptic. However, remember that you cannot inject it into the genitals;
  • Seek help from a specialist in order to undergo drug treatment or prevention;
  • After 14 days, you need to re-examine.

To avoid the unpleasant consequences of unprotected contact, these activities should be enough.

And, of course, try to avoid spontaneous relationships, this will surely save you from unwanted pregnancy and the acquisition of a whole bunch of ailments.

Probability of pregnancy on different days of the cycle

What are the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse in the middle of the cycle? To understand this issue, consider the work of the female body. In the first few days of menstruation, follicles form on the ovaries, in which the eggs mature. Over the next 7 days, all follicles begin to fade , except for one - the most viable one.

In the middle of the cycle, at about 14-16 days, the follicular sac bursts, as a result of which the formed egg is released. Then it begins to move along the fallopian tube, all the way to the uterus.

Now you can talk about the probability of conception at various stages of the cycle:

The consequences of unprotected intercourse
  • Obviously, the greatest chance of getting pregnant occurs in the middle of the cycle, i.e. 14-16 days;
  • Unprotected intercourse before menstruation and a few days after their end is the least favorable time for conception.

However, all girls should understand that the sperm in a woman's body can remain active for another 7 or even 9 days.

Therefore, the risk of getting pregnant still persists during this time. In addition, albeit rarely, there are cases of conception and before menstruation , as evidenced by professional gynecologists.

Emergency contraception

How can you avoid pregnancy with an unprotected act? Fortunately, traditional as well as traditional medicine has many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies even after unprotected sex. Moreover, most of the methods are effective, although they cannot guarantee 100% of the result.

Here are some of them:

  • Douching. The essence of this method is to flush active sperm from the genital tract. True, this method is not the most effective, since douching can wash not only male reproductive cells, but also all the beneficial microflora from the female body;
  • Antigestagenic drugs. Refers to the number of post-coin drugs, used approximately 72 hours after sexual intercourse. This hormonal preparation is practically harmless as it has no side effects;
  • Gestagenic agents. Medicines such as Escapel, Mifepristone and Postinor are effective means of emergency contraception. However, each of them can be used only after prior consultation with a gynecologist.
The consequences of unprotected intercourse

It should be noted that all hormonal drugs have some pros and cons that need to be considered.

They are the most effective methods of preventing and terminating early pregnancy, but they do not protect the body from possible infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

What can you do with an unprotected act to avoid pregnancy and genital infections? In such a situation, only an integrated approach is needed.

First, progestational or anti-progestational drugs should be used no later than 3 days after proximity. Secondly, immediately after intercourse, perform hygiene procedures and apply antiseptic drugs to the genitals. Thirdly, contact your gynecologist and take a course of preventive medication.

Better yet, avoid casual relationships and unverified partners!

The Consequences of Unprotected Sex

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