The best French comedies: old and modern

The French are recognized masters of comedy. The rest of the world of cinema can envy the ease and grace with which they embody the most intricate plots on the screen. And all because the work of French directors is always focused on the emotional perception of the viewer, funny and understandable anywhere in the world. But if you think that the golden age of cinematography in France ended with Louis de Funes, this is not the case. The audience continues to admire both old French comedies and modern films that have already won the love of the audience. This article is a selection of the best French comedies, both old and recent.

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Oscar (1967)

The best French comedies: old and modern

A classic comedy with Louis de Funes that will leave no one indifferent. The action takes place on the estate of a major industrialist Bertrand Barnier, whose day did not go well in the morning: the manager announced his intention to marry his daughter Colette, Colette herself turns out to be pregnant by the former chauffeur Oscar, and it also turns out that she is not Barnier's daughter at all. A businessman is trying to cope with the troubles that piled on one day and not go crazy, untangling the tangle of problems in a series of funny situations.

The film is based on the incredibly successful play by Claude Magnier, which was staged by many theaters around the world. Hence the intimacy of the film, but despite the limited space and the number of characters, the poignant French humor and great acting will make you laugh to tears.

Amelie (2001)

The best French comedies: old and modern

In the early 2000s, the romantic comedy about an unusual girl Amelie Poulin won the hearts of viewers around the world. Sweet, but a little reserved Amelie devoted her life to caring for the happiness of others. Her seemingly strange actions change the fate of everyone who encounters her. Amelie knows how to see beauty and joy in the simplest things, being in a world of fantasy and dreaming of great love, but she cannot arrange her personal life. Until she meets the same weird and strange as herself, Nino ...

A touching film about love set against the backdrop of romantic Paris, flavored with soft and light humor, it received five Oscar nominations and became a cult classic in many countries. Interestingly, most of the unusual stories that happened to Amelie are taken from life: director Jean-Pierre Jeunet began collecting and recording them back in 1974.

Beaver to win (2008)

The best French comedies: old and modern

Postal clerk Philip Abrams is looking forward to being promoted with a transfer to a resort town in the south of France, but due to a small mistake as a disciplinary measure, he is sent to the very north, which, in the view of southerners, is located at the extreme in the icy desert, inhabited by savages. and it is impossible to live there. Only Philippe is waiting for a big opening.

The original plot is flavored with sparkling French humor and an abundance of comical situations. The film was an incredible success both in France, where it took second place at the box office after the Titanic, and around the world. And most importantly, the film reminds us that it is stupid to rely on stereotypes, and real people will certainly be able to pleasantly surprise.

Unlucky (1981)

The best French comedies: old and modern

A comedy film with the talented Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard is familiar and loved by many since childhood. The plot revolves around the pathologically unlucky daughter of the billionaire Marie, who disappeared in South America. When the police are powerless to do anything, a desperate father sends a private detective Campana in search. But he is not traveling alone: ​​the rich man sends his unlucky accountant Perrin with him, because according to the theory of his psychologist, fatal losers find themselves in similar situations, and this is what will help to find Marie.

Unlucky became the first classic comedy of the duo Richard and Depardieu, after which the equally brilliant Runaways and Daddies were filmed.

Aliens (1993)

The best French comedies: old and modern

No less popular in France and abroad is the tandem of Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. The action of the film begins in the days of medieval France. The Comte de Montmirail turns to the wizard to help him return to the past and prevent the tragedy he caused. But the unlucky sorcerer mistakenly sends de Montmiray and his faithful servant to the future, where incredible adventures, many comical situations and even meeting with descendants await them.

Toy (1976)

The best French comedies: old and modern

Film A toy with the brilliant Pierre Richard looks in one breath and is recognized from the first moments thanks to the charming music of Vladimir Kosm. And although the picture is filled with light humor and kindness, it raises serious social issues and the problem of fathers and children.

In high society, where money rules, ordinary people are either forced to turn into puppets, or to lose everything. After months of unemployment, journalist François Perrin finally gets a job at a prestigious newspaper. He is so afraid of losing his job that he agreesI am on the absurd proposal of my boss to become a plaything of his spoiled son Eric, who knows nothing of denial. This meeting turns the lives of all the characters in the film upside down, and François and Eric are reassessing values, where kindness and love become the main ones.

Taxi (1998)

The best French comedies: old and modern

Despite the classic components of a typical male film - a detective story with elements of an action movie - the Taxi franchise has earned the love of viewers of various categories. In many ways, this success has provided a great cast and humor on the verge of the grotesque.

A car-obsessed taxi driver, Daniel, thanks to coincidence of circumstances, meets the muddled policeman Emilien, and together they set off in pursuit of an elusive gang of bandits in Mercedes, whom the Marseille police are powerless to catch without a savvy taxi driver. Against this background, both a love story and a sitcom unfolds.

The first film won prestigious awards and was so liked by the public that the famous Luc Besson produced three more parts about the adventures of friends Daniel and Emilien, which also received public recognition.

Little Nicolas (2009)

The best French comedies: old and modern

The good French comedy about the pranks of the boy Nicolas is just shown for family viewing. Little Nicolas is an ordinary child who is happy with his life: he has loving parents and friends, with whom he arranges various tricks. But the boy's life changes when he notices the strange behavior of his parents. It seems to Nicolas that soon he will have a brother, and he himself will not be needed. With the help of his loyal friends, he decides to hire a gangster to get rid of an unexpected brother, and this is where a series of funny situations that children and adults find themselves in.

The film is based on the series of children's books of the same name by the writer Rene Gossini, which have received worldwide fame and translated into 37 languages. And in 2014, the sequel to Nicolas's adventures was released.

Gendarme of Saint-Tropez (1964)

The best French comedies: old and modern

The eccentric gendarme Cruchot is staying with his beautiful daughter Nicole in the town of Saint-Tropez, where from now on he will serve. From this moment on, the peaceful life of the resort and the local police station ends. Cruchot fiercely rushes to the defense of the law even when the law does not need his defense. We are waiting for the hunt for nudists, the theft of a priceless painting, the hunt for bandits. And at the same time, the stupid gendarme is trying to keep track of his frivolous daughter.

This is the first of six films about the adventures of the gallant gendarme Cruchot. The film was shot in the best traditions of cinema of the 60s and is regularly included in the ratings of the best French comedies of all time.

Untouchable (1 + 1) (2011)

The best French comedies: old and modern

The French can tell complex dramatic stories aboutvery easy and accessible film language. An excellent example of this is the film The Untouchables, which has become one of the main events in French cinema since the early 2000s.

The tape tells the story of the life of a rich aristocrat Philip, who was paralyzed in an accident. He hires Driss, an unemployed black guy from the ghetto who has just been released from prison, as his assistant. Driss manages to bring the spirit of adventurism and a fresh look at familiar things into the measured life of Philip, who is confined to a wheelchair, and the friendship that has developed between them will radically change the lives of both.

The filmmaker's duo were inspired to create the film by a documentary about how a young resident of the suburb was hired to look after the paralyzed disabled Philip Pozzo di Borgo. Humanity, optimism and good humor with which the creators managed to present such a sensitive topic deserve respect. The tape was nominated for many awards, and they decided to repeat its success in Hollywood, releasing a remake of the same name in 2019.

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