Fleshy fashion: 'Skin heels' designed by Canadian pair creating a stir

The art of fashion shows in heels

High heels have always been and will be a sign of sophistication and femininity, so almost all women resort to this win-win option to look their 100%. Such shoes help to visually lengthen the legs and create the effect of slender , besides, heels are an invariable attribute of sexuality and a lifesaver in the arsenal of any temptress.

The art of fashion shows in heels

But often wearing high-heeled shoes brings painful sensations and gives back pain. Therefore, the question of how to walk in heels correctly worries many ladies. In our today's article, we will try to reveal it.

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Choosing shoes

Before, to stand on heels and proceed to practical exercises in the question of how to walk beautifully in heels, you need to choose the right shoes.

Be sure to choose shoes of the right size and do not pursue their beauty. If your shoes are tight or uncomfortable in them, do not expect them to change as you wear them. Because you can walk in high heels in uncomfortable shoes for at least several hours. And after you delights await in the form of rubbed calluses and aching feet, which will definitely not allow you to wear such shoes the next day.

Give preference to high quality footwear and do not skimp. After all, your health also depends on the comfortable state of your legs.

Shoes should sit comfortably on the foot, without squeezing either the toe or heel.

If you are just starting to learn to walk confidently in heels, at least do not rush to 20-centimeter stiletto heels, but start your path with a heel 5-7 cm high in medium thickness. Even better, having a square heel will add stability to your heel.

The art of fashion shows in heels

It is better to choose a round or open sock. If you are just mastering such shoes, do not start with sharp-toed models - this is fraught with injuries. Since you can easily catch on an obstacle on the road and fall.

Shoes that do not provide confident support for the legs are best left for other extreme sports. Indeed, despite fashion trends, the likelihood of a sprained ankle in them is very high.

So, let's learn to walk in heels!

If high heels are exotic for you, and you are used to flaunting sneakers, then you just need to master a few tricks:

  • Before leaving in people in the newshoes, you need to try it at home. This will make you feel confident on the street, and the nuances of the new shoes will already be familiar to you. Take a few hours to do this and you can safely hit the road;
  • In the question of how to learn to walk in heels, special attention should be paid to the moment of bending the knees. So, you need to keep your legs straight, in no case bend at the knees and try to put your feet in one line;
  • When stepping, you must first stand on the heel, and then lower the toe, smoothly transferring the body weight. The steps should be even, without jerking. If you feel unsure, then reduce the step size;
  • Use your hands to help yourself maintain balance, but make sure the movements are smooth, avoid rough swing;
  • Start your workout on simple, level surfaces, avoid slippery ground, grass, sand, gravel, and icy asphalt at first;
  • If you are walking up the stairs, be sure to stick to the railing and go down gently and gracefully. When going up, put the sole and heel on the step, and when going down - only the sole;
  • If you suddenly feel that you are losing control of your balance, do not try your best to maintain balance. It is better to fall and get off with a slight bruise than to get more serious injury while trying to maintain balance.

A few secrets

We do not recommend opting for high heels for all occasions. After all, these shoes have their immediate purpose, and if you run to the store in them or put them on in nature, then first of all you will definitely work your legs, and in the second case, at least you will look awkward, and all the desired femininity will be removed by hand.

And one more tip, in order to look spectacular and beautiful in heels, you definitely need to take care of the correct posture. Because if you walk hunched over, no matter how correctly you put your legs, it will look quite pathetic.

In addition, stooping very often develops insecurity, so do not forget to keep your back straight and walk with your head held high. Then a train of enthusiastic looks is guaranteed!

Now that you know the basic secrets of how to walk beautifully and confidently in heels, you can safely train and leave more painful sensations in the past. Let your gait be light, and high heels become a permanent attribute of your wardrobe! Good luck!

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