The ability to keep the child under constant supervision

Modern children and adolescents are distinguished by their dependence on computers and gadgets - child psychologists and teachers constantly pay attention to this problem. An alternative solution for many parents was the employment of children in creative circles, sports clubs, and intellectual clubs.

But in this case, another problem comes to the fore: parents employed at work cannot accompany their children around the city to their extracurricular activities, so they have to constantly worry about their safety.

The supervised child service will help solve this problem for anxious mothers and fathers, which allows you to determine the current location of their children using the data of a mobile phone in the network.

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Supervised child and not only

Service Supervised child works on any mobile phone, even a simple model. It is enough only that the device is of the GSM standard, and there is no need to install and configure additional programs.

The included mobile application The supervised child will allow moms and dads:

  • monitor the account balance on the device used by the child;
  • determine the location of children with an accuracy of 3 km outside the city or village;
  • track the movement of children and adolescents around the city.

If parents and children use modern smartphones, the range of application possibilities expands significantly:

The ability to keep the child under constant supervision
  1. Parents can remotely monitor the battery level on their children's smartphone. A common child's problem is forgetfulness: a child often forgets to charge his gadget on time, so he can fail at any time and untimely pass out . Thanks to the child monitoring service, parents will be able to understand the reason why their little subscriber was not available .
  2. Parents have an additional opportunity to control and track the applications that their offspring uses, as this is also included in the concept of child safety.
  3. It is possible to find out the exact location of the child with coordinates.

To use the advanced features of the application, family members needbut download and install an additional application.

For the whole family, but with permission

The app developers dispel the parents' anxiety that their offspring can be watched in this way by anyone, even criminals: the Supervised Child service will become available to parents only after how the child will consent to this.

The procedure for obtaining such consent is simple, but mandatory:

  1. When the service is connected to the number of the subscriber specified by the parents as child , a message is sent asking for consent.
  2. If the small subscriber agrees, then he must send a message in response with the phone number of the parent to whom he gives his consent.
  3. The application waits for a response for five days, after which it deactivates the request, since in this case silence is not a sign of consent .

In this way, the child will be protected from accidental surveillance , since only those family members to whom he personally gives consent will be able to find out his whereabouts.

Service activation rules

The description of the procedure that gives an idea of ​​how to connect the service Child under supervision , the developers have made accessible and uncomplicated. It is important to follow the sequence of actions, not to forget or miss the details.

There are several steps to connect the application:

  • register parent;
  • child registration;
  • registering a second parent;
  • locating.

The sequence of steps must be strictly observed, do not go from previous to next without waiting for a response.

The ability to keep the child under constant supervision
  1. To activate the service, send a message from the parent's number to the short number 7788. The message should contain information about who is sending the request: for example, mom Olya, dad Sasha
  2. You can proceed to the next stage only after the code assigned to the members of this family is known. This code comes in a reply message and belongs to all family members. Thanks to this code, the system will be able to identify everyone as members of the same group.
  3. After receiving the code, send the data about the small subscriber to the same number (7788). This information should include a name and phone number. You can do it differently: send information about him and the family code from the child's phone (for example, Ilya code ).
  4. Before proceeding to the next stage, the parent must wait for the consent of their child to add the service.
  5. To register a second parent or grandparents in the application (up to 9 numbers in total are allowed in one group), send a new message from their phones to the numberр 7788 indicating the data of the second parent and a special family code (for example, Dad Vanya code ).
  6. You can check how the service Child under supervision works by sending a message to 7788 after complete registration with a text that should repeat the child's name.

The response that will come to this message must contain information about the location of the wanted subscriber at the moment.

How to use the application

For parents who wish to locate their offspring, there are several options for using the application:

  1. You can use the mobile application on your smartphone (you should first make sure that your baby's smartphone is not turned off).
  2. You can enter the parent's personal account from the phone version and use its capabilities.
  3. You can enter your personal account of the service and send requests from there.
  4. You can use the simple function of sending a message to 7788.

Parents will always be able to choose the most convenient and available service for them at the moment to determine the location of their children, while you can simultaneously find all the children connected to the service and a separate offspring, if necessary.

Disable service

If you need to deactivate the service, for example, if parents and children plan to be around for a long time, you should use the pause function.

It's not difficult to do this: you just need to send a message with the text stop to the short number 7788.

This method has the following advantages:

The ability to keep the child under constant supervision
  • the program saves all information about the family and does not need to be re-registered;
  • the function will resume automatically after the first location request.

You can act differently by using the text delete in such a message. The downside of this deactivation method is that the system will give the command to remove the option from all family members at the same time. Experts recommend in this case to use a different message text: delete the name , in this case the system will not exclude the whole family from the program, it will only sort the specified subscriber.

Another important aspect is that babies tend to be scattered and easily lose their mobile devices and gadgets. The Supervised Child service not only helps to determine his location, but also indicates the location of the lost device.

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