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Tea diet: the secret of express weight loss

Weight loss is a sore subject for most people. Some citizens strive to get rid of the hated kilograms only in order to look more attractive and like the opposite sex, others lose weight for their own health. After all, it is obvious to everyone that excess deposits lead to the development of various ailments and a deterioration in the quality of life.

Tea diet: the secret of express weight loss

By far, the most correct and rational approach to weight loss is a consultation with a nutritionist, drawing up an individual nutritional program, and visiting the gym, where classes will be held under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

But unfortunately, this approach to losing weight is not available to everyone: some cannot pay money for individual lessons and a diet, others do not want to bother themselves and are looking for a simple and quick way to get rid of fat. That is why more and more people are resorting to express diets, designed for only 2-3 days and promising simply fantastic weight loss in such a short time. The tea diet is one of such quick weight loss options, and this is what will be discussed today.

The Tea Diet: Basic Rules

If you search the Internet for reviews about this method of losing weight, then most of them are positive, and nutritionists are supportive of the use of tea for weight loss. True, people who suffer from chronic ailments should consult a doctor before resorting to any diet, including tea.

Many experts in the field of weight loss call tea a unique product due to the fact that the drink perfectly dulls the feeling of hunger, while having zero calories (with the condition that it is not consumed with a bite with cookies, without adding sugar and other sweeteners).

Of course, in order for the drink to be beneficial and help to reduce weight, it is important to choose from a variety of varieties exactly the one that will help you achieve your goal.

So, those people who are going to get rid of extra pounds with the help of tea are recommended to give preference to the following varieties:

Tea diet: the secret of express weight loss
  • Green, and not packaged, but sheet;
  • In red, for example frame ;
  • White, it is called oolong;
  • You can pay attention to herbal preparations, drinks with the addition of pieces of berries, as well as aromatic teas based on black. The main thing is that they are without flavors, but with the addition of natural ingredients: flowers, fruits, berries, etc.

It is better to refuse tea bags, too strong black tea, as well as a drink that contains flavors and dyes. The best option for those who are going to lose weight, green tea.

Tea diet options for weight loss

Due to the fact that there are a lot of options for weight loss with the help of a drink, everyone cantake for himself the one he likes best:

Tea diet: the secret of express weight loss
  • Drinking tea instead of the last meal. There is an opinion that in this way the models keep themselves in good shape. To lose weight, you will need to have a hearty breakfast, choosing healthy foods for your first meal: porridge, muesli, scrambled eggs, etc. For lunch, it is recommended not to pass and consume, for example, light soup, baked meat and salad. With severe hunger, you can have a snack with sour milk products and some kind of fruit. Dinner with this weight loss will be replaced with a mug of tea without sugar, honey, milk and other additives. This diet can be followed until you reach the desired weight;
  • Tea diet for 2-3 days. With this approach, you will have tea as a diet, that is, you can eat only with a drink. Of course, this option is quite difficult, but it gives good results and helps to unload before some celebration. Those who find it difficult to consume empty tea are allowed to add a little milk with a fat percentage of no more than 1.5 to it. Such milk tea weight loss will be easier to tolerate;
  • Milk-tea diet. It is recommended to choose this option for people who have dramatically gained weight and are still fresh. The essence of losing weight is as follows: you need to take milk with a fat percentage of 3.2, heat it up to 70 degrees and brew im green tea. In this case, the proportions must be taken into account: take 2 teaspoons of tea leaves for 1 liter of milk. Insist the resulting drink for at least a quarter of an hour, then strain and use warm. In addition to milk tea , you need to drink non-carbonated mineral water, and those who find it difficult to adhere to such a diet are allowed to add 1-2 green apples a day. You can lose weight in this way for no more than 3 days, after which you need to switch to a healthy diet, arranging similar fasting days several times a week on a milk tea drink;
  • Water-tea diet. This method of weight loss allows meals 5 times a day, meals in the diet should be low in calories. We'll have to give up sweet, spicy, fatty. Reduce your usual portion by at least half and prefer cooking methods such as boiling and baking. Water-tea weight loss lasts 30 days, during this time it will be possible to get rid of8-10 kg extra. It is important to follow some rules. So, green tea is allowed to be consumed either 30 minutes before a meal, or 60 after a meal. The temperature of the drink does not matter. In addition to tea, you need to drink water, it will help to achieve the best effect.

If you are one of those lucky ones who have already achieved your ideal weight, and just want to keep yourself in great shape, then you can arrange fasting days on green tea. They are recommended to be carried out once every 7 days, drinking up to 6 cups of the drink on this day, which must be brewed not too hard. This method will help you keep weight.

Summing up, I would like to say that when choosing one or another way to lose weight, it is very important not to forget about your health and carefully monitor your well-being during the period of weight loss.

For any ailment, you should consult a doctor, so as not to cause irreparable harm to the body. Lose weight correctly and be happy, good luck!

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