Cervicogenic Headache

Symptoms and treatment of folk remedies for cervical migraine

Cervical migraine is a sympathetic syndrome caused by pathologies in the region of the vertebral artery. To find out if there are methods to get rid of the problem, let's figure out what the disease is.

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Causes of Cervical Migraine?

Symptoms and treatment of folk remedies for cervical migraine

There are 2 large vertebral arteries in the human body. In case of circulatory disorders in this area, we are talking about cervical migraine. Also, the pathology is often called posterior sympathetic cervical syndrome or vertebral artery syndrome . It is known that the vertebral arteries are responsible for about 30% of the total blood flow, therefore, a violation of their functionality negatively affects the body.

Why does posterior sympathetic cervical syndrome occur? There are 2 groups of main reasons.

The first group includes the causes associated with vertebral injuries:

  • injury;
  • congenital structural disorders;
  • osteochondrosis of 1-2 vertebrae of the cervical spine;
  • cervical instability;
  • reasons of unknown nature.

The second group of reasons has no connection with vertebral lesions:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • abnormal structure of blood vessels;
  • abnormal congenital vascular position;
  • muscle spasms in the cervical region;
  • myositis.

By the way, the symptoms of the syndrome can be confused with other diseases, so it is important to know how cervical migraine develops and what signs are inherent in it.

signs of cervical migraine

The listed reasons provoke compression of the nerve trunks, literally braiding the vertebral arteries. The result is a spasm of the vascular walls. At the same time, there is a narrowing of the lumen of the arteries, which causes the characteristic symptoms.

It should be noted that violations can be temporary or permanent. For example, a spasm can develop only when the head is turned or the body is in an uncomfortable position.

Cervical migraine often progresses, and the process proceeds in 2 stages:

  • episodic vasoconstriction;
  • the narrowing of the walls becomes irreversible, which leads to increased symptoms.

Of course, vertebral artery syndrome does not lead tostrokes. However, the symptoms characteristic of this type of pathology cannot be called pleasant.

The main features include:

Symptoms and treatment of folk remedies for cervical migraine
  • headache attacks. The pain can be varied: paroxysmal, throbbing, prolonged, burning;
  • pain may radiate to the area of ​​the bridge of the nose, eye sockets, occiput, forehead, ears;
  • as a rule, pain is noted only on one side;
  • painful sensations are significantly increased when trying to change the position of the body, when touching the head;
  • itching or burning may occur when turning the head;
  • often the attack is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, pulsating noise or ringing in the ears, visual and auditory disorders;
  • fever or chills;
  • the presence of a lump in the throat that prevents swallowing.

Sometimes turning the head during the next attack can lead to loss of consciousness.

If similar symptoms are observed, you can find out if a person really has sympathetic posterior cervical syndrome. To do this, you need to put pressure on the back of your head. In this case, the sensitivity of the dermis in the neck area sharply increases.

cervical migraine diagnosis

The symptoms indicated by the patient are not enough to make an accurate diagnosis.

Therefore, an additional examination is assigned, including:

  • X-ray - this method is aimed at detecting violations in the area of ​​the vertebrae;
  • Vascular ultrasound and Dopplerography - allow assessing blood flow disorders;
  • CT for a layer-by-layer study of the structure of arteries and vertebrae;
  • rheoencephalography - detects the patency of a specific artery;
  • analysis of a blood sample - determination of the concentration of cholesterol and lipids.

Depending on the identified cause, treatment is prescribed.

Cervical Migraine Treatment

Since the causes of the syndrome are diverse, various techniques are used to treat the problem. But in any case, it is necessary to stop the symptoms of pathology. In particular, pain relievers with anti-inflammatory effect are used, as well as drugs that increase the permeability of arterial vessels.

Symptoms and treatment of folk remedies for cervical migraine

Since circulatory disorders lead to inadequate nutrition of the brain tissues, B vitamins are prescribed, and in order to protect against oxygen starvation, neuroprotective drugs. Among the recommended remedies are also metabolites, spasmolytics. The course of treatment includes massage procedures, electrophoresis, physiotherapy exercises.

In exceptional cases, surgical treatment is practiced aimed at stabilizing the cervical vertebrae.

To do this, remove bone outgrowths characteristic of a disease such as osteochondrosis.

Treatment of cervical migraine with folk remedies

At home, you can reduce the symptoms of the disease.

The following popular methods are recommended for this:

  1. Apply cabbage leaves with honey to the sore spot at night;
  2. Mix half a liter of sea buckthorn oil and 150 g of dry St. John's wort. The mixture is placed in a water bath and simmer, without boiling, for half an hour. Insist the drug for 3 days in an unlit place. The finished product in a warm form is used for rubbing.
  3. Dry mustard and aloe juice are mixed in equal proportions. Add 10 drops of propolis tincture and 2 tablespoons of vodka to the mixture. The resulting preparation is applied to the back of the neck and secured with a film. To provide a warming effect, a warm scarf is wrapped around the neck. This recipe is best used at night.

Do not dwell only on folk methods. Full treatment will be excluded, since in most cases it is impossible to get rid of the cause of the pathology on your own. Alternative methods alleviate the symptoms, but they can provoke a further aggravation of the problem. And the neglected form of cervical migraine is practically not amenable to healing. The only thing that can be done with a prolonged course of pathology is to reduce the risk of relapse.

Therefore, if you feel pain in the cervical region, do not delay visiting a medical institution. Then no migraine will be scary to you!

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