9 Tips for the PERFECT Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding Ideas

Ideas for a wedding in the summer allow you to hold a celebration without resorting to significant financial costs. An abundance of fresh fruits, great weather - a great opportunity to make the wedding 2015 not only memorable, but also a budget event.

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Why is wedding in summer so popular

Indeed, most couples tend to have a budget wedding in the summer, perhaps focusing on a number of signs:

Summer Wedding Ideas
  • it is believed that for those who married in June, further life together will seem like honey;
  • for a couple who got married in July, the whole life will be beautiful and full of fun events;
  • And the newlyweds, who were married in August, will have boundless love.

In addition, the summer celebration provides incredible opportunities for a wedding photo shoot filled with bright colors.

However, it is worth considering that it is not customary to conclude alliances on June 11 and August 14-27, since these days are dedicated to church holidays - the day of the Great Martyr Theodosia, as well as the Assumption Lent. On other days, there are no restrictions for holding a summer wedding.

On the contrary, warm weather tempts to go out into nature and celebrate a solemn event by organizing a banquet in natural conditions, outside the cramped and stuffy restaurant hall.

DIY decoration: ideas for a summer wedding

Summer Wedding Ideas

First of all, you need to prepare the appropriate invitations. Summer obliges to perform them in a bright style.

It can be balloons with a corresponding inscription, figurines of birds and angels, small bouquets. All invitations must be sent in advance, as you may simply not find the guest at home - summer is not only the time of weddings, but also holidays.

The chosen venue for the banquet should be carefully decorated with your own hands, using to the maximum garlands of balloons, turntables, colorful posters, flower and fruit compositions.

And so that the guests will remember the event for a long time, you can present each of them with a small gift - a small jar of berry jam made by the bride's own hands.

A budget wedding can take place on a boat, on the shore of a lake, in the nearest forest and even at a summer cottage.

If you like summer wedding styles, but there are no suitable ideas, you can contact an agency that will offer a lot of options at a reasonable price. For example, host a celebration in a rustic style.

Summer weddingba in force rustic: modern trend

Rustic is one of the directions closely related to national traditions. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the past for a while, to return to your own natural sources. Initially, it was assumed that such an event should take place in the warm season, so in Russia the summer months became the most suitable time for this style.

Summer Wedding Ideas

Naturally, in Russia more attention will be paid to the traditional features of the culture of the Russian people, and in France - to the culture of this country. But in any case, rustic means maximum closeness to nature, which is understandable even from the costumes of a young couple.

In the summer, guests use the simplest suits as wedding dresses, for example, sundresses or blouses, appropriately complemented by decorative elements. The bride's image should be performed with minimal use of cosmetics. But a dress with small decorations made of delicate twigs and wildflowers woven into the hair will look great.

Even bouquets of flowers for the 2015 summer wedding should not consist of heavy roses or glamorous lilies, but daisies, bells and other wild plants. You can use special decorative elements: haystacks, wooden boxes, dried branches. By the way, wooden or earthenware looks great on a banquet table. On the other hand, you will have to refuse crystal, silk tablecloths and candles in elegant candlesticks.

Despite current trends, the most popular wedding dress color is still white.

Basically, a rustic style has 3 main details:

Summer Wedding Ideas
  • using only natural material;
  • in the summer version - holding a banquet in nature;
  • independent production of all decorative elements.

Even a wedding dance can be performed in a retro style, especially if the bride prefers a Empire style dress, and the groom performs in a linen suit with a bow tie and boutonniere.

You don't have to stick to fashion trends though.

An overseas resort or a luxurious banquet hall can be chosen as a wedding venue.

The main thing is that the guests gathered at the celebration and the newlyweds themselves have an unforgettable time and this wedding becomes a pleasant memory.

Summer wedding theme ideas

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