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Style and fashion: how to keep up with the canons and trends?

Modern fashion dictates its tendencies to us with such an enviable frequency that it becomes almost impossible to keep up with them. Today it is almost unrealistic to be fashionable, but you can remain stylish, and always.

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Introducing character and personality in your image

Even if you do not have enough spare material resources to make unnecessary new clothes every season in pursuit of capricious fashion, you can limit yourself to basic things, and always look irresistible. What is the secret of this tactic?

Style and fashion: how to keep up with the canons and trends?

First of all, to figure out how to become fashionable and stylish, you should delve into your character, manners and habits.

When creating your own stylish look, look at yourself from the outside. Do you keep your back straight when you walk? Do you regularly use hygiene procedures?

Are you expressing your thoughts loudly in conversation when communicating with strangers? Do you have a bad habit of wearing provocative makeup in broad daylight?

Let's figure it out in order. What is a stylish person in your own understanding and vision? What does he look like in the simplest, everyday life? Why is it such, in your opinion? As soon as you answer all the questions posed to yourself, you can clarify the situation for yourself and draw some conclusions. Well, we will help you in your triumphant ascent to your individual podium! How to become a really stylish girl?

Common mistakes beginner mods make

How to become a stylish woman, and where to start your difficult path, if you are a real layman in fashion? It is necessary to learn from mistakes, and preferably from strangers. Let's take a look at the most important women’s oversights that can be noticed in building an image.

Style and fashion: how to keep up with the canons and trends?

Expensive clothes are out of place. Suppose you have a certain amount of money that you can spend on the very shoes that beckon you like the red slivers from Gogol's notorious story.

They are expensive, they are sold under the Chanel brand, and you have already imagined yourself in them walking along the main street of the city and catching envious glances on yourself. There is only one problem.

If the blouse that you plan to wear with this treasure is bought at the local market and you have to get out of the subway, you will not look luxurious at all, but extremely silly.

Advice on what you needit is extremely relevant and useful here. Do not combine incongruous.

It is much better to spend this very round amount on updating part of the wardrobe than to throw away money by making a rash and inappropriate purchase;

Inexperienced concealment of flaws. Surely you remember the jokes about fat women in tight leggings, filled with teeth. And also plumpers often wear dark shapeless dresses, heels and mesh tights, and all this ... to look thinner! If you are one of them, and have exceptionally appetizing, curvy forms, do not hide them!

Understand an important truth - it's not dresses that make you look fat. And there is no way to hide the fullness, you can only lose weight. Therefore, if you are satisfied with your current weight, feel free to put on bright dresses and colorful trousers, be cheerful, cheerful and friendly, and in this case, your fullness is guaranteed to fade into the background;

Style and fashion: how to keep up with the canons and trends?

Eternal pursuit of fashion. As we said, fashion changes almost at the speed of sound, but if you have the opportunity to follow it - follow it. The only thing to avoid is blindly copying fashion canons on yourself.

Not every trendy thing will suit your figure. Your body may be perfect and fashionable, but try wearing horizontal striped breeches and complementing them with a black, visually narrowing upper body tank top as it is guaranteed to become unattractive.

The main thing that you must remember and understand is that it is not at all necessary to correspond to fashion trends. Moreover, it is worth decisively abandoning things that do not suit you.

Even if every Hollywood diva wears it, it's not at all a fact that the cut, style or shade will suit you. You should wear only those things that are comfortable and comfortable for you;

Ignoring basic norms. Identify your color type and do not go beyond its boundaries, so as not to look too contrasting, pretentious and tasteless. How to become stylish, beautiful and well-groomed?

Of course, you will have to combine the overall look with your makeup and hair. Even if you strive to look ultra-extravagant and like a rock star, consider all the features of your own appearance in order to harmoniously choose the image. Be sure to watch yourself - touch up your makeup, look in the mirror more often, pay attention to how things fit. Be a well-groomed girl, keep your skin, hair, and of course, clothes clean;

Neglect of the classics. The biggest mistake is to think that classic clothes are only for businessmen and office workers. Look at famous music performers - almost all of them, even the frontmen of youth groups, are dressed in the classical style. Because he is not onlyko is immortal, but also fashionable at all times.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to become a stylish woman or a stylish man, dress in the classics ! And this is especially true for a stylish floor. Compare a guy dressed in a sporty style to an elegant man dressed in a vest, shirt, and tailored trousers. If the second look is harmoniously complemented by a suitable hairstyle and accessories, then a charming look is guaranteed.

Quick Tips

How to get stylish ?

Style and fashion: how to keep up with the canons and trends?
  • Get inspiration, keep track of what your idols wear, adjust their style to your parameters, figure and color type of appearance ;
  • Give yourself a twist. For example, Johnny Depp almost always wears a hat, Jack Nicholson wears glasses, and the legendary Marilyn Monroe did not appear in public without high heels;
  • Explore fashion blogs and pick up ideas for yourself. Adjust trends to suit your characteristics;
  • Start your own fashion blog or share your looks on specialized sites. Healthy constructive criticism will always be beneficial to you;
  • Be easy to communicate, smile, practice a light and smooth gait! Even if you are three times fashionable, expensive and beautifully dressed, you will not make the proper impression by being sullen, stooped, nervous and walking waddling .

We've given you some basic tips on how to become beautiful and stylish ... Customize them as you see fit, search fashion blogs for creative inspiration, be inspired by celebrity looks, and go!

We wish you to find your personal originality and zest, and may a unique style always reign in your image.

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