How I Naturally Restored My Enamel and Remineralized My Teeth

Strengthening and restoration of tooth enamel

Strong enamel is the secret of a beautiful smile. This thin and transparent, but at the same time hard tissue protects the tooth surface from aggressive environmental influences. Otherwise, the enamel is also called the mineral cap - because it is almost entirely composed of minerals. Of these, about 35 percent calcium, as well as 17 percent phosphorus.

Strengthening and restoration of tooth enamel

Proper nutrition has a positive effect on the mineral content of the enamel, therefore, it is more durable. In turn, improper nutrition, age, external damage - all this can destroy such a rather delicate and fragile surface.

When tooth enamel is damaged, caries occurs, which can lead to complete tooth decay if no measures are taken.

The state of this important shell must be carefully monitored, because by itself it is not able to recover.

Visit your dentist regularly, he will check the condition of your oral cavity and prescribe preventive treatment as needed.

Our teeth are constantly exposed to a rather aggressive environment, and this effect often does not have the best effect on the content of minerals in tooth enamel. It begins to break down when minerals become scarce. Excessive consumption of sour and sweet foods also has a negative effect, even energy drinks can negatively affect the state of the oral cavity. An acid-base imbalance can also lead to dental problems.

There can be several recovery methods

This is, first of all, fluoridation, when teeth are covered with a solution or varnish containing fluoride. Such solutions or varnishes strengthen the tissue, increase its resistance to acids, and protect teeth from bacteria. Fluorination can be carried out in two ways, methods.

Strengthening and restoration of tooth enamel

According to the first method, a varnish containing fluoride is applied with a brush to the tooth surface. In the second case, called an application, a wax impression is made, which is filled with a composition containing fluoride and applied to the teeth.

In addition to fluoridation, the mineral cap can be restored using implantation. Dental implantation is the newest technique that helps to change their color, shape, restore a broken bite.

This will help not only strengthen your enamel, but also get rid of hypersensitivity. The materials that modern dentists use for implantation are sometimes completely indistinguishable from real bone tissue.

Following the basic rules, you can strengthen your enamel at home. First of all, use special fluoride pastes. Do not rinse your mouth immediately, but wait for a while - two to three minutes, in order to allow the components to be absorbed. It is also necessary to massage the gums. And of course, the guarantee of a gooda healthy smile is the right balanced diet!

Make sure you have mineral-rich foods in your diet, and also take care not to eat too much sour or sweet foods.

How To Rebuild Tooth Enamel - Patient Edition

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