Nail Art for Beginners: How to STAMP!!

Stamps on nails: how to use them correctly

Every girl dreams of a beautiful manicure. But what to do if, while trying to apply even the simplest drawing on the nail, your hands are shaking and the brush at the most inopportune moment goes somewhere to the side?

As a result, the image does not work, the manicure is hopelessly spoiled, and you complain that you are not able to draw even the simplest pattern.

But now you do not need to suffer so much in order for your nails to look great. It turns out that in recent years, a tool for applying patterns on a stamp has been very popular. And the whole procedure is called stamping.

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What is stamping?

Stamps on nails: how to use them correctly

When creating a manicure using this method, a special seal is used, which is made from rubber or an airtight material.

An obligatory element of the stamp is a plastic tip, which is quite easy to hold in your hands. Pay attention to the fact that a special scraper is included with the stamp.

It is used to remove excess paint from a special stamping disc. The disc itself is a thin metal plate, on which different patterns seem to be pressed.

We'll talk about the specifics of using disks a little later.

As for the set, it only includes a seal and a scraper.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the scrapers sold in a set often remove excess varnish rather poorly. But don't be upset. An ordinary plastic card can perform the same function. After all, you probably have an old card that you just haven't gotten around to throwing away.

Nail Art Stamp: Tools Needed

And now let's finally define what tools we need to create such an original manicure:

  1. a seal or stamp for your nails;
  2. scraper or scraper;
  3. metal disc with pictures.

Also, some cosmetic stores can offer you special paints for drawing. If you have a desire and finance, you can purchase them. Such paints differ from ordinary varnish in their thicker structure. But if for some reasonIf you can't buy such paints, then don't be upset. You can easily get by with regular varnish. The only thing worth remembering in this case is that the varnish should be highly pigmented, since we will apply the drawing the first time.

You can buy similar accessories for creating nail designs in specialized cosmetic stores or order them online. That being said, pay attention to the fact that there are quite a few discs with patterns. And each disc needs to be purchased separately.

Also, in order for a manicure to be of high quality, you need to stock up on tools such as base varnish and base varnish in advance. Don't forget about the fixer.

Features of using nail stencils with a stamp

Stamps on nails: how to use them correctly

We all know that today in specialized stores you can find not only metal discs or stencils for applying patterns, but also paper ones. But the disadvantage of the latter is that you can use them only once.

What can we say about the advantages and disadvantages of reusable discs?

The advantages definitely include the amazing accuracy and figurativeness of each pattern. After all, such a drawing with a brush can only be drawn by a professional.

In addition, you will not need to spend a huge amount of time on drawing on the nail. If you practice a little, you can apply the original pattern to the plates in ten to fifteen minutes.

But unfortunately, there is such an interesting way to apply patterns and several drawbacks. First of all, they include high cost. After all, in order to purchase one disc containing five to six drawings, you need to spend about 1000 rubles. It should also be understood that you won't get by with just one disc and sooner or later you will want to buy a few more. Do not forget about the need to buy special acrylic paints. Of course, you can replace them with pigmented varnish, but the quality of the manicure will be much lower.

At first, the disadvantages of using such a tool include the fact that it is quite difficult to use a stencil. But in this case, you need to understand that over time you will get used to it, and the stamping technique will no longer seem so difficult to you.

How to use the nail stamp

To do such a manicure is in the following sequence:

Stamps on nails: how to use them correctly
  1. first you need to thoroughly coat the nail surface with a base varnish;
  2. now take the metal disk we need and apply a small amount of varnish to the selected drawing;
  3. remove excess varnish with a scraper. You need to do this as follows: you simply hold the scraper in relation to the disc at an inclination of 45 degrees and quickly remove the excess. Watch the pressure on the scraper. Remember that if you pushtoo hard, you can remove almost all the varnish. And if the pressure is too weak, then all the excess will not be possible to remove. Attention! If you come across a poor-quality scraper, you can replace it with an old plastic card. But at the same time it is strictly forbidden to use metal objects, since this way you can damage the surface of the disc itself and the manicure will look terrible;
  4. now take the stamp and gently press it against the drawing. The pressure should be significant in order for the drawing to be well printed on the stamp;
  5. after interrupting the pattern in one rolling motion, transfer the pattern to the nail. Please note that there should be only one roll. This is due to the fact that the second time you will not get on the same area of ​​the nail.

That's all you need to do to get a great manicure with stamped nail stencils. Do not forget that after applying the pattern, you need to use a special fixer so that the manicure lasts as long as possible.

Attention! In order not to damage the drawings on the nails, it is worth using the fixer a few minutes after their application. But at the same time, it is not recommended to brush the nail with a clear varnish several times. Remember that the varnish will completely harden in an hour and a half. This means that if the manicure is too intensively covered with transparent varnish, there is a risk of damage to the picture.

Can I make a DIY nail stamp

In principle, you can try making a similar seal with your own hands.

Stamps on nails: how to use them correctly

But for this you need a small piece of rubber, which is not so easy to get today.

And in this case, the question arises: why fool yourself like that, if, compared to the cost of metal stencils, the stamp itself is literally a penny?

So we recommend that you do not engage in useless searches for materials for making such a device.

As you can see, making stamps on nails is pretty simple. You just need to buy all the necessary tools and practice a little.

But at the same time, do not forget about creativity. For example, after typing a design onto a stamp, you can neatly complete it by applying other patterns with a toothpick.

So choose a drawing, print it and enjoy a beautiful manicure. Good luck!

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