Square or sharp: your belly will tell the gender of your baby

Despite the fact that modern medicine offers all patients ultrasound diagnostics - a fairly convenient, simple and informative way to determine the sex of an unborn child, pregnant women have been playing for generations an exciting game how to determine who will be born as a result of pregnancy, by the shape of the abdomen.

By the way, this is far from the only folk method of fortune telling for pregnant women: there is a whole set of signs that supposedly allow you to find out the gender, character and even hair color of the baby.

How people like to guess by the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy

The most popular way to determine the sex of a child calls for paying attention to the size and shape of the growing tummy of the expectant mother.

Square or sharp: your belly will tell the gender of your baby

It is believed that a sharper and more prominent shape of the abdomen is observed during pregnancy with a boy, and the expectation of a girl is expressed in a more vague, wide and heavy belly. Popular opinion says that the belly during pregnancy as a boy retains a clear outline (so neat that it is sometimes difficult to determine from the back whether the woman walking in front is really pregnant). As it grows, this belly grows forward, taking on an oval, cucumber-like shape.

And in a completely different way, the belly changes its shape during pregnancy with a girl: it is like spreads to the sides, simultaneously increasing in volume. In contrast to the sharp and distinct shape of the abdomen during pregnancy with a boy, carrying a girl gives the figure a smooth and streamlined shape.

The slightly square shape of the belly of the expectant mother during pregnancy with a girl is explained by the fact that the changed figure first of all loses the clarity of the contour in the waist area, while the pregnancy is clearly visible from the first months (even from the back).

Believe in omens or not, each of us decides on his own, but medicine treats such fortune-telling with a considerable degree of skepticism, having very good reason: in reality, there is no confirmation of the truth of this theory.

Many mothers during pregnancy with a girl retained a neat figure, and the expectation of a baby was indicated only by a clearly protruding tummy, visible only when viewed from the front or from the side.

When pregnant with a boy, on the contrary, the figure often spreads to the sides and visually becomes wider, so relying on this is the right way not worth it. Moreover, folk omens are, in principle, an unreliable thing: for example, in Italy there is a similar method of divination by the sex of an unborn child, only the signs are described exactly the opposite.

The inhabitants of this country believe that a protruding and clearly outlined belly testifies to a developing female creature, and a square and massive belly shape is one of the signs of bearing a boy.

From hcan it actually affect the shape of the abdomen during pregnancy?

There are a number of objective factors that really determine the shape of the abdomen of a woman who is in position, but none of them is in any way connected with the sex of the child.

In particular, the size and degree of bulge are influenced by:

Square or sharp: your belly will tell the gender of your baby
  • the size and weight of your belly dweller;
  • how much amniotic fluid in the bladder (the more there is, the larger the belly);
  • the physique of a pregnant woman (with a tendency to be overweight, the waist spreads more);
  • how did the baby lay down after 32 weeks, ceasing to move in the abdomen (with a transverse or oblique waist it seems wider);
  • the width of the pelvis of the expectant mother (the narrower the pelvis, the higher and neater the tummy);
  • level of muscle tone of the abdominal wall.

In order not to miss the purchase of pink and blue hats and bodysuits, you should visit the ultrasound office (this procedure is completely safe and in most cases provides future parents and doctors with fairly accurate information about the course of pregnancy, which cannot be said about folk signs). p>

Already from 20-22 weeks, you can reliably determine who to expect - a boy or a girl. True, sometimes the fetus turns in the uterus in such a way that it is difficult or simply impossible to see the sexual characteristics.

In this case, it is recommended to wait a little and do a second examination (the child will have time to turn over and change his position more than once before the birth).

But even if you did not manage to find out the gender of the baby until it was born, it does not change anything: the main thing is that the baby is healthy and loved by the parents, the rest is details.


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