Interior Design: How To Make A Small Kitchen Feel Grand

Small kitchen interior

Soviet construction of residential buildings provided for the minimum dimensions of residential premises. Therefore, until now, the residents of Khrushchevs are forced to somehow play up the interior of a small apartment, resorting to rather original solutions, demolishing the internal walls and expanding the space by joining the balcony to the living room.

Small kitchen interior

Nevertheless, there are proven ways to visually make the space larger. They will be especially useful for those who decide to change the interior of a small kitchen.

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General principles of visual expansion of space

These methods are widely used when creating a studio or the need to beat the design of narrow rooms.

Among the main methods are:

  • color scheme;
  • selection of optimal furniture;
  • space organization;
  • lighting.

To improve the interior of a small room or kitchen, they often turn to design studios. However, the services of a professional are not cheap. Isn't it better to try to create the illusion of free space in the apartment yourself? Since guests rarely visit the kitchen, it is better to start with it.

In this case, you do not have to blush in front of strangers for mistakes. And if everything works out, on the contrary, you can invite a person to have a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, proudly showing off the interior of a small house created with his own hands.

How to choose colors

It is known that you can create the appearance of free space using light shades. Practical people avoid this solution, since light wallpaper and furniture do not fit well with the purpose of the room. After all, the kitchen is a place where fats are constantly splashed and steam swirls.

However, the interior of a small kitchen can be done in light colors. It is enough to prudently cover the area where the stove, sink and other household appliances are located with ceramic tiles. By the way, it is not necessary to choose a tile of sand shades. Perfect forcontrast color.

If the kitchen table is against the wall, you can also beat this area with ceramic tiles, completing the original masonry with an interesting pattern. Do not use massive curtains in dark shades. On the contrary, sunlight will help to visually enlarge the room. Therefore, it is better to choose a light tulle.

Another trick often used by design studios is mirror surfaces. It is believed that there is no place for mirrors in the kitchen, as their surface will collect grease and deteriorate due to high humidity. It all depends on the accuracy of the hostess. In addition, by installing the hood, you do not have to worry about damage to the mirrors by pervasive moisture.

Tiny Kitchen Furniture

The issue of furniture selection is no less important. In any studio, the designer will categorically declare the inadmissibility of using massive headsets. And he will be absolutely right! The use of heavy cabinets will take up space and visually reduce the already tiny area.

Placing old sideboards and dressers is also not welcome. It's like squeezing a urinal and bidet into a small toilet. Modern trends allow you to choose lightweight multifunctional cabinets that will contain all the items necessary for the kitchen and will not make you squeeze sideways to the table.

Often, the interior of a small kitchen is complemented by shelves placed in the window opening. This is a wrong decision, as the kitchen is deprived of daylight and looks dark. It is much easier to use reasonably large wall cabinets. Increase the space contrast with the small kitchen table made of light colored plastic.

Small kitchen interior

If possible, the interior of a small room intended as a kitchen is best done by placing furniture in front of the entrance. In this case, you get an additional free zone. You should choose cabinets equipped with drawers and niches, which are likely to fit all items.

Above the work surface, you can place special hooks and hang pans, pots, colanders and ladles on them. Cabinets and niches can be placed on either side of the parallel walls, visually lengthening the room.

Cabinets made of glass and metal look especially good. Reflective surfaces also add lightness to the design of the room. And to enhance the effect, you should take care of proper lighting.

Modern Lighting Techniques

The interior of a small apartment is highly dependent on the right lighting. Today, huge chandeliers hanging from the central part of the ceiling are gradually disappearing intooblivion. They are replaced by spot lighting or zoning, which is also successfully used when designing the interior of a small hallway.

For example, you can place a sufficiently powerful light source above the work surface and highlight the eating area with spotlights. Alternatively, you can place the light source above the dining table. Competent selection will allow you to arrange in a tiny room not just a comfortable kitchen, but to recreate the interior of a small living room.

Too many lighting fixtures in a small space will also not be helpful. The design will lose out on bright lighting, allowing you to fully appreciate the scale of the room.

Household appliances placement

Since in most cases the owners are forced to combine the interior of a small living room and kitchen, it is advisable to place built-in household appliances. Installing them in closets is easy enough and you don't have to use a design studio wizard to figure out how to save space.

As a rule, modern housewives prefer small dishwashers, hobs and refrigerators. You can position your oven and microwave over your work surface using secure brackets.

Some helpful tips

Small kitchen interior
  • The modern layout perfectly combines an open kitchen with the interior of a small studio apartment. The presence of doors takes up a significant portion of the space. If the kitchen area is equipped with an extractor hood, the door is no longer necessary, it becomes an unnecessary element;
  • Do not clutter the kitchen with various accessories and flowerpots. This leads to cramped space and visually significantly reduces the space;
  • It is necessary to maintain order at all times by putting away the tools used in cooking;
  • It is better to have a spacious and deep sink in a small kitchen, which can hold a large amount of dishes. When celebrating a festive occasion, guests will be relieved of the need to contemplate stacks of dirty plates on the table;
  • White ceiling will make the room look taller;
  • Using linoleum in light, warm colors will also expand the space.

Perhaps these proposals seem trivial and you want to show your imagination by arguing with professionals and creating an interior that will be amazed in any design studio? Excellent!

An artist lives in every person,and a creative streak has more than once allowed an ordinary person to create truly amazing things.

Interior Design — Small Condo Kitchen Reno

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