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There is almost no space left on the human body that can be decorated. Neck, ears, nose, lips, chin, hands, fingers, legs - each part of the body has its own decoration. Only the teeth remained deprived for some moment.

A snow-white smile is in itself the best face decoration, however, since there is an opportunity to improve it, why not take the chance.


Modern dentistry offers to put jewelry in a tooth - skies. Skies are thin, flat, small ornaments in the form of rhinestones made of precious, semi-precious stones, metals or other materials.

They can be made in various forms: stars, hearts, drops, letters, symbols, etc. Especially popular are skies in the form of a diamond, and preferably made of a diamond. Skies are installed in dentistry, this service can be found in both large and small dentistry.

Types of skies

The simplest and most inexpensive rhinestones for teeth are glass. More expensive jewelry is made of crystal, Swarovski crystals, the most luxurious skays for teeth are made of sapphires, diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. It should be noted that such gemstones are recommended to be attached to veneers or crowns so as not to damage the enamel and not lose the stone.

In size, dental jewelry is from 1 mm to 5 mm in diameter, here their shape plays a significant role. Rhinestones practically do not protrude on the teeth, since they are very flat. Thanks to this, the jewelry does not interfere and is imperceptible for the owner.

Skies are made using a special technology that provides shine and shine to products from any material. In addition, thanks to the special cut, even the glass skies look chic and difficult to distinguish from a real diamond.

How are skies installed?

Skies are installed not only for beauty, in addition to aesthetic value, they have useful functions. With the help of a stone, you can mask enamel defects, hide cracks or spots. If a tooth protrudes forward, you can visually reduce this deficiency by placing a rhinestone on a neighbor.

There are two ways to inlay a tooth. In the first, the enamel remains intact, and in the second, the integrity of the enamel is broken. As a rule, skies are placed on healthy teeth without damaging the enamel, they are simply glued with a special glue, and then treated with an ion lamp. The whole procedure takes 10-15 minutes.


Before that, however, the doctor must prepare the enamel, disinfect and polish it. Bonding the jewelry is completely safe for the teeth.

Skies can be removed at any time, or you can carry it for the entire period, which ranges from six months to a year. You can put Skies not only on a healthy tooth, but also on a filling, denture or crown.

Gems are set in the groovein the tooth, are fixed with a filling agent. This procedure is also painless and safe. Skies are installed on the upper central incisors, lateral incisors or canines, which are clearly visible when smiling.

The choice of which tooth to inlay should be together with the doctor, since the individual characteristics of the teeth determine how the decoration will look.

The rhinestone gets used to it quite quickly, after a few hours it will not be felt. The dentist should remove the jewelry, after peeling it off, the doctor grinds and polishes the tooth without leaving any traces.

Skies care involves regular brushing and rinsing. That is, everything is done as usual. The only caveat is that because of rhinestones, people begin to care for their teeth better, as their smile attracts more attention than before.

Over time, skies may fade, in which case you need to contact your dentist to correct its appearance.

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