Should you marry a Turk?

The problem of marriage makes you worried - your chosen one turned out to be a foreign Turkish? To decide whether to marry a Turk, you need to consider not only those points that promise you happiness, but also those that can turn life into a nightmare if you are not inclined to change yourself to please your future husband. But first, let's talk about the bureaucratic side of the issue.

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What documents are needed to marry a Turk

Having learned how complicated the procedure for marrying a foreign woman in Turkey is, you will most likely be confused. Therefore, we will give you a complete list of documents required to register a marriage. Of course, closer to the point, it would be better for you to clarify everything in the consulate and in the Turkish analogue of the registry office - the marriage bureau.

To marry a Turk, collect the following documents.

Should you marry a Turk?
  • First, a marriage permit or a certificate stating that you are not married at the moment. Who is issuing it?
    You will receive the permit at the Russian consulate in Turkey, or take a certificate from your native registry office. How to serve? The permission is ready-made, and the certificate must be translated into Turkish and certified by a notary and apostilled. Important: if you are divorced, make a translation, certification and apostille for the divorce certificate;
  • Secondly, a certificate for the groom that he is not married. Who issues? The Turkish Justice Department is the passport office at his place of residence. How to serve? Ready-made;
  • Third, the bride's birth certificate, a photocopy of your passport, the groom's passport. Who issues? Your obligatory document, issued at birth by the registry office, is restored in the same place if lost. How to serve? The certificate should be translated into Turkish, certified by a notary and apostilled;
  • Fourthly, health certificates for each partner. Who issues? The easiest way to get them is in a Turkish state clinic, after being tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis, pneumonia, etc. How to apply? Ready-made. Important: if the groom or the bride is diagnosed with a disease, his partner will be notified.

You will also need photographs for documents and office supplies. After submitting an application in Turkey, you will be signed up in two weeks. The presence of two witnesses is required! After registration, you will immediately be given a document about her, and you will become a legal husband and wife.

How to marry a Turk in Russia

Should you marry a Turk?

Registration of marriage in the Russian Federation with a Turkish groom is simple and smooth. This does not require such a package of documents as we have given above for Turkey. You can formalize a marriage without witnesses, with a minimum state fee, without delays. All you need is your passport, passport and fiance's passport, as well as a note on temporary registration of a Turkish citizen in Russia.

All residents have the last document; it is issued on a visa in the foreigner's passport.

In addition, you can speed up the procedure if you worry and translate another document with a notary - a ticket for the groom's departure to his homeland. By presenting it, you can count on a quick signature due to the circumstances.

What to think about before deciding to marry a Turk

It is not bad to want to marry a Turk, if only you were mentally ready to turn, at his first request, into a real eastern wife. What can a Turkish spouse ask you? His expectations and demands are not always harsh or ridiculous, some, on the contrary, are reasonable, especially in the eyes of the older, more conservative generation.

This means that as a modern and freedom-loving young lady, you can resist some manifestations of your husband's authority, but, for example, your mother would be happy with the rules that a Muslim wife must follow.

A Slav woman married to a Turk in Turkey will have to accept a number of family traditions of behavior:

Should you marry a Turk?
  • to dress modestly on the street, and smartly at home, which shocks our girls from the first days of life
    with her husband;
  • not communicate with other men - friends and guests of the husband;
  • in everything it is worth obeying the mother-in-law, avoiding conflicts with her and not counting on the husband's support if there are disagreements with his family;
  • to be submissive and obedient to her husband, forget about my own I want and I don't want ;
  • according to the Qur'an, a wife has no right to deny her husband intimacy, however, it is impossible to impose on this matter - sexual behavior for a woman in a Muslim family is prohibited;
  • a married woman does not work, even if she can and wants to, even if her potential earnings are financially important to the family's budget.

The filter of behavior for girls from Russia does not end there, depending on the region of the country, various other norms come into force, sometimes very offensive and incomprehensible to a person with our mentality. However, you will have to put up with them in any case in order to keep the peace in the family. In addition, it is important to understand that Muslim men do not get divorced, even when love fades, especially at the initiative of the wife, so you can count on a long and lasting marriage, but whether you like it is a big question.

Should you marry a Turk?

Should you marry a Turk?

Of course, it's worth it if you have met your happiness and want to live in an officialcancer with a loved one. Another thing is that you have to put up with some peculiarities of the national character and the way of family life. What exactly are you talking about?

Let's make a reservation right away that if you are going to live in Russia, then there will be no special problems with your Turkish husband.

And the point is not that he is your guest, than you can constantly reproach him.

Just at home, in a Turkish town or village, it is almost impossible for a young spouse to resist pressure from relatives. And they are usually very strict with the Russian wife and closely monitor her behavior, making endless and rather rude attempts to reshape the daughter-in-law in their own way. There can be no talk of any waywardness! In a Turkish family, the head is a man, and the eldest women in the family, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunts rise above the daughter-in-law. It is very difficult for a man to defend his wife's views if they differ from those of the family.

On the other hand, the new Turkish relatives will treat many things more leniently, for example, in matters of faith, observance of Christian rituals, birthday celebration, which is not in Turkey.

Should you marry a Turk?

It is considered a sin from the point of view of a Muslim to forcibly convert someone close to Islam. Therefore, if you categorically do not want to convert from Orthodoxy to your husband's religion, you do not need to worry - nothing threatens your faith.

Perhaps you will get a slight regret, maximum sidelong glances. If you do not provoke acute situations, that is, grossly violate Muslim customs in your husband's house, then you will not have problems in your family.

It would seem that all modern men, especially advanced outlooks on life, sufficient for marriage with a foreign woman, are obliged to be flexible and you should not expect a dirty trick from them like a burqa or imprisonment at home.

Still, the mentality of our girls and Turkish men is different. I would like to believe that love in the family will overcome differences.


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