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Shoots in the head from the right side: causes of pain

Shooting pains are often neurogenic in nature. In order for nerve structures to trigger impulses, a provoking factor is required - head / neck trauma, muscle / nerve inflammation, etc.

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Causes of pain in the head on the right

This phenomenon is called cranialgia.

Shoots in the head from the right side: causes of pain

It accompanies diseases such as neuritis, peripheral nerve damage, tunnel syndromes of the cranial nerves, diseases of the olfactory system, hearing and vision, toxic polyneuropathy, sinusitis, purulent arthritis of the lower jaw joint, mastoiditis, osteochondrosis of the spine, herniated discs, abscesses / cysts in the right half of the brain, tumors near the nerve trunks, vascular-neuralgic pathologies, arthritis of the temporal / occipital lobe.

Why does it shoot from the right in the head?

Spine diseases

Cranialgia may appear due to pathologies of the cervical spine. Most often, the reasons are hidden in osteochondrosis and less often in spinal trauma, tumor, autoimmune disease.

Spinal pathologies are the main cause of shooting pain in the head. It occurs when the blood vessels and arteries are clamped. As a result, intracranial pressure rises, and sometimes the spinal vessels are pinched. Treatment depends on the cause of the cranialgia.


Shoots in the head and with such a female disease. Migraine is most often hereditary; has a neurological nature.

Pulsating, shooting pain can occur both with a decrease and with an increase in pressure, or appear after grass or due to neuralgia.


Shoots in the right or left side of the head very often due to inflammatory diseases of the organs of hearing or smell. For example, the reasons can be hidden in sinusitis and purulent otitis media.

Pain radiating to the ear requires a visit to an otolaryngologist (ENT). Usually, inflammation is localized in the area of ​​the nose and ears. Pus is a provocateur - it irritates the nerve receptors, causing pain. Accordingly, when the pus is released, the discomfort will go away.

Treatment of inflammation of the ENT organs involves physiotherapy and antibiotics. If discomfort appears in one half of the head, it is better to immediately visit a doctor, because the likelihood of complications is high.

Trigeminal neuralgia

Shoots in the head from the right side: causes of pain

Severe paroxysmal pain occurs when the facial (trigeminal) nerve is damaged or compressed.

Attacks are very painful, accompanied by lacrimation, photophobia and changes in taste.

The disease is eliminated with pain relievers and anticonvulsants. In difficult cases, surgery is performed to protect the area of ​​the nerve under pressure.

Temporomandibular arthritis

Shooting pain, similar to neuralgia, accompanies nerve damage in this area.

Localization of pain

Cranialgia is not an independent disease - it is a symptom of pathology.

Discomfort occurs under the influence of a provoking factor or accidentally.

  1. Frontal pain. Often localized on the right side above the eyebrow. The main reason for the appearance is a draft;
  2. Temporal shooter. Localized on the left or right side, not associated with blowing; worse when touched to the temple. Sometimes massage of the temples relieves the condition. The temporal part of the head can suffer from cervical osteochondrosis, while the condition is similar to a migraine. At night, discomfort does not allow you to fall asleep, it is not stopped by medicines. This is often associated with neuroses;
  3. Shooting pain in the vertex. The branching of the nerve trunks is localized in this zone. The attack may begin from pressing; occurs abruptly, unexpectedly;
  4. Occipital. This often appears after turning the head. Basically, the reasons are hidden in a draft, prolonged incorrect position (e.g. during sleep);
  5. Toothache right / left. It is characterized by fading and strengthening. The discomfort increases if you lie down;
  6. An earache that radiates to the head most likely indicates otitis media. Most of the shooting occurs in the sore ear, but the discomfort can spread to the back of the head and even the forehead.

Diagnostics and treatment of pain

Shoots in the head from the right side: causes of pain

An accurate diagnosis involves finding out the cause of the discomfort. Doctors may order tests such as immunoassays, magnetic resonance imaging, and computed tomography. Since cranialgia is a symptom, it is necessary to eliminate the underlying disease, for example, osteochondrosis. Difficulties in therapy arise with pain that is caused by compression of the arteries. In such situations, the complex of treatment includes muscle relaxants, vein tonics, and diuretics.

Headache is not just a phenomenon; this is a symptom indicating a disturbance in the functioning of the body. It is a complex process, therefore, it is highly discouraged to eliminate it yourself, especially if it appears regularly. When regular seizures appear, the help of a professional specialist is required, who uses modern research methods and equipment.

Shooting pain is a great danger, as it accompanies rather serious pathologies. Often people who usethose experiencing seizures are in no hurry to see a doctor, since discomfort appears only periodically. It is not worth the time to visit a specialist, as the pathology will progress.

If you suspect otitis media, sinusitis, sinusitis, you need to consult an otolaryngologist (ENT). If necessary, diagnostic measures are taken. The doctor needs to tell about the nature of the pain, attacks; localization of discomfort, etc. A detailed history will allow you to accurately establish the causes of discomfort and prescribe appropriate treatment.

For neuritis and neuralgia, the complex of treatment includes thermal, water and physiotherapy procedures, as well as drug therapy.

In a hospital, they put paraffin-ozokerite applications, alcohol lotions, Dimexid compresses. Of the physiotherapy procedures, the most often prescribed are: UHF, galvanic current, magnetic effects, magnetophoresis and electrophoresis.

Shoots in the head from the right side: causes of pain

At home, dry heat is used: the head is wrapped with a woolen cloth and it is made sure that it does not overcool anymore. With persistent pain syndrome, blockade with lidocaine or novocaine is done. The doctor gives injections behind the ear, over the eyebrow, or in the jaw area. Anticonvulsants and antidepressants may be prescribed if shooting pain occurs against a background of tension or migraine.

Pathologies accompanied by attacks of shooting pain are eliminated for a long time, approaching the problem in a comprehensive manner.

If you consult a doctor for acute inflammation, then therapy will immediately bring results.

In no case is it recommended to self-medicate. First of all, you need to find out the causes of discomfort, and only then take action. The provoking factor can only be determined after a full examination.

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