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Shiny nail designs

Every girl can say with confidence that she always wants to be at her best and look brilliant. At the same time, everything should be elegant and stylish, and not vulgar. In order for the image to turn out glamorous, it is enough to add just a few sparkling details. To do this, you can use an elegant handbag, stylish shoes or get a modern manicure decorated with sparkles.

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are a business card for every girl. This is important anytime, anywhere. A beautiful manicure will help to cheer you up even in everyday conditions.

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How to create a manicure design?

Shiny nail designs

Today this trend is quite developed and there are a large number of ways to decorate a manicure. The most popular in recent years has become the decoration of small areas of the plate, as well as the application of a design pattern with glitters on gel nails.

Previously, it could be said that sparkling manicure is appropriate only for some kind of celebration, but now everything has changed, and women of fashion can safely complement their daily look.

To make your look unique every day, you can use the usual colors of varnishes or opt for something extraordinary, which will allow you to make your manicure unique. When applying glitter, it is best to use a good quality long-lasting varnish so that the bright look will delight you for as long as possible.

Types of flickering particles

Sequins can be of various sizes, shapes and types. These are dust or larger particles of a round, hexagonal or oblong shape. In color, they can be either monochromatic, diluted shades, or matching colors. The largest of them very often have holographic patterns. They can be either just loose or included in varnish or gel paints.

These inclusions in the varnish are usually called glitter. As a rule, a toothpick is used to apply it to the plate, if it is large, or a brush with which dry glitter is touched. Sometimes the base is applied using a spray, but it all depends on the idea of ​​the manicure.

In order for your hands to be always well-groomed, it is enough to visit a manicurist once a week or take care of them at home. If dIt is inconvenient to do a trim manicure on your own, then you can soften the cuticle with geranium oil, and then move it back.

Principle of varnish application

Glitter nails are designed in two steps.

Sequence of work with varnish:

  • To make the surface smoother, you need to apply a special base for manicure;
  • After that, you can apply any color varnish with different shades or leave everything as it is. To enhance the shimmer of glitter, you can use the dark tones of the varnish;
  • After that, you can start applying the glitter. For this, it is advisable to use a thin manicure brush. This can be done in various ways.

We apply this way:

  • The simplest one. First apply a base coat to the tip of the nail, then soak it in the glitter you need until it dries. After that, to fix the finished drawing, everything will need to be opened with colorless varnish;
  • More complex option. Apply a base coat. After that, on the tip of the plate, you will need to shake off as many shiny particles as possible from the brush, gradually moving them to the base of the plate, creating a flickering effect;
  • The most difficult option. Apply base to the nail. Then make stencils of various shapes, and open everything with a second base layer. On the part that remains wet, you need to gently shake off the sparkles from the brush, after which they will spontaneously fall, sticking in the right places.

Fashion trend

Shiny nail designs

In recent years, glitter extension nail designs have become popular and trendy . Therefore, in nail art, they are often used to apply individual elements of the pattern, as well as to cover small areas, which gives the pattern more volume and expressiveness.

Glitter can be used for both wedding, evening and daily manicure. The design of extended nails with large sparkles, where only the tip of the plate is opened with glitter, is considered quite relevant.

Important tips

  • When the manicure has already been done, and you have completely prepared the base for the application of the shimmery particles, it is important to make sure that the base coat is completely dry, otherwise the surface may end up uneven;
  • At the time of application of flickering particles, hands and brush must be dry, otherwise the whole body will shine;
  • Before starting to apply them, the brush must be dipped in fixing varnish, and then in sparkles to get the right amount and make a drawing;
  • Whenever a color change is needed, the brush should be wiped clean with acetone.

Application and Styles

French manicure, which is also called French manicure, is able to create the effect of cleanliness and grooming, as in photo in the magazine. If earlier, to recreate it, the tips of the nails were made white with a delicate shade of the plate, today they often deviate from the standards and decorate with a pattern that can be made of several colors and shades of friable shimmering particles, and the plate is opened with a bright contrasting color.

Although sometimes, and vice versa, the plate is covered with lighter tones, and the ends are bright or dark. Shiny elements can be applied in the interval from one color to another, which looks very attractive and can be used even when creating a wedding manicure.

When applying small particles to the tip of the nail in a continuous layer, this design is called a French millennium with sparkles. To do this, you need to buy light-colored glitter in the form of powder. When moving to the edge, the layer becomes thinner, and the rest of the plate is covered with a colorless or delicate cream varnish. At the same time, a manicure can be either with a clearly defined line of an overgrown plate, or with a smooth transition.

The most popular today is the aquarium nail design as in the photo with sparkles. To create it, it is imperative that they be increased. The drawing can be applied using rhinestones, appliques, large and small shimmery particles, dried flowers and much more, which is only capable of the imagination of a creative person.

To create nail designs with sparkles in the shellac style , which became popular this year, you can use a ready-made varnish or mix dry small shimmery particles with transparent shellac. This is necessary in order to obtain the desired glitter color and concentration. The resulting base can simply be used to apply to the plate or as a base for any drawing.

A well-known and no less popular today is the technique when a few drops of varnish applied to a plate are stretched over it with a needle or a brush, resulting in the desired pattern.

This method of application is called glitter nail design - stretching. First, the plate is covered with enamel, then with varnish in the appropriate color scheme. The varnish can be stretched in a chaotic direction, creating a specific pattern. After the varnish is dry, you will need to apply a fixer.

Shiny nail designs

When stretching with a gel, a UV lamp and glitter in two different colors are used. To create a pattern, a slanting tube is used, into which glitter is drawn like a spatula, after which it is applied to the nail to the middle and stretched over the entire surface, liquefying in the course of stretching.

Moreover, you can stretch both straight and obliquely. Then you need to dry under the lamp for 1 minute.

Then apply a thin layer of gel again and repeat the procedure, but with other shiny elements and on a clean area of ​​the plate.

After that, you will need to re-dry everything and cover with a finish gel. To create a uniquemy look at home, it will be enough to buy glitter and use it for nail design.

Be feminine and attractive! Engage in the creation of new manicure designs and remain always unique and brilliant!


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