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Sheared mink: expensive luxury fur for special occasions

A natural fur coat is not only a luxurious item in your wardrobe, but also a profitable investment of money. The fur of this animal is considered the most valuable not only because it is extremely beautiful. It allows you to create one-piece uniform canvases that can be used for sewing clothes, all kinds of capes, blankets, bedspreads and other elite interior elements.

The emergence of modern technologies allows you to create all new ways of processing fur and changing its texture. The result of one of these technologies is a sheared mink.

What is it

A haircut should never be confused with a pinch.

Sheared mink: expensive luxury fur for special occasions

In plucked fur, the guard hair is removed completely - plucked out. A haircut means only shortening the length. Most often, these two operations are combined: after pinching, the skin is trimmed, which helps to achieve an even height of fluff.

How can you tell the difference between a sheared mink? Run your hand against the lint: a slight tingling sensation will be felt in the palm. The rest of the awning part will act as a frame - to support fluff and resist external influences.

Haircuts can be cut to different pile heights and the appearance of the product will depend on this.

Today on sale you can find products of advanced designers who almost completely shave off the pile and color the skin so that it does not shine through.

Non-professionals call this mink polished.

In fact, a fur coat made of such a mink takes on the appearance of a suede coat and can be used for wearing in the spring-autumn periods, but not in a harsh winter.

No less popular is a high haircut that does not imply prior plucking. The awn is removed on the rump, leaving only the underfur. On the neck and sides, the spine is slightly shortened. At the same time, the areas with the remnants of the awn are distinguished by a high gloss and brightness of color, and where the machine has passed below the height of the underfur, the fur is more matte and light. The result is an interesting color effect. Most often, black mink is subjected to such processing.

Often the pile is shortened by means of a laser. The higher the power of the equipment, the more it burns, which means the pile is shortened. This type of processing is called grooving and allows you to create a variety of patterns on the surface of the product. For example, give it a corduroy look.

Features of sheared mink fur coat

Sheared mink: expensive luxury fur for special occasions

Walnut mink is most often sheared.

Such fur has been in use for more than a dozen years and has managed to get fed up with wealthy women of fashion. However, its quality still remains high: the pile is thick, smooth, dense and shiny. And grooving allows you to breathe new life into it, sparkle with new the literal and figurative sense of the word. On such mink fur, original curls, oblique stripes, etc. appear.

Some bohemians consider sheared fur to be a second-rate product, unworthy of true connoisseurs of beauty. Only people who are completely far from the fashion and beauty industry can reason like this.

Today there is a whole industry of special breeding of animals for obtaining sheared fur.

And to obtain a fur coat from a sheared mink requires much more animals than to obtain traditional outerwear. Sheared fur has the main advantage over the usual one - increased wear resistance. The shortened pile does not roll, does not absorb dirt and dust, and most importantly, it cannot turn into felt.

Sheared mink: expensive luxury fur for special occasions

A haircut can almost double the durability of fur.

A sheared dyed mink coat will retain its presentable look much longer than an ordinary one. It is impossible to imagine the modern fashion industry without this noble fur.

This material makes luxurious capes for special occasions that caress the skin of its owner like velvet.

The price of such products remains simply exorbitant, so it is simply impossible to talk about their inferiority.

Remember this when you are going to purchase such a product for yourself and do not listen to envious people trying to slander a beautiful and elite thing. Good luck!

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