Shapewear: an easy way to slim your figure

What woman doesn’t dream of high lush breasts, thin waist and bulging buttocks? The desire to please is inherent in every woman. However, not always diets, sports activities and cosmetic procedures allow you to achieve ideal proportions. But the special modeling underwear will do it for sure.

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How it works

Shapewear: an easy way to slim your figure

Our ancestors many centuries ago were looking for ways to look more attractive and hide their own imperfections under their clothes. In this they were helped by one of the most ancient items of women's wardrobe - a corset.

For its manufacture, materials such as leather, bast fibers, fish whisker were used, which made this product extremely expensive and affordable only for women from high society. Naturally, in this case, there was no question of any convenience and comfort, and fainting from oxygen starvation as a result of wearing such a device was not uncommon.

Everything has changed today.

Modern technologies have entered a new stage of their development, thanks to which the modeling corrective underwear has become comfortable and aesthetic in appearance.

It fits the body well and allows air to pass through, which allows the skin to breathe . At the same time, its main function remains the same: areas with excess volume decrease, and areas with insufficient volume increase.

The first action is achieved due to the compression effect, and the second due to the presence of modeling inserts. Wearing such underwear, a woman can, without dieting and exercise, at one moment correct imperfect body proportions, make her figure more harmonious, and most importantly, feel at her best in any, even the most tight-fitting outfit.

Material and cut features

Shapewear: an easy way to slim your figure

For the manufacture of modeling underwear for women, special materials with a high degree of elasticity are used.

They are able to easily take the desired shape, adapting to the characteristics of the figure, and then return to their original state.

These are nylon, lycra, silicone, thermoplastic and spandex.

The inner surface of underwear is often trimmed with natural fabrics. For example, tights are fitted with a cotton gusset, which ensures maximum hygiene and practicality.

A feature of modeling underwear for obese women is toh, that it practically or does not have seams at all, which means that others will never guess about its presence under clothes.

Types of underwear for correction

Today on sale you can find a product that performs not only its main action, but also has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. In addition, such underwear meets all modern design trends, which means it is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. With its help you can lose weight by a couple of extra pounds, eliminate visible manifestations of cellulite, improve posture and breast shape.

The latter is especially true for lactating women and those who, due to anatomical features or age, have sagging mammary glands. Special corrective bras, T-shirts, tops and bustiers will also be a good prevention of mastopathy and cystic neoplasms.

The most common types of shapewear are:

Shapewear: an easy way to slim your figure
  • waist belt. Allows you to reduce the waist circumference by at least 2-3 cm. Three rows of heavy-duty hooks allow you to change the degree of correction at your discretion;
  • high panties. Thanks to the use of special inserts in the front, they can pick up a protruding belly and visually make it flat;
  • corset pantaloons. Move the breeches and ears to the buttocks, making them more rounded and attractive. In addition, gathers excess on the sides and tightens the belly;
  • tops, tees and bustiers. Such underwear does not have decorative cups and dense inserts, but it reliably fixes the chest, not allowing it to move freely under the outerwear;
  • bras. Models with push-up effect are able to visually enlarge breasts by 1–2 sizes. Special inserts move the fat deposits to the middle and up, where they fix them. The minimizer bra is indispensable for women with curvaceous shapes who would like to visually reduce breast volume;
  • shaping shorts and panties with inserts. This underwear corrects the figure of those ladies whose butts, as they say, flat . Special pads, located in hidden pockets, provide the right volume where you need it, adding extra inches to expressionless buttocks. In addition, these models tighten the belly;
  • grace. Work all over the abdomen while supporting the chest and helping to correct posture;
  • overalls. Such underwear covers the maximum number of problem areas - hips, buttocks, waist, bust and abdomen;
  • postpartum lingerie. Allows you to feed your baby without having to remove the bra. Prevents sagging of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, relieves stress on the spine and allows you to quickly return to its original shape;
  • designer aesthetic lingerie. Here we are talking about the very notorious corsets... Such slimming underwear is used by modern women as an independent wardrobe item. Young girls wear them with jeans and skirts, while mature ladies combine them with classic suits and wear under a jacket.

Features of choice and wear

Shapewear: an easy way to slim your figure

First of all, I must say that you cannot wear such underwear every day.

It is clear that squeezing in the hips, abdomen and other areas is not natural, so you should not abuse this effect for your own good.

You need to choose a product strictly in size: believe me, everything that you expect from it will be embodied in reality. When choosing the right model, consider the degree of correction, which can be weak, medium and strong.

It is better to wash by hand, without using bleaching agents.

Dry naturally and keep in mind that some models may have a limited wear period.

Now you know all the intricacies of purchasing and wearing modeling models.

We hope we were able to help you and you found the answers to most of your questions. Nice figure and comfortable lingerie!

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