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Sewing on a sewing machine: lessons for beginners

Sewing on a sewing machine is a great way to earn extra money for novice needlewomen with a certain amount of care and perseverance. Before you devote all your free time to needles, threads and other paraphernalia, decide if you want to create clothes, home textiles, toys, bags or other products.

This will determine the type of sewing technique, the duration of its development, a set of tools, modification of the sewing machine itself, finally.

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Preparatory events

Before starting the work process, get yourself a minimum set of tools, including:

Sewing on a sewing machine: lessons for beginners
  • High-quality tailor's scissors that can cut silk and fabric for a warm coat with equal ease;
  • Incorrect seam ripper. This is an extremely useful accessory for novice seamstresses, allowing them to correct their mistake without damaging the product;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Tailor's chalk or a bar of soap for drawing outlines of future patterns;
  • In addition, numerous pins are essential when sewing.

How it works

Sewing lessons on the sewing machine, organized on purpose for beginners, always start with a selection of needles and threads. For example, for sewing thin fabrics, the appropriate needles are required, and vice versa, thick fabrics will take only special needles. A similar situation is with the threads: incorrectly selected, they lead to crooked and sloppy seams, breaks of threads during the operation of the machine, and even to damage to the latter.

First things first, you need to work on the evenness of the line. For this, an unnecessary flap is taken, and the quality of the seam is honed on it. Please note that the easier you press on the pedal of the sewing machine, the easier it will be to control the sewing process and the evenness of the stitch being sewn.

Main unit adjustment

The lower and upper threads on the sewing machine should be tightened so that the thread in the line lies flat and tight, does not loop, intertwine and do not tie into knots. To check the quality of the thread tension, you need to sew an unnecessary piece of fabric almost to the end, and then try to break the seam. Which thread will burst first - the bottomor the top one, that needs to be weakened. Adjust until the seam stops tearing.

If the lower or upper thread is not tensioned enough, the sewing will be distorted by a defect called grin : the seam, or rather the threads, become noticeable after steaming and ironing.

Some good tips

The basics of sewing on a sewing machine required for beginner seamstresses are not that hard.

In any case, you will have to familiarize yourself with such developments of experienced craftswomen:

Sewing on a sewing machine: lessons for beginners
  • Prepare, check, fasten and sweep the patterns just before sewing. So it will be easier and faster to grind them into a single product;
  • To grind individual elements on the side with which there will be a minimum tension, or from the side where shrinkage is required;
  • Leave seam allowances to the right of the needle. Make sure they are the same along the entire contour;
  • Aim for straight, continuous and even seams along the markings. Otherwise, you run the risk of distorting the craft with puffs, irregularities and swollen sections;
  • At the end and beginning of each new stitch, be sure to tack to prevent unraveling;
  • When joining corner pieces, be sure to make a seam allowance almost to the top;
  • To grind darts only in the direction of their narrowing;
  • If several layers of fabric need to be joined, some allowances can be trimmed to thin the seam;
  • The first lessons of sewing clothes from knitwear or other stretchy fabric should be devoted to the study of the line zigzag . In addition, in order to avoid pulling the threads out of the material being sewn, it is worth using thin, sharp and new needles, not to mention the fact that the threads should be polyester or silk;
  • When mastering the basics of sewing heavy suede, leather, or thick synthetic knitwear, use special thread and insert if the machine skips stitches;
  • Sides, valves, cuffs and collars are almost always made with a lining of non-woven, calico or transparent nylon;
  • Finishing or overcasting stitches cannot be very small.

Major mistakes

The most important oversight lies in the fact that initially a complex embroidery or a model of clothing on a sewing machine is chosen, while for beginners there are their own training programs. You need to start with mastering the technique of decorating, cutting and grinding parts from linen, wool or poplin, and only then storm the abstruse stitches and chiffon.

You still don't need to rely on the fact that a magazine or Internet pattern will perfectly fit your figure. Be sure to adjust the sizes of the elements to your personal parameters, otherwise even skillfully made embroidery will not save ready-made clothes.

Craftswomen are sure that high-quality, serviceable and debuggedThis machine is the most faithful assistant in teaching the mysteries of sewing things and interior items. It must be protected, repaired and adjusted in time before and after use.

The subtleties of machine embroidery

Sewing on a sewing machine: lessons for beginners

Cutwork embroidery on a sewing machine - is nothing more than free running embroidery with insulated fabric engine teeth, which is the easiest and most affordable technique for beginners.

To prepare the device, you need to lubricate it well, remove, cover or lower the teeth moving the fabric, and you can start.

Beginners are advised to use embroidery plates, which reduce the time to prepare the machine for cutwork , but reduce the distance between the tie plate and the needle.

The women of our time are very lucky.

They have the opportunity to master all the techniques of handling a sewing machine without leaving their home.

Beginners Sewing Course - Day 1 - The Basics

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