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Separate food

In the era of the development of mass media, the cult of body beauty has introduced harmony to the rank of indisputable advantages of a woman. The dominance of weight loss methods puts women in front of a difficult choice: mono diets, separate meals, the Ducan diet, proper nutrition, vegetarianism and much more. In this article, we will take a closer look at the principle of separate feeding.

This method was pioneered by Herbert Shelton. He proposed to separate in the daily diet incompatible foods - starchy carbohydrates and proteins, fats and proteins, etc. The bottom line is that when digesting fats, carbohydrates and proteins, the body uses various enzymes produced by the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat all together, then digestion is difficult.

Separate food

Hence - heaviness in the stomach, metabolic disorders, pancreas and excess weight. The separate feeding system was developed taking into account this peculiarity of the organism.

However, this technique has opponents. Some nutritionists and doctors believe that separate meals create stress for the body. Not every person is able to immediately change the habits developed over the years.

After all, the supporters of this technique have to carefully monitor the diet, deny themselves the use of familiar and favorite dishes, strictly observe the regime.

As a result, psychological problems may become more expensive problems of the digestive tract.

According to Shelton's theory, proteins in the stomach are digested by an acidic environment, while carbohydrates are digested in an alkaline environment.

And opponents on the basis of this diet believe that proteins and carbohydrates are simultaneously digested in the duodenum as another important argument against separate nutrition.

And if this organ is not given the opportunity to train its functions, then the human enzymatic system is rebuilt in such a way that after some time a person can no longer return to the old food culture. But no matter how compelling the arguments of opponents, the separate feeding system has hundreds of thousands of fans with a healthy and blooming appearance, which in itself speaks in favor of this method.

So, first of all, you need to figure out who is who in our diet:

  • Proteins: any meat, eggs, fish, nuts, cheese, soy, beans, mushrooms;
  • Fats: sour cream, lard, cream, butter and vegetable oil;
  • Carbohydrates: bread (all flour), pasta, cereals, peas, potatoes, sugar, beans, sweet fruits;
  • Starches: potatoes, peas, cereals, breads, pasta, baked goods;
  • Sour fruits and vegetables: orange, lemon, grapefruit, grapes, pomegranate, peach, pineapple, tomato;
  • Sweet fruits: bananas, raisins, persimmons, dates, figs, prunes.
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Rules for separate meals:

Separate food
  • Do not mix carbohydrates and acidic foods;
  • Take proteins and starches separately;
  • It is not recommended to mix proteins of different origins;
  • Do not eat proteins with fats;
  • Do not mix acidic fruits with proteins;
  • Eat sugar and starch separately;
  • Eat different starchy foods separately;
  • Milk, watermelon, melon, must not be mixed with anything.

Of course, choosing a separate food system, you will have to give up such favorite dishes from childhood as potatoes with herring, or porridge with cutlets, salad Olivier and even a sandwich with sausage .

But such sacrifices are not in vain - after a fairly short time, your body will thank you with clear and well-coordinated work. And since all incoming products will be completely absorbed, extra pounds will disappear without difficulty and a trace. In addition, you will have new, correct, favorite dishes, for example - meat with fresh salad or oatmeal with butter.

The principle of composing menus for separate meals

Most often, a woman going on a diet is surprised to notice that it is not economically profitable. You have to buy a lot of fresh and natural products that are more expensive than, for example, cooked sausage. In addition, the question arises - do I get all vitamins and minerals with dietary products?

The following tips will help you strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and dietary principles:

  • buy 3 different protein products per week, for example - chicken, fish, veal;
  • 5 types of vegetables: cabbage, greens, carrots, beets, cucumbers or tomatoes;
  • 3 types of fruits: apples, citruses (or sour berries according to the season) and pear;
  • 2-3 types of carbohydrate cereals (rice, buckwheat, barley);
  • cheese, cottage cheese.

As a result, during the day you will have in your diet porridge with vegetables, meat with herbs, cheese or cottage cheese, and several types of fruits for a snack.

Approximate menu for separate meals:

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with butter without sugar;
  • Snack: pear;
  • Lunch: Steamed fish - 150 gr. Cabbage salad and cucumbers - 200 gr;
  • Snack: 30g walnuts;
  • Dinner: boiled veal - 200 gr, stewed zucchini with carrots.

30 minutes before a meal, you need to drink onea glass of still mineral or boiled water. The intervals between meals should be at least three hours ( different foods should not occur in the stomach ).

It is necessary to refuse ready-made sauces and seasonings with flavor enhancers. For example, you should replace ready-made mayonnaise with sour cream, prepare sauces yourself and replace seasonings with monosodium glutamate with natural seasonings.

Everyone should know - separate food is not a diet. This is changing your diet forever to improve your quality of life, heal and lose extra pounds naturally.

The habit of eating right will gradually improve your body's health, restore its youthfulness, tone and remove extra pounds forever.

Eating ALL My Foods SEPARATE For 24 Hours!

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