Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

Are there real differences between birthdays? How to seduce a man by his zodiac sign? Let's reveal the secrets of the intimate behavior of men according to the Zodiac.

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Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

Aries man, due to his fiery nature, finds it difficult to focus on an unfamiliar woman, whom he does not consider to be a match for himself.

But if you managed to attract the attention of Aries, then the best tactic would be to slowly converge and play cat and mouse .

Approaching and moving away, you can bring Aries to an extreme degree of excitement, get great sex and a loyal loving partner.


A Taurus man will be very pleased with compliments about his appearance and costume, and they also appreciate courtesy and sincerity. For a good start, these qualities will suffice. In bed, constantly draw his attention to the natural beauty of your body, do not hesitate to walk naked in front of him in the daylight - such actions Taurus regards as erotic and frank.


Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

It's not as difficult to seduce a Gemini man as it might seem, since he is initially set up for a rapid convergence and vivid sexual impressions.

To give him real pleasure, organize a romantic dinner by candlelight, in a smart dress, accompanied by passionate oriental or Spanish music.


Cancer men are prone to melancholy, therefore they are drawn to women who know how to relieve them of sadness through a constant renewal of feelings and impressions. Give him new music, watch new films together, and if he wants to be honest before sex, give him such joy. By conquering Cancer on all fronts, you will get the most devoted married family man, but first he needs to be given a lot of warmth.


The Leo man will be happy to be seduced by a luxurious companion, because the royal entourage is important for him. Be attractive and dress in your bestdate outfits.

Such a character trait as obedience will also play an important role, and the more you recognize Leo's primacy, the more he will attach to you and reveal his brilliant potential.


Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

Virgo man combines earthly practice and sensual romance.

To use these qualities, try to prove to him from the first date that you appreciate both of these sides of his nature.

Moderation in make-up and an elegant wardrobe, as well as a willingness to have ironic-intellectual conversations with him, will help you.

In sex, such a man is liberated for a long time, but becomes a reliable and loyal partner.


The Libra man is picky and careful in his choice. But if you decide to marry, then this is forever. Therefore, if you are thinking how best to seduce a married man under the sign of Libra, it is better to leave the venture. But free young people under the sign of Libra will appreciate the sincere warmth and care, the ability to create a calm atmosphere around him.


Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

The Scorpio man has increased sexuality. Despite this innate quality, it is not easy to persuade him to actually have sex, because ordinary domestic sex does not attract him at all.

The best way to make this sign understand that you are the perfect couple is to mystify the fact of your meeting a little and give the relationship a fateful shade. Play femme fatale and you will be rewarded with great sex.


A Sagittarius man is always embarrassed by the prospect of losing his freedom of action, so you need to be extremely careful in making claims on his society and feelings. You can lure Sagittarius into bed if he feels that he is not obliged to do this at all and that sex will not be followed by claims. Demonstrate independence, talk more about the distant - travel, other countries, space, philosophy. Support his ideas and plans, even while lying in the same bed - Sagittarius will be grateful for the opportunity to get away from everyday life with you.


Secrets of seducing men by the sign of the zodiac

The Capricorn man will submit to your practicality and originality.

How to seduce a man under the sign of Capricorn?

Show that you are close to his strict nature, and also provide a fun time.

Good sex has a very positive effect on Capricorn's affection for you, the main thing is that for the first time it happens on time, not too early and not too late.


The Aquarius man comes to sex through friendship, this is the most asexual sign of the Zodiac, since it almost does not connect physical intimacy with banal passion. Be nice, direct with him, boldly demonstrate erudition, erudition, knowledge of new electronics. For Aquarius to fall for on you, get a rare hobby and become originality itself.


The Pisces man will not tolerate too strong a partner next to him, but your weakness with such a gentleman should consist, first of all, in non-aggressive behavior and tenderness. Declare passionate feelings with special meaning, give intimacy a semi-mystical shade - and such a man will easily end up in your bed. Seducing a man under the sign of Pisces is aerobatics in the art of love.

We hope these tips will help you win the man of your dreams.

However, do not mindlessly get carried away with astrology, remember that everyone appreciates a sincere interest in their person and the warmth of real feelings.

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