20 Magical DIY Crafts With Seashells

Seashell Crafts - Great Summer Memories

The most popular souvenir that everyone brings back from the seaside are shells. Most people at home just hide them in the closet. How to make this small souvenir remind of brightly spent summer days, pleasant breeze and fresh sea waves? Use your imagination and create beautiful crafts of their shells with your own hands.

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Cooking shells for crafts

Seashell Crafts - Great Summer Memories

Making shell products is a fun and easy process for both adults and children. Shells come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and with their unusual relief and beautiful patterns, they allow you to mentally return to the warm summer.

Sometimes you get the impression that they were created by nature specially to make some kind of beautiful thing or decoration from them.

But before you start, you need to prepare the material for work:

  • wash well;
  • if you can see the remains of shellfish - the material must be boiled for at least 1 hour in slightly salted water; otherwise you will get a bad smell;
  • sand the sharp broken edges, you can also use a nail file or file;
  • To add shine and brightness to the colors, grease the surface of the shell with baby oil or varnish.

Those who have already worked with this material know all the intricacies of the craft. For beginners, first of all, you need to learn how to properly glue the shell.

There are several ways to do this:

  • With a glue gun. When working with him, you must follow these rules:
  • Using silicone glue is an easier and safer option. Since it dries for a long time, this is an ideal option for making shell crafts for novice craftsmen: one or another part of the composition can be easily replaced. Apply the silicone glue liberally so the shells can sink in.
  • A good option is Moment . If you don't like something, you can gently tear off the shell and then glue it back after cleaning.
Seashell Crafts - Great Summer Memories

Since the glue is transparent, there will be no traces left:

  • do not overheat the glue, otherwise it will turn yellow;
  • Take special care when working with small parts, as the glue comes out of the nozzle of the gun is very hot, its temperature is 200 degrees, so you can accidentally burn yourself;
  • if it so happens that you get burned, quickly remove the glue from your fingers, as it hardens very quickly on the skin and it will be extremely problematic to remove it.

Sometimes, when working with a shell, it is necessary to make holes. Use a drill to do this. But before you drill, wrap the material with tape and drill over it. Even if the shell is small, it will not crack.

What can be crafted from shells?

You can make paintings, souvenirs, boxes, photo frames, candles and candlesticks, appliques, figurines and many other crafts from shells with your own hands.

The simplest, and at the same time, beautiful craft is a decorative vase. To do this, pour sand into a transparent glass container, and beautifully lay shells of different shapes on top. Such a craft will diversify the interior of your home. Candlesticks and shell candles will be a great addition for romantic evenings.

A photo frame made of marine materials looks very nice. You can simply glue a simple photo frame with this material. The result is an interesting thing that you can use to decorate your home or present an original gift to your loved ones.

Using shells, you can diversify the interior of your home. You can place shell trees or flowers on a coffee table, hang a picture or a panel made of shells on the wall. You can decorate a mirror frame or a clock with different-sized sea mollusks. Crafts from seashells and stones can decorate a balcony or bathroom.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will be pleased with stylish marine jewelry - beads, bracelets, pendants, brooches and other products. They look very nice and original.

Seashell crafts for kids

Seashell Crafts - Great Summer Memories

You can make simple shell crafts with your baby. Start with such products in which you only need to supplement one or several shells with small elements (you can mold them from plasticine). For example, you can make a snail.

To do this, take a spirally twisted shell. From light plasticine, mold all parts of the mollusk's body. Then connect them together, make eyes from small seeds - and the snail is ready!

Another shell craft for children is a turtle. Choose a shell for the shell, make the head, tail and legs from light-colored plasticine, then connect all the parts, finish the muzzle and eyes and admire the little sea turtle with your child.

As you can see, shells are useful. To do this, it is enough to find free time and turn on your imagination. Be creative, and let your creations delight you and give you a good mood!

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