SCOTTISH FOLD KATZE - Rasseportrait der schottischen Faltohrkatze

Scottish fold cat

The first ever Scottish Fold cat named Susie was discovered by accident in 1961 on one of the village farms in Scotland. The reason for the unique feature of the breed, folded in the form of envelopes of the ears, was a gene mutation. Today the Scottish Fold is one of the most popular breeds.

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How the breed appeared

Scottish fold cat

Suzy turned out to be quite prolific and she was constantly presented to her acquaintances with kittens. In 1963, one of these kitties, Snooks, was presented to Mary Ross. Snooks soon bore the first offspring.

Not having the skills of a professional breeder, Mary intuitively selected the kitten from the litter that was most suitable for creating a new breed. White color, ears in envelopes, dense large paws - it is not surprising that the kitten received the name Snowball.

By crossing the Snow Globe with a British Shorthair, and Snooks with a purebred British blue cat, Mary got full-fledged kittens that interested breeders and became the basis of the gene pool.

At first, they continued to cross the representatives of the new breed with shorthaired American and British cats. However, these unions often led to the birth of kittens with deviations from the norm.

Scottish Fold and British Fold often give birth to offspring with musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, breeders currently use a heterozygous format, breeding with Scottish Straits, Scottish cats with a normal ear shape.

Breed Behavior Features

Lop-eared cats live for 15-20 years. Very often, a kitten is born with normal ears, the shape of which begins to change after 2 weeks. However, there is no certainty that the offspring will have all the characteristics inherent to the breed.

The Scottish Fold cat, according to many owners, is prone to meditation. This is caused by the animal's characteristic habit of periodically taking a posture column with straightened legs and arched back. In fact, the habit is simply explained- Scottish Fold kneads the back.

Some representatives of the breed are afraid of heights due to the peculiarities of the structure of the vestibular apparatus. Therefore, their character is filled with true aristocracy, fold-eared cats will never spoil the curtains and walk around the mezzanine.

Nevertheless, fold cats are quite playful. Also in the character of the Scottish Fold cat is easy habitability, the ability to basic training. The elderly and children are especially fond of Scottish Fold. The animal quickly adapts to an unfamiliar place and does not confuse the tray with the slippers of family members. This is an unpretentious and completely independent pet.

The nature of the animal practically excludes the manifestation of aggression. The pet quickly converges with other animals, including dogs. But, Scottish Fold does not tolerate shouting in his address. This is perhaps the only factor that can make an animal angry and move it to vindictive behavior. It is strictly forbidden to carry the cat by the scruff of the neck. This method causes her unbearable pain and injuries to the spine.

If the owner forgets to feed, the lop-eared cat will delicately hint at this, without resorting to the usual meow. The breed has an incredibly squeaky voice and informs family members of problems with a leisurely conversation.

Scottish fold cat

Despite the lack of interest in outdoor walks, it is necessary to ensure physical activity. You should play with your pet every day to keep the Scottish Fold cat healthy and to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. A variety of wooden structures or cardboard boxes with cut openings will help with this.

You can release the animal into the garden so that it can fully enjoy the smells of plants and satisfy the hunting instincts by chasing insects.

Scottish Folds

This is a fairly democratic breed, the standards of which include almost any color. There is a color with white piebald, to which some requirements are imposed on the correct combination of painted and white areas. Eye color should match the basic, non-white color scheme. With a high level of white piebald, the odd-eyed and blue-eyed variant is allowed.

There are relatively loyal requirements for the color of Scottish Fold cats. However, the color should have a fairly clear pattern, with a pronounced contrast between the base color and the colored areas. A defect is considered to be the presence of a white spot on the neck, chest, groin and chin.

  • Color Van - nalwith a colored tail and 2 spots in the head area;
  • Harlequin color assumes staining of the fifth part of the body with large spots located on the croup, back and head;
  • No less interesting is the Bicolor color, in which the cat can be half-colored or have an original coat pattern. There is a spot on the face in the form of an inverted V, a white spot on the neck resembles a closed collar;
  • Tiger color is expressed in the presence of vertical stripes on the sides of the body and a dark stripe along the vertebral column to the tip of the tail;
  • The marble color is incredibly beautiful, in which there is a circular or semi-circular pattern or stains on the sides of the animal. Bow tie embellished shoulders. There are 2 dark stripes running along the back, which merge into one at the base of the tail;
  • Ticked color requires a clear pattern, copper to orange eye color. With a silver scale, the standard allows for green eyes.

This is just a small part of the possible colors. However, whatever color the animal has, it will still be perfect for a loving owner.

How to feed Scottish Fold

From an early age, it is necessary to feed your pet properly, including in its diet foods high in calcium. This is a necessary measure, since Scottish Folds are often susceptible to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, rickets.

What can you feed a Scottish Fold cat, how demanding are the representatives of the breed to food? Many breeders are convinced that it is necessary to feed the animal with natural products.

By-products or fresh beef are preferred. It is allowed to enter into the diet low-fat marine fish, poultry and liver. However, they can only be fed after boiling.

The character of the cat is so accommodating that she will not make special demands on the menu. The diet must include cottage cheese and kefir. Sour cream and cream, so beloved by the cat tribe, can be fed no more than 2 times a week. Otherwise, the risk of liver disease increases.

It is also recommended to feed your pet with millet, oat and rice porridges cooked in milk or weak meat broth. Occasionally, pieces of meat or mashed egg yolk are added to the porridge.

Particular attention should be paid to the nutrition of a kitten that was recently weaned from its mother. It is necessary to feed the baby 6 times a day, including fresh mashed fruits and vegetables in the menu. There are even special concentrates that are sold frozen in pet stores. This food takes into account the kittens' need for nutrients and a balanced diet.

Ifthe owner prefers to feed the pet with dry food, it is better to choose varieties of the class Premium or Superpremium , which include Nutro Choice, Iams, Eagle Pack, Nutra Gold.

How Scottish Folds are pregnant

Scottish fold cat

I must say, pregnancy in a Scottish Fold cat is quite easy. Bearing offspring does not spoil the character of the pet at all. However, in order for the pregnancy to end successfully, you should provide the most comfortable conditions for your pet.

  • Pregnancy should take place in a relaxed environment;
  • Feed the animal only high quality products;
  • About a week before giving birth, Scottish Fold begins to lick thoroughly, his character becomes restless. She hides in secluded spots. This means that the pregnancy is coming to an end and you need to take care of an easy delivery.

A person who has no experience in this matter, it is better to agree in advance with a veterinarian who can take the litter and teach the owner the skills of caring for a happy cat family.

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