How to Dry Up Your Milk Supply Fast (Without Breastfeeding)

Sage to stop lactation

Breastfeeding is the most reliable way to raise a healthy and strong baby. However, a mother can feed her baby with breast milk until a certain point, after which he must be transferred to a regular diet. Weaning should be done carefully, having prepared yourself and your baby for this serious process.

Sage to stop lactation

Pediatricians differ on how long to breastfeed. Some recommend breastfeeding while lactation continues, others - to introduce complementary foods at a certain age of the baby, most often after a year.

If you decide to stop breastfeeding your baby before the moment when milk is no longer being produced, you will need to use a lactation suppressor.

Sage breastfeeding

To stop lactation, women often begin to use infusions and decoctions of certain medicinal herbs. During lactation, sage should not be drunk, as this plant adversely affects the milk production process.

But, if you want to reduce its amount, and over time expect milk to disappear completely, on the contrary, sage leaves are ideal for you. Sage has been used by women for a long time to stop lactation.

Sage is a highly effective phytohormonal agent that has a beneficial effect on the female body. The benefits of using the plant for women is explained by the fact that the plant's phytohormones are analogous to estrogen - the main female hormone.

Sage to stop lactation

Infusion and sage oil are widely used in pharmacology in the production of many drugs. With this herb, women can relieve painful periods, reduce menopause and even cure infertility.

Sage is recommended for women and girls in the treatment of certain gynecological diseases, because this plant has no less healing effect than many medicines.

How to take a lactation suppressor

Many breastfeeding women have heard about the possibility of stopping lactation with sage, but they themselves do not know how to achieve the desired result and stop the process of milk production.

You can stop lactation using the following actions:

  • using a decoction or infusion of the plant;
  • sage oil application;
  • applying compresses to the chest.

A decoction or infusion of the plant is recommended to be consumed in the form of tea. With regular use of the product, milk will not form at all in the mammary glands after 2-3 days. To prepare a drink, 2 tbsp.l. dry herbs, pour 1.5 cups of boiling water, wrap well in a warm towel and leave to infuse for an hour.

You can use sage oil to stop lactation, which allows you to stop the process of producing breast milk as soon as possible and prevent the development of inflammatory processes in the breast.

Sage to stop lactation

To apply a compress on the mammary glands, sage, cypress, geranium and mint oil is used, which should be taken in 2-3 drops. Mix them with 25 g of vegetable oil, moisten gauze in the prepared product and apply to the chest, withstand the compress for an hour and a half a day.

If you buy sage tincture at a pharmacy and use it 6 times a day, you can significantly reduce the amount of milk, and after a few days it will not be at all. To do this, dilute 50-60 drops in a glass of water and drink it regardless of the meal. Sage can be combined with other anti-lactation agents such as walnut leaves or hop cones.

Knowing how to take sage from lactation, you can easily stop breastfeeding, avoiding milk stagnation and the development of an inflammatory process in the breast.


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