How to Grow Spinach - Complete Growing Guide

Rules and methods of growing spinach

Growing spinach on personal plots and windowsills is becoming more and more popular, although not so many people eat it in our country as in Asian countries or Europe. This early maturing annual plant is a very valuable product that should be present on the table of every health-conscious person.

Rules and methods of growing spinach

Spinach can be eaten not only raw as a component of salads and sandwiches, it is also perfect as a side dish for fish and meat dishes, it will help to make soup or stew taste more pleasant and rich.

Spinach contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fats, it is rich in vitamins and microelements, therefore it helps the human body to fight many ailments and prevent their reappearance.

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Spinach varieties and cultivation features

There are many varieties of this healthy leafy vegetable, but the most popular spinach varieties are:

  • Giant - is an early maturing plant, distinguished by a rather compact rosette and elongated oval leaves;
  • Victoria - the rosette of the plant is adjacent to the ground, leaves are corrugated;
  • Virofle - has fleshy, ovoid leaves collected in a slightly raised rosette.

This plant belongs to cold-resistant crops that can withstand short-term frosts (up to minus 5 degrees), so the technology of its cultivation provides for a fairly early sowing, which allows you to get a harvest in April-May and provide the table with fresh vitamins. Connoisseurs of this delicious leafy vegetable claim that sowing early produces the most tender spinach.

The plant grows best at an ambient temperature of + 15-20 degrees. When the air temperature rises and its humidity decreases, the leaves begin to shrink, and the process of premature shooting can start.

Growing spinach in the garden

Planting spinach is not such a difficult and troublesome business. You can grow this healthy leafy vegetable both on the windowsill and in the garden. In the conditions of personal plots, it is planted with 3-5-row belts, between which they leave aisles of 20-25 centimeters.

As a rule, seed consumption is 6 grams per square meter of garden. It is recommended to fertilize the soil with humus or nitrogen before sowing seeds.-phosphate fertilizers.

Growing does not require any particularly complex actions. Periodic loosening and weeding in order to get rid of weeds will be quite enough. If you want to grow a salad with juicy, fleshy and large leaves, it should be provided with abundant watering.

It is not necessary to thin out the seedlings, it is enough just to harvest a little earlier from the too thickened areas of the garden (after 3-4 leaves have appeared). But it is imperative to cleanse the beds from underdeveloped and diseased plants.

Rules and methods of growing spinach

It is recommended to start the main harvesting after the plant acquires 6-7 leaves. If arrows have already appeared on the bushes, the plant loses its gastronomic value.

If weather conditions are favorable, then about 80 days after the arrows appear, the seeds will ripen and will be suitable for the next sowing.

You can harvest the fruits immediately after they become brown. Spinach seeds germinate for 4 years, so you can safely stock up on them for future use.

how to grow Spinach on a windowsill

This question worries those who do not have their own personal plot or small vegetable garden, and who most often have to be content with store greenery. However, you can grow tasty and healthy grass even in an apartment in a high-rise building.

Spinach grows well not only outdoors, but also in a pot on a windowsill. It is best if these are south-facing windows, since if there is a lack of light, the plant will wither and additional sources of lighting will be required, for example, fluorescent lamps or special phytolamps.

In total, the duration of daylight hours required for the normal development of greenery should be at least 10 hours.

Any flower pots are suitable as a container for growing - plastic, clay ceramic, as well as plastic or wooden boxes, about 20 centimeters high. The most important thing is that the containers used for growing greens have drainage holes. It is important that the bottom of the pot or box is covered with a three-centimeter drainage layer of pebbles, expanded clay or broken brick.

To get a good harvest, you need to correctly calculate the planting density, given that each bush needs a square of soil of about 10x10 centimeters. It is equally important to choose the right soil. It is best to purchase potting mix in specialized stores, where you also need to stock up on seeds.

Before planting, they need to be soaked for a day in warm water in order to accelerate the appearance of the first shoots. After that, you need to hold the seeds for 2-3 hours in a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) for disinfection.

Rules and methods of growing spinach

First, you need to sow the plant in rows in a box, and after the appearance of 3 leaves, move the rosettes to the pots. In this case, you need to place the seeds at a depth1-1.5 cm and then lightly cover with earth and spray with a sprayer.

To create a greenhouse effect, it is recommended to cover the containers with glass. The appearance of gatherings can be expected on the 5-6th day. Watering the plant requires moderate but frequent watering, while it is extremely important to prevent moisture stagnation, which can lead to the development of fungal infections and rot.

As you can see, growing spinach is a fairly simple activity that does not require any special knowledge and skills. The most important thing is to do everything with love and you will definitely have a great harvest!

Finest method to grow Spinach in Containers

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