Rucola oil - a storehouse of vitamins

Even children know the benefits of vegetables, especially green ones. All summer we try to eat more products grown in the garden in order to saturate our body with vitamins for the whole winter. But the benefits of a salad vegetable like rucola have been talked about a lot only recently.

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Where is the rucola used

Arugula is a salad vegetable, has many names, the most common: arugula, mustard herb, rocket salad, caterpillar, indau, eruka. This salad has a spicy taste and contains a huge amount of vitamins.

It was used in the following areas:

Rucola oil - a storehouse of vitamins
  • cooking;
  • dietetics (for weight loss);
  • cosmetology;
  • as a medicinal herb.

In cooking, rocket salad is used as a side dish. It goes well with meat, any seafood or as part of a mix salad with other salad vegetables. It is also loved to be added as a condiment in stews.

In some sauces, cold snacks and sandwiches, the caterpillar acts as one of the ingredients.

Mustard herb is also a good dietary supplement. Since it is rich in fiber, a person feels full after eating it.

Of course, one cannot fail to say about the low-calorie content of this product, for 0.1 kg only 25 kcal. In addition, rucola has a positive effect on the body's metabolism, which is directly related to the effectiveness of weight loss. In addition to the greenery itself, rucola oil can be used for weight loss. It is absorbed faster and completely into the walls of the stomach.

People who are on diets do not receive a lot of substances necessary for the body. Just in this case, this wonderful product will help, containing the following vitamins and nutrients: vitamin C, vitamins of group B, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin A. Rucola contains iron, manganese, selenium, phosphorus from the periodic table. , sodium, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Healing properties of caterpillar:

  • supports the nervous system;
  • regenerates nails, skin and hair;
  • has a positive effect on the digestive tract;
  • normalizes the level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • boosts immunity, helps the body destroy viruses and bacteria;
  • accelerates wound healing.

Of course, if we are healthy and feel good, this will already have a positive effect onour appearance. But a greater effect in the direction of cosmetology is produced by mustard oil, which is obtained by pressing the seeds of this wonderful plant.

Benefit or harm: how to take arugula oil correctly?

Rucola oil - a storehouse of vitamins

The alkaloids and flavonoids in these greens give them an unusual taste and smell, which justifies the use of oil in cooking.

But in cosmetology, this remedy is used for pigmentation, as well as in the treatment and restoration of hair. To enhance the effect, doctors advise to simultaneously take it inside and use it in hair masks.

If hair is already falling out, it is recommended to drink daily, or add rucola oil (a couple of tablespoons) to salads.

Remedy for pigmentation: pour 200 g of chopped plant with 0.5 l of olive oil and let it brew for 2 weeks in a dark place. Strain the resulting mass and apply to problem areas.

Much has been said about the beneficial properties of arugula, it is important not to forget that improper use of this product can cause great harm to your body. People with urolithiasis, allergy sufferers and those who have individual intolerance to the product should refuse it and consult a doctor.

How to apply arugula oil to hair

Mustard oil is good for hair condition. It prevents hair loss by strengthening the roots, nourishes and regenerates hair that has been exposed to any heat.

Application: we take 2 teaspoons of the mixture and apply to the roots, trying to gently massage the skin, and with the same massage movements we distribute it all over the hair to the very ends. To avoid staining your bedding, you can use a regular bag.

Take a new bag and cut it from edge to bottom to create a kind of hood. Put it on your head, and tie the cut edges at the back of your head, near your neck. Wrap the top with a towel. Keep the mask all night, wash your hair thoroughly in the morning with regular shampoo.

Rucola oil - can you make it at home?

Rucola oil - a storehouse of vitamins

Naturally, real arugula oil can only be bought. But if you do not have the opportunity, you can try to cook something similar at home. To do this, take the seeds and grind them into gruel, add vegetable or, better, olive oil. Stir and leave for 10 days in a dark place. Strain.

You can make arugula sandwich mixture. To do this, chop the herbs of this plant and mix with butter. Refrigerate for half an hour. Can be spread on bread.

The use of mustard herb oil in daily life is expanding. And culinary and beauty bloggers and TV shows like to talk about the properties of rucola oil.

It's good when you can grow such a vitamin bomb in your garden or windowsill!

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