How To Remove Dried Paint From Clothes! FAST!

Removing paint from clothes?

Who among us has not stained clothes with paint. Spring is the most active time for such troubles. The weather is wonderful, the birds are singing, so you want to bask in the sun, read an exciting book on the bench, and here the fun begins, when you get up, you see that your clothes are ruined!

In such a situation, the mood deteriorates instantly, because everyone knows that it is almost impossible to remove paint from clothes without a trace. But do not give in to panic, everything can still be fixed, the main thing is not to postpone it indefinitely, you need to act quickly.

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How to do it right remove paint from clothes

Fresh paint is always easier and easier to remove than old paint, which is why it is better to start removing stains immediately after painting.

Removing paint from clothes?

Before you start removing paint, be sure to turn the thing inside out: stain removers can both remove paint from clothing and deprive it of color and attractiveness.

Next, put a towel or paper napkin under the front side of the product so that the paint is absorbed into it during removal.

Processing begins at the edge of the stain, and then smoothly move to the center.

Now let's take a closer look at how to clean and how to wash the paint:

Removing paint from clothes?
  1. household soap, so familiar to us from childhood, you need to lather the stain and rub it with a harder brush. If we are dealing with oil paints, then before soap, we apply toothpaste or powder;
  2. thinner or white spirit will help us to wipe off any paint, although they can ruin it in the same way. An additional disadvantage is an unpleasant odor that does not disappear very quickly;
  3. you can also quickly wash the paint off your clothes using a nail polish remover without acetone, it cleans clothes more gently, and the smell disappears almost instantly;
  4. gasoline with ammonia will quickly and easily help to remove paint: first soak the stain with gasoline, and then process it with ammonia;
  5. vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, corn) removes fresh paint well, although after that the thing must be washed immediately;
  6. nitro paint will be wonderfully washed away by solvent for nitro paints, after washing and airing the room is obligatory;
  7. you can dissolve the paint with turpentine;
  8. you can fix the problem with a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol;
  9. when removing stains, stain removers will come to the rescue, there are a lot of them today, and they are very different both in price and quality.

If the moment is lost?

If you missed the moment, and the paint has already absorbed, then the methods will be tougher, but the result may sometimes differ from the desired one. Before removing the paint from clothes, remove the dried crust with a razor or knife so that the fabric is not damaged.

Then, moisten the cotton wool with gasoline, alcohol, oil or other means and three. The paint must first dissolve, then remove the excess and only then get rid of the remaining traces.

It is very important to change cotton wool often, not rubbing paint into the fabric, but removing it. Finally, we make a soda solution and process the spot.

After cleaning

Removing paint from clothes?

After the clothes have been cleaned, we rinse them in warm water, separately from other things, so that the smell of turpentine or gasoline is not transmitted to them, and then we hang them in the fresh air. In no case are we trying to kill the smell with perfume, or some other perfume, it will make it even worse.

Remember that products that can be used to remove paint from clothes, other than vegetable oil, are flammable. Keep them out of the reach of children and do not use near open flames.

If your attempt to remove the stain is unsuccessful, try to take the item to the dry cleaner, maybe they will help you there. But if the paint is deeply absorbed or the fabric is too delicate, there is little chance of saving the item.

Therefore, do not postpone the procedure for removing stains - the sooner you get down to business, the less the consequences for your clothes.

How To Remove a Paint Stain From Clothes - Easy DIY

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