Remedy for scars and scars: which one to buy and how to prepare it yourself?

Life is long, and even if in childhood you were spared the scars on bruised knees, and in youth acne and boils, there is always a danger of getting sick at a more mature age and go under the surgeon's knife. As a result, scars appear on the body, which spoil the mood, up to a drop in self-esteem. Until recently, there was no way to get rid of such skin lesions, but today you can find such products on sale, and you can also prepare them yourself at home.


Remedy for scars and scars: which one to buy and how to prepare it yourself?

Today there are a huge number of remedies for acne scars, postoperative scars, skin defects remaining after insect bites, accidents, household injuries, etc.

However, most of the medicines sold in pharmacies in the form of ointments and gels are able to cope with their task only when used immediately, immediately after the wound has healed.

Some of the more popular are:

Remedy for scars and scars: which one to buy and how to prepare it yourself?
  • Contractubex . It contains substances that regenerate the skin and moisturize the scar, which helps to soften it. Allantoin dissolves and improves the penetration of other components of the ointment. Sodium heparin helps to normalize water balance, softens. Onion extract has a bactericidal effect. This remedy for scars and scars must be rubbed into the damaged area 2-3 times a day for 3 months;
  • Dermatix fights already healed scars. Due to the presence of silicones, which form a protective film on the scar, it begins to soften under their action. It gradually decreases in size, smoothes and dissolves. The cream should be applied twice a day and not washed off. Recommended for treating scars on the face and other delicate areas of the skin;
  • Kelofibraza . The product is enriched with urea and sodium heparin. This remedy for resorption on the skin of scars improves blood circulation, regulates the moisture of the upper layer, has an anti-inflammatory and softening effect. Regular use of this cream can minimize the appearance of scars on the body;
  • Zeraderm Ultra is an excellent remedy for acne scars. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and can be applied on top of cosmetics. It acts on the damaged epithelium at the molecular level and is considered the best creamy remedy for facial scars;
  • a novelty among remedies for scars after operations and other injuries - silicone plasters. The plate is fixed to the skin with an elastic bandage or plaster and should be removed and washed twice a day. The drug softens the stratum corneum of the epithelium, helping to reduce tissue density and preventing an increase in scar size.

To cope with scars and scars that have existed on the skin for several years, only procedures such as laser resurfacing, deep peeling with chemical reagents, thermal peeling, etc. Sometimes only surgery can correct the situation.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for scars and scars on the skin are equally popular. They have a right to exist, because manufacturers add most of the components used to obtain them to the means of industrial production.

Camphor oil, mummy, beeswax, badger fat, etc. can be cited as examples. They have been used since ancient times in cosmetology for healing wounds, renewing skin cells, ensuring its smoothness and beauty.

Here are some recipes for making healing ointments:

  • badger fat with the addition of herbal infusion promotes the healing of postoperative sutures. To prepare the product, pour a tablespoon of a mixture of calendula, celandine, dandelion, plantain and milkweed with 100 ml of vodka. Insist in a cool place protected from the sun for 14 days, and then strain and mix with badger fat in equal parts. Apply to scars 2-3 times a day;
  • treat acne scars with the following composition: put 100 g of beeswax in a water bath, adding a glass of sunflower oil to it. Once the consistency is smooth, remove from heat, cool and use as directed;
  • camphor oil is effective on its own. It should be applied to the problem skin area at night in the form of a compress. A visible result can be achieved already in the first month of treatment.

Now you know how you can minimize the effects of wounds, cuts and other damage to your skin. However, do not delay the treatment, the sooner you start healing the damaged area, the more chances you have that there will be no trace of it on the skin.


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