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Recovery after a cesarean section

For whatever reason a woman has to give birth to a baby by caesarean section, the happiness of motherhood can hardly be overshadowed by anything. Upon discharge, a young mother will receive recommendations for caring for a child almost identical to those given to women who gave birth naturally. Some differences will be in how to recover from surgery.

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Operation is normal and complications

Recovery after a cesarean section

During a cesarean section, performed under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia, the anterior abdominal wall is opened in layers and an incision is made in the uterus, through which the baby is carefully removed into the light, and then the placenta.

After the wound is sutured, an absorbable or non-absorbable suture is applied to the abdominal skin, sometimes metal staples, depending on the situation and the doctor's choice.

During and after the operation, complications may appear: increased blood loss, the appearance of adhesions in the intestines and other internal organs of a woman, inflammation of the uterus (endomyometritis), impaired contraction of the uterus after delivery. In the event of these or other complications, the recovery after a cesarean section will be longer; medication will be required, prescribed by the doctor individually.

Postoperative recovery

If we talk about the general case when there are no serious complications, during the first days the woman in labor is in the intensive care unit under the strict supervision of nurses and an anesthesiologist.

Already from the first days, special care helps a woman recover: blood loss is corrected, antibacterial therapy is started to prevent infectious complications, and digestion is triggered by stimulating the intestines.

Mom is not allowed to eat for the first day, only water with lemon juice is allowed.

On the second day, you can pamper your mother in childbirth with caution and in small quantities:

  • chicken broth;
  • boiled meat, twisted through a blender or meat grinder;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • sugar-free fruit drink;
  • yogurt without fruit additives.

As a rule, already on the 4-5th day after the first independent chair has occurred, you can returnto the usual diet, not forgetting, however, about the diet for nursing mothers.

For both mothers who gave birth naturally, and for women in childbirth after a cesarean section, there are nutritional restrictions necessary so that the baby does not have tummy problems and allergies.

Mother's activity on postoperative days

Already on the second day, a happy mother, as a rule, can be transferred to the postpartum department. Here she begins to lead a very active lifestyle.

Recovery after a cesarean section

It is important to get up, walk regularly, and most importantly, feed your newborn. It will be possible to sit down 2-4 days after the baby is born.

The condition of the abdomen after surgery is constantly monitored by nurses and doctors.

The first time after the cesarean section, the seam is treated with antiseptic agents (brilliant green, for example), the bandage is replaced.

If an absorbable suture material was used during the operation, it will not need to be removed. The threads will disappear in 2–2.5 months from the date of delivery.

A scar on the skin is formed approximately on the seventh day after the caesarean section. After 7 days, you can shower in peace.

Just do not rub the skin in the abdomen with a washcloth, it is better to wait another week or two, when the recovery after a cesarean section is almost complete. The doctor will allow you to leave the hospital on the 7-10th day after the surgical delivery, if there were no serious complications that require longer treatment.

Establishing lactation after a caesarean section

During natural childbirth, milk in the mother's body arrives on the 3-4th day, and after surgery - on the 4th-6th day. If a woman enters childbirth herself, she produces certain hormones, which, among other things, are responsible for the production of breast milk.

After a planned operation, when labor has not yet begun on its own, the hormone responsible for lactation enters the bloodstream somewhat delayed, after childbirth. As a rule, this situation does not affect the condition and weight of the baby in any way, since the baby is fed with adapted formulas that replace breast milk.

Gentle at home

Many women who gave birth via a cesarean section are worried about when they can actively take up the restoration of their figure, do exercises for the abdomen, and finally return to normal life.

Often, young mothers wonder whether it is possible to play sports after surgery, lift bags, lead an active sex life. The answer is ambiguous.

There are general recommendations for restoring weight and shape, normalizing general physical activity, but each time a woman should individually approach the issue, taking care of her body and refusing to feats.

ObaOften doctors forbid their patients to lift more than two kilograms for 2 months after complex operations. But in practice, the mother has to care for the newborn, so such recommendations would be ridiculous.

Therefore, surgeons advise mothers not to lift anything heavier than their baby about 2-3 months after delivery.

After a natural birth, women, as a rule, can carefully adjust their figure almost from the first days after the birth of a child. For patients who have undergone a cesarean section, the picture is somewhat different - they will be able to start working on abdominal abs only a month after the baby's birthday.

Activity in terms of sexual life can be resumed in 1.5-2 months after surgery. In this case, the recommendation is the same for all mothers. The fact is that the uterus after childbirth at the site of attachment of the membranes and placenta is a fairly significant wound surface.

In order to prevent infection from getting into the wound, the mucous membrane must completely heal, and the discharge and lochia must stop. This usually occurs 6-8 weeks after surgery. After that, you can resume sexual activity without forgetting about contraception.

The abdominal muscles must get used to the wound received, learn to work independently again, therefore, it is not recommended to abuse the support bandage.

Subsequent pregnancy and childbirth

Recovery after a cesarean section

As a result of a cesarean section, a scar remains on the uterus for life.

It should be understood that it can have a negative effect on the course of the next pregnancy, so you need to take good care of your health and lead the pregnancy under the vigilant supervision of a female doctor.

As a result of research, it has been proven that, in terms of the state of the scar, it is optimal to conceive the next child 2-3 years after surgery.

At this point, the body is already able to recover from the previous pregnancy. It is better not to plan the birth of a brother or sister before. There is no consensus as to whether it is possible for a woman with a scar on the uterus to give birth to subsequent children naturally without significant risks to her health and the life of the baby.

By itself, a scar is already an indication for a cesarean section, the restoration of the body cannot be as complete as a woman would like. But there are exceptions to any rule. If a woman is determined to give birth on her own, in general, she has excellent health and there are no other indications for surgery, on an individual basis, the doctor can give the go-ahead for a natural delivery.

In this case, the condition of the scar is assessed using ultrasound, and the process of childbirth itself is monitored with increased attention from obstetricians and doctors.

Recovery after a cesarean section is a long process that needs to be approached with all responsibility in order to preserve the health of motherss. At this time, the woman will need the care and help of loved ones, because now all her attention is riveted on the baby.

Ob/Gyn Mom 5 Tips for C-Section Recovery

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