HOW TO: Detox your Body in 1 Day!

Rebooting the body - detox

A modern person often experiences a feeling of chronic fatigue, complains of decreased performance, bad mood, sleep disturbance, is overweight, allergic, and skin problems. These and many other troubles can indicate that the body is polluted and needs detoxification.

The reasons for the accumulation of toxins can be different: ecology, food, drugs, smoking, etc. A person thinking about their future must maintain and strengthen the body's natural ability to detoxify with the help of special supplements.

Rebooting the body - detox

Detox goal

Detox is the cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins, which means its recovery and, as a result, release from many problems that affect the quality of life. Physical activity, a positive attitude, maintaining water balance, proper nutrition and good sleep, during which the body recovers, contribute to the release of the body from all that is superfluous and harmful. Various methods of cleansing the body provide significant assistance in this reboot.

Body Detox by Amway - excellent relief and natural cleansing

Cleansing the body always takes time. Therefore, the programs are designed for a certain period of exposure to the body. For example, Amway's Body Detox is designed for 3 weeks, during which you should definitely think over the issue of nutrition, having drawn up a detailed diet plan. This is important because each meal will complement Amway's Nutrilite specialty products.

Golden Plate Rule

Typically, dietary meals are fractional and include three meals a day and two snacks. At the same time, the question of what portion should be is of particular relevance. It is recommended to follow the famous plate rule that came from Finland and literally revolutionized the field of healthy eating. For this, an ordinary plate is conventionally divided into four parts. Two of them should be filled with vegetable dishes. The other two should contain cereals and protein-rich foods. You can even purchase a special plate already divided into parts.

Detox Meals

The first meal begins the day and should be as useful as possible for cleansing the body. And therefore, not only to be on a special plate, but also to be supplemented with such dietary supplements as Liver Active. It is an excellent phyto-protector of the liver, an organ involved in cleansing the body. During the detox, which will certainly become a heavy load, the product will support the functioning of this organ. Among the ingredients of this supplement are B vitamins, plant extracts: dandelion, milk thistle, turmeric.

Rebooting the body - detox
  1. Transkus
    Before a proper meal, there should be a pleasant snack: for example, berry, fruit or vegetable smoothies, to which a mixture of dietary fiber should be added. They, like a brush, cleanse the intestines. In addition, this product is fortified with inulin, which has tremendous benefits in detoxifying and lowering cholesterol, but can be replaced with a special chewable tablet, which is a Nutrilite fiber blend. They should be washed down with water (about one or two glasses). They tend to suppress the desire to eat, which means that it is easier to control your weight with them.
  2. Lunch
    During the diet, lunch can be quite varied and include vegetables (half a plate), fish or poultry (a quarter of a plate), a side dish - rice, pasta or potatoes (the second quarter plate).
  3. Snack again
    Before dinner, there is also a snack, during which you can enjoy a pleasant and healthy milkshake flavored with bodykey chocolate.
  4. Dinner
    In the evening, you can have a light dinner or prefer a balanced cocktail with added Nutrilite protein powder. This product supplies the body with vegetable protein, replenishes the lack of protein and becomes an alternative to foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, red meat.


In just one week of compliance detox programs to cleanse the body well-being and lightness return, a surge of energy is felt. After two - the figure becomes slimmer and extra pounds and centimeters go away. After three weeks, the skin condition improves significantly.

How to purchase?

You can learn more about the detox program and reviews about it, as well as buy and place an order, on the official Amway website.

The Easiest Way To Reset Your Body And Detox

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