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Putting your heels in order!

A woman should be beautiful in everything. And if someone thinks that a well-groomed face and hands are all that is needed, then he is deeply mistaken. Beauty is a complex concept, and even a small flaw has a huge impact on your sense of confidence. Especially when it comes to legs.

Putting your heels in order!

According to statistics, quite often the gaze of the male half of the population stops at female legs. What if you have rough, cracked heels? No aesthetic pleasure!

If this problem is familiar to you, then you, most likely, already wondered how to make the heels smooth. But before we come close to studying methods of getting rid of cracked heels, let's figure out why such a nuisance happens. After all, it is from a correctly defined reason that we will build on in the treatment.

So, there can be several reasons:

  • Skin is too dry. For some reason, all women remember that they need to moisturize their skin every day. But I don't always remember the legs. And they also need to be lubricated with moisturizers;
  • Walking too long. If you walk a lot every day, then the heels simply may not withstand such a load and will show their dissatisfaction with such treatment in the form of roughness. So you should take care of the legs and not overextend;
  • Open shoes. Choosing summer sandals should be very careful. And even if your heels look awesome, it might be worth opting for closed-back shoes. The fact is that constant chapping and the sun's rays have a rather negative effect on the skin. And getting rid of the consequences of such weathering is very difficult;
  • Having extra pounds. Being overweight also negatively affects the heels. The fact is that when walking, fat people place more emphasis on the heel. And this ultimately leads to cracks. So losing weight is worth not only in order to fit into beautiful clothes, but also for your own health;
  • Incorrect nutrition. Lack of essential vitamins in the body can also affect the appearance. So you should be very careful about your diet.

As you can see, there are quite a few causes of cracks in the heels. And if you do not know exactly what caused this annoying trouble, then it is best to consult a doctor, a professional consultation will definitely not hurt you.

In order not to be unfounded, we can only say one thing: one of the internal causes of cracks in the heels can be violations in the functioning of the kidneys. And this is not a joke at all!

How to make your heels smooth at home

If you decide to get rid of cracks and roughness at home, then first of all you should remember the following: in no case should you cut off the hardened layer of skin.

Even if you manage to cut off a small parta build-up without damaging healthy skin, then a keratinized layer of skin will appear in this place a little later, several times thicker than the previous one. Therefore, you can rub the legs a little with a pumice stone after bathing, but it costs nothing to cut off.

One of the best ways to get smooth heels back is with soaking. There are two advantages here. First, you saturate your skin with all the essential minerals and vitamins. And secondly, under the influence of hot water, the stratum corneum gradually gets wet, and you can easily remove it with a pumice stone.

One of the most popular is this bath: pour water into a bowl and add a glass of whole milk to it. Then add 150 ml of soap base and three tablespoons of common salt. Mix all this well and lower the legs into the basin. After about forty minutes, we carefully begin to cleanse the heels of excess skin.

Putting your heels in order!

Attention! Do not rub the skin too hard, because our heels will react to irritants with an even thicker layer of keratinized skin. After completing the procedure, be sure to lubricate the skin with some kind of nourishing cream.

Well, if you have not heels, but a disaster, then you can try this express method of restoring smoothness. Add half a glass of regular baking soda and the same amount of shavings to the tub.

Thoroughly dissolve the ingredients in water, and then lower our feet there. After half an hour, without wiping your feet, apply a small amount of a special scrub to problem areas.

If you don't have the time or opportunity, get a special scrub from a beauty supply store, you can make your own home remedy.

For this you need salt and olive oil. Mix the two and apply to the skin. Then massage your skin with gentle circular motions and rinse off with warm water.

After completing the procedure, you can apply not a simple nourishing cream, but a small amount of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice.

You can also use herbal teas to restore the skin on the heels. Products based on marshmallow root or lime blossom work best.

Such components have absolutely amazing antiseptic and regenerating properties. In addition, herbal baths have a much softer effect on problem skin and the possibility of getting minor irritation is almost zero.

The secret of the correct preparation of a decoction for the feet is that you need to take three times more herbal base and steam it just like tea. Then add the resulting broth to a bowl of water and enjoy a few minutes of peace, which you can devote to your favorite book or a break from the hustle and bustle.

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to steam your feet in water, you can use a regular scrub. True, in this case it will take much longer to wait for the result, but beautiful smooth heels are definitely worth all your efforts.

Folk remedies for smooth heels

To restore the skin on the legs, you can use not only baths, but also such folk remedies as masks. Yes, masks can be done not only for the face, but also for the legs.

However, there are several nuances here. For example, if you make a face mask, then you can go about your business in parallel. But if you decide to restore the skin on the heels in this way, then you will have to sit in one position throughout the procedure.

But these are all small things compared to the pleasure that you get from knowing that you have the perfect look from the ends of your hair to your heels!

Before you start lubricating your skin with moisturizers, you should first soften the stratum corneum. A mask of egg yolk, potato starch and lemon juice is perfect for these purposes.

To prepare it, you need to mix half a teaspoon of starch, one yolk and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then, using gentle massage movements, apply a small amount of the product to problem areas and wait fifteen minutes.

Rinse off the mask with lukewarm water, remembering to lubricate the legs with moisturizer after the end of the procedure.

Another remedy for smooth heels is marshmallow root lotions. They are done as follows: one tablespoon of crushed marshmallow root should be poured with a glass of lukewarm water. Then put the dish with this mixture on the fire and bring the product to a boil.

Then you need to let the broth brew, it will take about half an hour. Well, now you can wet a small piece of cotton wool or a sponge in the resulting product and apply it to cracked skin. You can repeat this procedure every day and after a while, smooth heels are guaranteed.

Putting your heels in order!

Blue clay can also be used to smooth the heels. It is very simple to use. You just need to dilute it to the consistency of sour cream, and apply it to the cracks. After fifteen minutes, wash off the clay from your feet and lubricate them with a regular nourishing cream.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to get rid of rough heels.

You can use both cosmetic and folk remedies, the main thing is the desire to take care of yourself and be beautiful. And everything else, as they say, will follow!

DON'T Put Your Heels Down!

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