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Pulling out a milk tooth at home

Parents of small children pay little attention to milk teeth - they will fall out anyway. Meanwhile, the first teeth perform an important function in the formation of the skeletal system of the jaws and muscles. Any problems with them cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since their main role is crushing and chewing food.

They play an important role in the development of speech - defects in the pronunciation of sounds arise if there are not enough incisors by the required age. These defects are fixed for life.

Therefore, all infections of the oral cavity, all problems, must be treated in time. Whether it is necessary to pull out milk teeth or it is necessary to carry out therapeutic measures, the doctor decides, depending on the degree of damage.

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Early surgery

Extraction of milk teeth sometimes has to be carried out ahead of schedule, that is, when there is a year or more left before their official change. In this case, parents should take care of dentures - removable plates that help the chewing apparatus to cope with its function.

If this is not done, in the future, the root row will grow unevenly, an irregular bite may form.

But you still have to solve the problem of how to pull out milk teeth painlessly in the following situations:

Pulling out a milk tooth at home
  • destruction of the pulp by caries;
  • cyst formation on the roots or fistula on the gums;
  • severe pulpitis or periodontitis;
  • the new tooth is growing, but the old one is still holding;
  • the change of teeth has begun, but the milk root is not absorbing.

There are additional reasons for pulling out baby teeth correctly.

When they stagger, there is discomfort in the mouth. The child constantly crawls into his mouth to shake them and there is a risk of infection: thrush or stomatitis. Also, early removal has to be carried out in case of injury, chipping of the tooth surface or breakage.

If the case is critical, you can't do without a dentist.

Extraction of a milk tooth by yourself

40-60 minutes before the surgery, the child must be fed. It should be borne in mind that after removal it will not be possible to eat for at least 2 hours. After eating, you need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. A solution is used as an antiseptic: in boiled water - 25 ml, add sea salt - 1 tablespoon and iodine - 4 drops.

You can reduce pain sensitivity with a mixture of crushed analginum with milk - they rub the gums with it,so that the baby does not get hurt, or run a cube of prepared ice along the gums.

How to pull out a baby tooth painlessly?

Pulling out a milk tooth at home
  1. Then the tooth body is carefully tied with a strong thread - silk or with a metal insert. The thread is wound several times to prevent it from slipping off.
  2. As soon as the thread is secured, pull it up sharply.
  3. If a drop of blood appears, put a cotton ball soaked in an antiseptic on the hole.

If the procedure is performed correctly, the child will not experience painful sensations.

How can you quickly pull out a baby tooth, if necessary, and it's not loose?

  • Anesthesia is mandatory - the method with analgin is described above.
  • Then they cut off a clean piece of gauze, try to loosen the tooth and press on it sharply with a finger.
  • Then they pull it out, grasping it tightly with 2 fingers, in one step, or use a thread, acting according to the already given algorithm.

You shouldn't put pressure on your child and shout if he is afraid. You need to try to distract him: tell a fairy tale, put on a cartoon. Every parent should know how to calm their own baby so that the procedure does not cause him psychological trauma.

Pulling out a milk tooth at home

It should be borne in mind that the gums will bleed. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance that an antiseptic liquid is prepared. Roll up a tampon, sterilize it with an antiseptic, and put it in the hole.

If the tooth is removed quickly and without trauma to the hole, then the blood will stop within 10-15 minutes.

In no case should you rinse your mouth after removal if the hole is bleeding. If the clot is flushed out, the blood will ooze harder.

Some parents, thinking about how to pull out a milk tooth at home, ask their baby to chew on a nut, chew a hard apple so that it loosened up more.

This is a very dangerous way. In the event of an unforeseen situation, the fragments of the house cannot be removed; you will have to go to the dentist. The fragments can injure the gums and provoke an inflammatory process. Even if we take into account that the roots of milk teeth in the gum are shallow, it is impossible to remove them yourself.

Oral Care

So that parents do not have to guess whether it hurts to pull out a baby tooth ahead of time, when it is not loosened, it is necessary to take care of the baby's oral cavity from early childhood.

As soon as the parents feel the sharp surface of the first incisor, it is necessary to remove the accumulating plaque around it.

Modern pharmacies offer a wide range of products for the first teeth care:

  • small toothbrushes;
  • rubber fingertips;
  • special napkins.

In infants, milk plaque must be removed after each feeding.

Older children need to buy a soft toothbrush and teach, in the game phorme, take care of your oral cavity yourself.

From the age of 2, children should already have mastered care and brush their teeth in the morning and evening without a reminder.

It is necessary to take care of the oral cavity correctly:

Pulling out a milk tooth at home
  1. First rinse your mouth with warm water - maybe with mint or chamomile.
  2. Then they close their mouths and smile broadly - the jaws are closed. The brush is wound behind the space of the cheeks and in a circular motion clean the sides of the teeth, moving to the front teeth.
  3. The mouth is opened and the front of the teeth is cleaned and then the inside.
  4. Finish with a second mouth rinse.

No need for children to purchase baby pasta without fail - any will do.

But it's worth worrying about a small children's brush with soft bristles - hard bristles can injure delicate mucous membranes if handled awkwardly.

If you take proper care of milk teeth, they will not need to be treated, much less removed. And in the future, healthy molars will grow in their place.

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