Get Rid Of Papillomas Hanging Warts With These Natural Remedies

Professional and folk methods for removing papillomas

Papillomas on the face - a rather unpleasant phenomenon, but not as scary as their localization on vocal cords and internal organs. Having formed on the surface of the skin, they cause discomfort, are painful and are perceived by others as a cosmetic defect.

Most often, neoplasms are localized on the face, especially on the eyelid. They affect the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin.

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Danger of papillomas

Professional and folk methods for removing papillomas

The appearance of a growth on the skin can cause severe discomfort to a person, and localization in the eye area threatens ophthalmological diseases. For example, if the upper eyelid is damaged, the blinking reflex may be difficult, as well as the hydration of the mucous membrane of the eyeball may be disturbed, which entails vision problems.

Usually growths in this area occur after infection in a household way - it is enough to shake hands with an infected person or hold on to a handrail in a transport, and then rub an eye.

How to get rid of papilloma on the face with folk remedies?

The skin of the face is very delicate, this should be taken into account when choosing a medicinal recipe. For example, potatoes and aloe are relatively harmless. They will not cause burns, but they cannot always guarantee a good result, so they need to be used for a rather long time.

Celandine extract is used very carefully, but it is not recommended to smear it on the eyelid, as damage to the skin in the form of a burn may occur. Despite the widespread opinion about the effectiveness of threads, their use is strictly prohibited, because for the delicate skin of the face it is too traumatic. Do not forget about clinics where the removal of growths is accompanied by the lowest risk.

Causes of papilloma on the face

The factor that provoked the development of the defect plays an important role, because the method of further treatment depends on it. It is also important where the growth is localized: on the body, face, eyelid.

The most common cause is transmission of the virus from pdirect carrier, that is, another person is meant. It also very often develops against the background of poor (insufficient) hygiene, for example, a person does not wash his hands after coming from the street, bites his nails, suffers from the bad habit of constantly scratching.

Unfortunately, people often ignore the instructions of doctors about cutting off the growths with razor blades. Thus, the virus spreads even more and general blood poisoning can occur.

There are also minor reasons that in some cases contribute to the penetration of the disease into the body:

  • Metabolic disorders;
  • Breakdowns;
  • Weakening of the immune system (often warts appear in the elderly, adolescents, during pregnancy, in poor health).

What does the tumor look like?

An important point is the ability to identify papilloma. Usually it is flesh-colored, it can be white or almost colorless - this applies to young neoplasms. The old ones are most often gray or dark brown. They can sometimes peel off, and to the touch they are bumpy and rough, located above the skin level. When pressed, pain may occur - this is different from a tumor.

How to remove papillomas if they have formed on the face?

At home, as mentioned above, many different recipes can be used. But first, it is necessary to eliminate external stimuli. Washing with liquid soap will help get rid of inflammation, you should also limit shaving and do not rub your body with hard washcloths and towels.

Professional and folk methods for removing papillomas

You should not use alcohol-containing solutions, although there is an opinion that if you wipe them twice a day, the papilloma will pass. This approach is flawed because the skin will become dry and more susceptible to infections.

Aloe. The required amount of fresh leaves of the plant is finely cut, applied to a bandage or plaster and fixed in the affected area. The bandage is left overnight, in the morning it is removed and replaced with a new one. The procedure is repeated as needed.

Vishnevsky ointment. Filamentous thin neoplasms can be removed with this tool. It is mixed with petroleum jelly and treated with the skin. Then they wait about 30 minutes. The procedure is repeated every 4 hours.

Onions and garlic. These two natural disinfectants are the simplest and most effective method to fight the virus. Both products are cleaned and grated on a fine grater. Take 3 cloves of garlic for 1 onion. But this recipe is not suitable for overly sensitive skin. The resulting gruel is applied directly to the papilloma and fixed with a bandage. Keep it for up to 50 minutes and repeat the manipulations up to 5 times a day.

Salicylic acid. A cotton pad or tampon is moistened in it and attached to where the growths have appeared. The bandage can be left on overnight.

Small brown growths are allowed to be smeared with green apple juice. They need to be processed several times a day. After about 10 days, there will be no moreand trace.

Celandine or wormwood juice is also suitable for lubricating small rashes. Extreme care must be taken, though, as these plants are poisonous. Better to use fresh juice.

Sea salt and horseradish root juice. You must mix 1 tsp. fine salt and 2 tsp. juice. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the wart for 5 minutes, and then left for another half hour. The ingredients are washed off only with cold water. In this way, the skin is treated up to 2 times a day.

Hydrogen peroxide. The remedy is used to get rid of subcutaneous and obsolete warts. It is necessary to moisten a tampon in a 30% solution and apply to the face. Keep it for 1 to 3 hours. Repeat 2 times a day.

Potatoes. The tuber must be grated along with the peel. The puree is applied to the wart and kept until completely dry. The dressing must be changed periodically. And if you mix potatoes with peroxide, you can get rid of senile warts not only on the face , but also on other parts of the body;

Juice of aloe, beetroot, horseradish or goat fat. These substances are suitable for treating growths under the eye or in the nose, where the skin is very delicate. Any of the above means is applied to a tampon and applied for 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated up to 4 times a day. These funds will help get rid of children's growths;

Pork fat and garlic will help if painful pointed papillomas appear on the face. You can take both regular and ghee. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the wart. They keep such a compress all day, but the bandage is changed every 5-7 hours.

Before starting treatment with folk methods, you must consult an immunologist. Infectious warts are much more effectively eliminated with the help of pharmacy remedies.

For example, a doctor may prescribe an ointment to treat candidiasis, as it kills the fungi and bacteria that cause the disease. The growths can be lubricated with Ferizol solution or lipid ointments.

Removal of facial papillomas by professional methods

There are ways to eliminate warts that are much more effective than folk recipes, because they act on absolutely all types of growths. For example, viral papilloma can be easily burned out with nitrogen, and a wart with hair with a laser. These procedures are quite affordable and give lasting results. Just one session and you can forget about the cosmetic defect forever.

However, warts are known for letting sprouts under the skin - a kind of roots, therefore, after shaving off papillomas or alternative treatment, they can recur. Moreover, they often appear in much larger quantities. But even internal growths can be removed with a laser, so there will be no recurrence.

But after laser therapy, other defects may remain - large spots or scars. And cryotherapy can only be used on nonlarge areas.


There are a number of preventive measures that are included in the treatment of papilloma on the body or face. It should be noted that after undergoing a course of therapy, edema may occur, but they will disappear by about the third day.

But to avoid the need for re-treatment, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not comb or tear pimples, wounds, moles and papillomas;
  • Regular hygiene;
  • Periodically visit a dermatologist in order to detect the primary symptoms of the virus infection in time and prevent its spread;
  • Proper nutrition. Sometimes it is necessary to drink vitamins, especially for teenage girls and adult women.

Papillomas are a rather serious cosmetic problem, which is very difficult to get rid of, but adequate treatment and adherence to preventive measures guarantee an effective result.

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