How to Ace a Job Interview: 10 Crucial Tips

Preparing for an interview

We all go through such an emotional test at some point in our lives, like a job interview. This is a kind of stress that our body needs to endure, because we need to tell all our advantages in a short period of time and make a good impression. But, not everything is as complicated as it seems. I will try to give simple tips on how to behave in interviews.

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Getting ready in advance

Preparing for an interview

First of all, you need to assess your strengths and skills, analyze what salary you would agree to, what functions you could perform.

In this case, you should try to be objective and analyze the labor market, average earnings in your region.

So, you have found the desired vacancy and made an appointment with the employer. Try to find out as much as possible about this company, how many years it has been on the market, what the specifics of its work are.

Prepare the documents that you may need at the interview, it may be a work book, diplomas, certificates, letters of recommendation are very valuable, if this is a creative job, then a portfolio of your work will come in handy. Prepare a detailed resume.

Appearance is also important, since for any woman, especially a business woman, the way she looks forms self-confidence. Clothes should be neat, non-defiant, and at the same time comfortable. You should not put on a suit for the first time when going to an interview, this will cause you additional inconvenience. Also, take care of your makeup in advance, it is worth giving up the pretentious and bright. Your appearance should suit yourself first of all, only then other people will be able to see you as a confident, businesslike person.

Emotional preparation

Preparing for an interview

Calm, only calm! Try to prepare yourself mentally for the interview at home. Analyze your skills, work experience. Think about the answers to tricky questions your employer might ask.

This may relate to previous jobs, your professional activities. Do not be afraid of personal questions, know how to adequately answer them. If the question is too personal, you can always refuse to answer it.

Remember that the employer is the same person as you, and it is in his best interest to find a worthy employee.

Interview Behavior

Let's start with the fact that in no case should you be late, you shouldn't come completely in advance either. The optimal arrival time is15 minutes before the appointed time.

Here are some tricks to win over your conversation partner:

Preparing for an interview
  • look the employer in the eye when talking, your gaze should be direct and calm;
  • a comfortable position on a chair, calm hands and a confident voice without trembling are the key to your success;
  • never interrupt the other person;
  • try not to use parasitic words;
  • get rid of unnecessary gestures, this can annoy the interlocutor;
  • eliminate arrogance;
  • speech must be clear and intelligible.

Do not hesitate to ask questions that interest you that relate to work. Better to prepare them in advance. Try to remain calm, calm and confident. It is encouraged if your conversation is diluted with an appropriate smile, it always attracts a person to himself. Be prepared for provocative questions, sometimes this is how the employer tests your resistance to stress.

Be careful when describing your negative qualities, it should not affect your workflow in any way. And most importantly, be friendly and confident!

Your ULTIMATE Last Minute Job Interview Tips

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