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Porcelain Tone: Best Skin Lighteners

Fair skin has undeniable advantages. An even, light complexion helps girls feel more confident and not worry that minor skin defects distract the interlocutor's attention. And you don't have to spend money on tinting products if you have the perfect complexion.

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How to lighten facial skin

Porcelain Tone: Best Skin Lighteners

Skin can tell a lot about your habits and lifestyle, so any changes need to start with care and health care, and not from time to time, but constantly, without weekends and holidays. And if tanning and makeup hide imperfections, then a porcelain face requires a flawless skin condition.

7 tips for fair skin:

  • always wear sunscreen (even in winter);
  • regularly cleanse and exfoliate the skin;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • no smoking;
  • use creams that suppress melanin production;
  • do brightening face masks;
  • vitaminize the body.

Why make all these efforts? Firstly, a light skin tone suits many girls by color type: red-haired, brunettes with blue eyes, natural light-eyed blondes.

Secondly, light skin visually rejuvenates, age-related changes are less noticeable on it, especially if it is sufficiently hydrated. And finally, the whitening procedures themselves are good at helping against age spots and simple freckles.

Home lightening of the face

There are two ways for this purpose - use cosmetics with a whitening effect or prepare mixtures for masks, scrubs and lotions on your own.

First, let's discuss professional care products. It can be all kinds of day and night creams, emulsions, serums, as well as peels and gommages (masks with an exfoliating effect). What to look for when choosing a brand of cosmetics?

The whitening cream must contain one of the active ingredients:

  • α-hydroxy acids (lactic, almond, tartaric, ANA complex);
  • hydroquinone;
  • kojic acid;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • deoxyarbutin.

Some of the ingredients can be irritating, and hydroquinone has been recognized as toxic in some countries, but these ingredients are powerful. All of them are designed to slow down the formation of the coloring pigment melanin.

You can only pick up a product empirically, and if your face does not become noticeably lighter after 4-6 weeks of using the product (provided that you avoid the sun's rays), then after a short break of 2-3 weeks you can switch to another brand.

The most effective herbal ingredients in creams:

  • liquorice;
  • scarlet;
  • licorice;
  • paper mulberry.

Extracts of birch, chamomile, cucumber, lemon, pineapple, papaya, green tea are often declared in the composition of cheap bleaching agents, but do not have a pronounced effect. The reason for the failure of creams with their content is the low percentage of extract in the mass of the product. These plants and fruits are more suitable for homemade products.

Now let's move on to folk recipes for skin whitening. Aim for long-term work: you will have to carve out time every 2-3 days to prepare mixtures and do procedures. Whitening may take several months, and it is better to start in February-March, long before the spring sun and accompanying freckles appear.

Parsley Brightening Mask

Pass 100 g of parsley (stems) through a meat grinder, then squeeze through cheesecloth. Mix the resulting juice with 15 g of ground oatmeal. Apply the mask to face and neck, after 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, soften the skin with cream.

Strawberry Peel

Rub the face and neck with a berry of fresh strawberries along massage lines for 5-7 minutes. The berry will leave juice and gruel on the skin, which, thanks to fruit acid, will dissolve the stratum corneum and brighten a little. Can tingle. Wash with water and baking soda, apply cream.

Lemon rub

Use lemon juice as a tonic daily before bed. With a cotton swab, apply the juice to the skin of the face and neck (if necessary, grasping the décolleté area), leave for 15 minutes. Lemon juice causes a slight burning sensation. Wash with water and baking soda (1 teaspoon per liter) and soften the skin with a cream.

Many women confirm thatMono juice is also a remedy for lightening facial hair. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, lemon does not make the skin rougher.

How to remove age spots on the face

Porcelain Tone: Best Skin Lighteners

The best result will, of course, be obtained by professional microdermabrasion in a beauty parlor or chemical peeling with the composition of a reliable cosmetic brand. By the way, the beautician whom you entrust to do chemical peeling should have a positive experience, so try to find a specialist on the recommendations of your friends who are satisfied with the result.

Another method can help if your age spots tend to fade over the winter. By starting your whitening treatment in the middle of winter, you can successfully prevent new dark spots and significantly lighten existing ones.

  • Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 45 points.
  • Apply daily night cream with licorice extract or deoxyarbutin, the most effective against pigmentation.
  • After consulting a dermatologist and with his permission, use retinoid creams that can not only lighten, but also exfoliate and deeply rejuvenate the dermis.

How to lighten the face and body after tanning

Anything can happen, and the desired tan for many girls suddenly needs to be urgently reduced. A body massage brush and a soft scrub will come to the rescue. Shower and exfoliate daily with a loofah, brush, and all scrubs you can. You can use coffee grounds or semolina as a scrub instead of commercial cosmetics.

Make some potato juice brightening face masks. To do this, grate and squeeze raw potatoes, soak a gauze base in juice, apply for 15 minutes, rinse and moisturize your face with a nourishing cream. Try applying ginger slurry to your face as well. Do not remove sunburn mechanically (with a scrub or brush) if there is sunburn and peeling.

How to lighten a mole on the face

Porcelain Tone: Best Skin Lighteners

Sometimes girls want to disguise or completely get rid of a mole, which, in their opinion, does not look in its place. Make-up helps one hundred percent in this regard, but whitening procedures have a weak effect. So, is it possible or not to lighten a mole?

  • Size about 1 mm, without seals, flesh-colored, light brown, reddish in color, located in the T-zone - there is a possibility that the mole will come off thanks to the methods described above.
  • More than 1 mm, tubercle, dark color, located on the cheek, cheekbone, around the eyes, on the neck - most likely, the mark will remain where it was.

In the latter case, only surgical removal will help after consulting a qualified dermatologist.

Approach the issue of lightening wisely and thoughtfully and then all your efforts will be crowned with success!

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