The tell-tale signs you're wearing the wrong size bra

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

A girl with beautiful large breasts arouses the admiration of men and the envy of other women. But when it comes to shopping for lingerie, here already the owners of luxurious breasts find themselves in a situation in which, rather, you need to sympathize: choosing the right bra that is comfortable and beautiful is another task.

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

Most manufacturers produce models designed to make their breasts look larger, but if you are lucky enough with your figure, then, most likely, additional visual increase will be undesirable.

Moreover, for example, in an office environment, a girl is unlikely to be pleased that instead of listening to her report, the male half of the audience will consider the speaker's neckline.

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How do I determine my bra size?

If the cups are not large enough or the volume is less than necessary, this will lead to problems with blood circulation, and can have very unpleasant consequences. Not too tight underwear is one that does not lead to the formation of folds on the chest itself and under the armpits, and, of course, the rhinestone should discard those options that cause inconvenience and crush, even if they visually fit well, and there are no folds.

It is important to remember that this is not the case when beauty requires sacrifice and for the sake of beautiful design you can try to adapt to cramped conditions.

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

Normal blood circulation in the chest area is necessary for full-fledged women's health, so it is better to spend extra time looking for really comfortable underwear that will not harm. If there is nothing suitable in stores, you can search the websites of well-known manufacturers.

However, this does not apply to online consumer goods stores, but only to reliable brands, since otherwise you risk buying a thing that does not correspond to the data indicated on the label, not to mention the fact that no one will vouch for the quality of such a product .

A woman should at least approximately know which bra suits her. To determine your size, you need a measuring tape or just a regular tape and ruler.

First, you need to measure the girth under the bust, be sure to exhale, while the tape should fit snugly, but not press. It is this girth in centimeters that is the number indicated on the label. Then we determine what the cup should be, for this, while inhaling, you need to measure the girth at the points thatThey protrude the most, and subtract the value of the girth under the bust from the obtained value.

Bra sizes are determined by letters and numbers. Bra cup sizes are indicated by letters of the Latin alphabet from A (minimum) to G (maximum).

See the table for matching:

12 14 16 18 20 22 24

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

A detailed table for determining the size of the bra can be found on the Internet. They range within +/- 2 cm from the girth (60, 65, 70, 75, etc.), so if your volume does not fit into one of the standard values, then you should try on both of the closest options.

Depending on the model, both the larger and the smaller may sit better, here it is impossible to give any universal advice about whether it is worth taking with a margin , or on the basis of that the bra will stretch slightly when worn.

Even if you know exactly what is right for you, since you buy lingerie in a specialty store, then you should not neglect trying on.

Especially when the model you decide to purchase is not exactly the same as the one you have worn before, or if it is a product from a brand new to you.

What should be the cups?

It is worth choosing bras of large sizes with tight cups, as they provide better support for the breasts. The best choice is full-size cups, because they distribute the pressure more evenly, which means you will be more comfortable.

Of course, we are talking about underwear that you wear under clothes in everyday life: to work, walks, etc., and choosing something specifically for a romantic date, you can neglect these recommendations and show more imagination.

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

As for the bones, they are very desirable: to maintain the breast in the correct position, this is it. But if the volume is selected incorrectly, the bones create unnecessary pressure and block blood circulation.

That is why models with underwire are not suitable for pregnant women: the breasts gradually increase, and if the volume can be adjusted with additional hooks-fasteners, then the underwire cannot be adjusted.

There is a wide range of bras on the market these days, in both underwired and underwired, so it's not so difficult to find something suitable.

Webbing & Buckles

The straps should be wide enough as they have to withstand quite a lot of weight. If the width is not wide enough, they can cut into the skin, rub andcause discomfort. Moreover, against the background of a larger bra, a wide strap looks much more proportional and aesthetically pleasing than a thin thread.

In any case, the straps should be made of durable material that will not stretch too much, otherwise they will quickly deteriorate.

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

The clasp is another important component. Its quality and how comfortable it is to use directly determines whether this bra will be one of your favorite underwear items or it will remain dusty in the chest of drawers waiting for the day when everyone else is in the wash.

Most often the clasp is located at the back and consists of several metal hooks placed in pairs.

Such fasteners are durable and allow for volume adjustment. They are so common that many girls do not even think about looking for an option with a different type of fastener. And completely in vain, because you should pay attention to the existence of large bras with a front closure, which is much more convenient to use, since you do not need to try to fasten by touch. In addition, this type is better protected against spontaneous opening.

There is only one very important nuance that you need to consider if you want to buy a model with a front closure: they are made mainly of plastic, and it is not always durable, so you should take a closer look at the material.

Plus size bras: learning to choose a comfortable model

When buying, you should also pay attention to what material the linen is made of. The fabric should be natural and pleasant to the touch. On the inside, which is adjacent to the body, there should be no protruding seams or other unevenness creating discomfort.

If you settled on a product of black or bright color, then you should pay attention to the paint: an uneven shade or shedding marks are a sure sign that this is a low-quality fake, and you should not buy it in any case.

Thus, in order to find the ideal option, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • the letter of the cup and the volume of the bra itself;
  • form usability;
  • straps width;
  • the presence or absence of bones;
  • convenience and strength of the fastener;
  • quality of material and seams.

How long can you wear it on?

Owners of large breasts often get used to the fact that they need to wear a bra all the time, since in public, its absence would be immediately noticeable under any clothes. However, at home you need to try to give the body rest, as the weight is transferred from the chest muscles to the back and shoulders, and they begin to ache from constant overload.

It is also necessary to restore blood circulation, since even ideal underwear still squeezes slightly. And certainly in no case should you sleep in it: what is comfortable in a standing or sitting position can squeeze the roofvascular vessels, if unsuccessfully twisted in a dream.

We hope that our tips will help girls with large breasts find a bra that is comfortable and comfortable for them.


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