Pickup for girls: chatting with the guy of your dreams

Women's coquetry knows no boundaries. So men think, not realizing that this quality from the cradle is available to a few of the fair sex. Therefore, they have adopted such a direction as a pickup.

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The history of a pickup truck for girls: how the science of seduction began

Pickup for girls: chatting with the guy of your dreams

For the first time they started talking about a pickup in the 70s of the last century. Seduction, as a kind of science, originated in the United States and was used by men for quick sex or creating a strong couple. Even the term itself in translation means pick up .

In the national history of the pickup, there is a period when special attention was paid to the movement. For example, in 1989 the theory of of sports and health-improving glue became widespread on the Internet, and in 1993 the topic was continued with strategy and tactics of sexual struggle .

However, the uninitiated masses first learned about the pickup only in 1995, when a forum appeared in the non-profit network Fido, where issues of relations between the opposite sexes were widely discussed.

Unlike the United States, the ladies of Russia quickly realized how important science is for building relationships and took advantage of the common advice of pickup artists. Since then, the technique has undergone a lot of changes and today there is a kind of list of pickup methods for girls.

Basic pickup rules for girls

If for men the main task of science was to pick up a girl they liked and quickly put her to bed, women expanded the tasks of science and made rules that allow solving 4 questions:

  • how to find a boyfriend;
  • how to get to know him;
  • how to charm him;
  • how to keep it.

Naturally, the last 2 tasks are the most time consuming.

Therefore, a pickup for girls is more about finding and meeting a suitable for the role of Prince candidates:

Pickup for girls: chatting with the guy of your dreams
  • First of all, you need to learn how to control your own behavior. Even a glance should not betray an interest in acquaintance. It is necessary to create the impression that the guy himself is asking for the company, and the girl graciously deigns to join her this evening;
  • It is strictly forbidden to arrange hunting together. Girlfriends will interfere with the implementation of plans, especially if they have their eyes on one kavalara. The best position is easy loneliness at a cafe table and an interest in a book;
  • It is necessary to develop a special technique of an alluring gaze. At the same time, do not overdo it with the appeal. Otherwise, the gentleman will decide that the girl clearly belongs to the easily accessible variety;
  • Acquaintance should take place on a sober head, so you should limit the volume of alcoholic cocktails. A cheerful girl and an intoxicated one are completely different people. You should also avoid the slightest hint of vulgarity;
  • Having singled out one guy from the general mass of those present, for example, at a party, you should not devote all the time to him. It is necessary to communicate equally with everyone and pay a little more attention to the chosen one. The guy must be sure that he is the only hunter;
  • Another technique needed to create a special atmosphere is the ability to touch a man so that his breath stops. By the way, a light touch often has a much greater effect than being naked;
  • Only a confident girl can arouse interest of the opposite sex. Therefore, before you go hunting in search of a loved one, you should learn to love yourself.

It is also important to define your goals in advance. Pickup lessons for girls can equally teach you how to choose a boyfriend for a fleeting romance, for an evening out, or for an extended relationship. By the way, there are even special trainings that allow girls to learn the basics of a pickup truck to perfection.

Methods of self-mastering the science of seduction

In order for the basics to become a habit and not cause subconscious rejection, it is recommended to resort to practical exercises more often.

You can conduct your own training by correctly formulating the task:

  • You cannot change your mind at the last moment. If initially a girl is set up to seduce a handsome brunette, you should not flirt with the first pretty blonde that comes along;
  • It must be firmly understood that expanding the circle of communication will greatly facilitate the task. You should choose the places of acquaintances wisely - they are looking for intellectually developed young guys in the library, and guys with pumped-up muscles - in the fitness center;
  • You need to be ready to meet the object constantly. Therefore, you should adhere to an ideal appearance and a positive mood every day. Appearance is a woman's main weapon;
  • It is advisable to study the psychology of men in order to know what to expect from a gentleman and how further relationships can develop;
  • Internet correspondence can be a good practice. Surely the girl communicates on social networks and among her virtual friends there will be a couple with male nicknames on which you can hone your art. A virtual pickup for girls with correspondence will improve the ability to build phrases using subtle hints, avoid outright vulgarity,lirt with a sense of humor;
  • It is recommended to avoid discussing your own problems in a conversation with a new acquaintance. It is better to devote most of your time to an outstanding personality;
  • One of the basic rules of a pickup truck is to repeat the gestures and manner of speech of the man you like. True, this technique should be used infrequently;
  • You shouldn't immediately admit your sympathies to a guy. It is his responsibility to win the girl's favor.

Pickup training for girls is good when it comes to finding a partner. But having met the one and only man, you should throw out of your head all the rules of the science of seduction. The desired prince should recognize a real girl, not an actress who easily plays with the feelings of men.

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