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Vaseline is a creamy substance made from petroleum, paraffin and mineral oil. By the way, it was thanks to the oilmen that he appeared. Well-refined petroleum jelly looks white. It has neither taste nor smell.

A synthetic version of this ointment is obtained in the woodworking industry. This substance was invented in 1958, and almost immediately it became widespread in medicine, everyday life and cosmetology. Natural petrolatum is more transparent in appearance than synthetic petroleum jelly. It changes its consistency less with temperature fluctuations and does not leave a sticky, oily, hard-to-wash film on the skin.

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Technical Vaseline is the least purified. It can be yellowish to brown in color and smell like kerosene. In addition, this petroleum jelly can cause irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. This agent is used to protect various metal parts from corrosion, in electrical engineering - for impregnating insulators, in mechanics - for lubricating rubbing surfaces.

Medical grade Vaseline is highly refined so it is white and odorless.

It is used to lubricate the tips of enemas and vent tubes as an emollient and skin protection agent. In addition, ointments are made on its basis. Also, medical purified petroleum jelly is often used for the manufacture of ointments as a fatty base, folk healers and herbalist grandmothers.

Cosmetic Vaseline is used as a base for the manufacture of many creams and ointments. It is rarely used neat as it can clog the pores of the skin. But at the same time it is great for softening the skin during massage or protecting it after peeling.

Vaseline retains moisture in the skin. This property is both an advantage and a disadvantage. With dry skin or taking into account the cold outside, it will be an excellent protection against moisture loss and frostbite. But, if a person has dermatological processes, then moisture retention can result in irritation or an allergic rash.

Cosmetology secrets

Let's consider in more detail the secrets of the use of petroleum jelly in home cosmetology.

For dry skin


Lubricate hands and other areas most prone to overshootHaniya. This will create an effective moisture barrier and prevent moisture loss.

A little secret: if the skin dries up and cracks, and this problem really bothers you, smear it with Vaseline after taking a bath or shower.

Thus, you will clog the maximum amount of life-giving moisture in it.

If for some reason you have lost moisture in your hands and feet (this happens when working in the garden, at a construction site, doing repairs), then apply a thick layer of Vaseline after the bath on the hands and feet, and then put it on them are cotton gloves and socks.

Do not take off all night, and in the morning the skin will be as good as new. You can also use petroleum jelly to prevent chapping in any weather.

Makeup removal

Ordinary Vaseline removes even the most persistent makeup from the face no worse than expensive special products. Apply it in a thin layer on a cotton pad and remove the make-up.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Do you want to model your eyebrows?

For this, it is completely unnecessary to purchase a modeling gel. Apply petroleum jelly to your brows and style your brows as you like with a clean mascara brush. You can also use petroleum jelly to simulate eyelashes. Apply the product with a clean brush along the entire length of the lashes, allow to dry, and apply mascara on top.


Using Vaseline, you can enhance the persistence of your favorite scent. Apply a thin layer to the area you intend to perfume, and the scent of your perfume will be with you all day long!

Blush and lipstick


You can make your own blush and lipstick of the shade you like and suit.

In addition, such cosmetics are ideal for your face if you are prone to allergies, especially to its skin manifestations. Add food coloring or natural color to petroleum jelly for a great lipstick and soft-touch blush.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, it moisturizes and reliably protects the skin of the face and lips from wind and frost.

For hair

Vaseline is also used for hair. It does an excellent job of dealing with split ends. Thanks to its ability to create a protective barrier, it seals the hair in a protective film and the ends become neat and lively. With this property, Vaseline tames unruly curly hair.

Squeeze it into the palms of your hands, rub over them and apply to washed hair. Once they are dry, you can appreciate their obedience. Vaseline will not make your hair heavy, but will make it smooth and manageable.

The only drawback of such hair masks is that the product is not easily washed off, since it does not dissolve with water. But even here the folk trick has already found a solution. Mix baking soda with your shampoo and lather 2-3 times. Absolutely everything is washed off!

Thus, petroleum jelly can be used not only in everyday life for cleaning and polishingwhites or shoes, but also in home cosmetology, which each woman has her own. Have fun experimenting!


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