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Paraffin oil: where and how it is used

Those who are familiar with the Ducan diet and moms with young children have probably heard the name Vaseline oil . Someone may even use it, but they certainly do not know about all its advantages. Therefore, we suggest finding out what this product is and how it is used.

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What is it?

Paraffin oil: where and how it is used

Liquid paraffin, vaseline (paraffinic) oil is a petroleum product that is obtained after the distillation of kerosene. There are no harmful substances or hazardous organic compounds in this liquid. It looks like a colorless or yellowish oily liquid that has all the properties of petroleum jelly.

Although it is a product of oil processing, it is harmless to living organisms.

It is used in many areas of human life:

  • In cosmetology;
  • For newborns;
  • In medicine;
  • For sauna;
  • In nutrition;
  • Under construction;
  • Veterinary;
  • In the church for lamps.

Paraffin oil mixes well with any fats and other oils. The exception is castor oil. Studies have shown that this substance is not toxic, does not enter the bloodstream, does not change the intestinal microflora and does not accumulate on the walls of the digestive tract. Completely excreted from the body unchanged.

Use in cosmetology and medicine

The frequent use of paraffin oil in cosmetology is due to its emollient properties. It is added to creams and masks, lipsticks and baby care products. The substance promotes the appearance of a protective film on the body, which helps to retain moisture and prevents the skin from drying out.

It is an invariable ingredient in home remedies to improve the structure and appearance of hair and skin. Mineral oil is inexpensive, completely harmless, since it is not absorbed, therefore it has earned popularity. Masks made from it will last much longer than products made with olive or burdock oil.

In the first-aid kit of a young mother, he will also find a place. After bathing, you need to process all the folds of the baby, it is only advisable to pre-heat the oil. This will avoid diaper rash, dryness and irritation. They can lubricate the chest if cracks appear on it alongafter feeding the baby.

Liquid paraffin will help make an enema and relieve the baby from colic. They lubricate the tip of the tube to evacuate gases from the baby. The same is done with the tip of the enema or the Esmarch mug catheter. So it will smoothly enter the anus and will not damage the skin. Medical cans are also lubricated with this substance before placing on the patient's back.

Paraffin oil: where and how it is used

Pure edible paraffin oil can be taken orally to relieve constipation. The liquid gently envelops the intestinal walls, preventing biological masses from lingering on them, and smoothly brings them to the exit.

Everything happens naturally and without negative consequences. It also helps with poisoning with fat-soluble poisons. You need to drink it in the morning and evening, before meals, 1 tbsp. l. The daily dose for an adult should not exceed 2 tablespoons.

The tool is widely used in the production of penicillin, and even as a powerful defoamer. The substance is used as a solution for some injections and as a component for ointments. It can be used to do lymphatic drainage massage with silicone cups.


E905a is a paraffin oil used for food. In 2008, it was removed from the list of approved food additives used in food preparation. We used liquid paraffin for glazing various fruits and nuts.

E905a can be found in the preparation of chocolate glaze, which is then used to decorate food products. You can find this substance in caramel, confectionery and flour products, in the coating of glazed curds and in chewing gums.

The famous French nutritionist Pierre Dukan believes that the bulk of calories are contained not in bread and potatoes, but in fats of animal and vegetable origin. It would seem that such healthy products as olive and vegetable oil still have a high energy value. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them in a protein diet.

He recommended taking liquid paraffin for food ( vaseline oil ). This product has no calories. It is not absorbed at all, does not enter the bloodstream and at the same time is excreted unchanged. By gently affecting the intestines, the substance prevents constipation and helps to cleanse the body.

This wonderful oil is used only for salad dressing. It is not suitable for frying and any other heat treatment of food. If the consistency seems very high, then you can dilute it with mineral water.

Other uses

Paraffin oil is suitable for lamps that are fueled with vegetable fuels. Usually these are church lamps or oil lamps. You can add some fragrances to get the scent.

In veterinary medicine, it is used to rid animals of constipation. For this liquid gulfhut pets inside. If an enema is given, the tip is wiped with liquid paraffin so that it slides more easily along the animal's rectum.

In construction, the product is used as an ingredient in some enamels and vacuum oils. This substance is used in the production of lubricants and leveling fluids. In the food industry, equipment is lubricated with it, since the oily liquid is non-toxic.

Using paraffin wax oil for saunas will help extend the life of the shelves. The substance covers the wood with a protective film and does not allow moisture and dirt to penetrate inside. In addition, rubbed surfaces look more neat and beautiful. Oil enhances the structure of the wood and adds shine.

Are there any downsides?

Paraffin oil: where and how it is used

Unfortunately, this drug has more than just positive qualities. Like any other medicine, liquid paraffin wax has its own contraindications and side effects. With prolonged intake, the intestinal walls cease to absorb vitamins and other useful substances, vitamin deficiency may occur.

Frequent use of mineral paraffin oil leads to relaxation of some intestinal functions. Since this is a liquid substance, there is an arbitrary flow of the product from the rectum. The use of liquid paraffin in diets can also be questionable. Many are haunted by the non-vegetable origin of this oil.

Whether to season salads with it or not, everyone decides individually. Otherwise, it is a great ingredient for making masks and skin care products.

Healthy skin and tummy here is liquid peraffin oil solution

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