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Orthopedic mattresses - a guarantee of healthy sleep

According to the ancient sages, 1/3 of our entire life is spent in a dream. Since sleep is an integral part of our healthy existence.

For example, a person can live without food for several months, and without sleep for several days

Even the ancient Egyptians knew that through sleep you can influence a person, since long-term sleep deprivation leads to psychosis, mental disorders, a person became more vulnerable to moral pressure, conversations that were conducted in a strict order, and so on. Before mankind discovered electricity, people went to bed when the sun was setting and nothing was visible, but woke up shortly before dawn.

That's why people were healthier. One of the basic conditions for a normal existence was satisfied. We slept from 7 to 12 hours. In the era of the Internet, every average person already feels punished by the same in the days of the ancient Egyptians.

It is also important that in the modern rhythm of life it is impossible to live without stress, that is, each person wakes up more often before dawn, falls asleep poorly, does not sleep soundly. Usually, 6-8 hours of sleep is enough for a person to regain the strength that has gone during the day. But
every person is an individual.

Orthopedic mattresses - a guarantee of healthy sleep

Someone can sleep for 12 hours and then still say that they did not get enough sleep, but someone completely resumes in 4 hours.

Lack of sleep can lead to serious damage to the nervous system.

Sleep helps to restore not only physical strength but also moral as well as intellectual activity of a person, the so-called psychological balance.

During sleep, our body produces hormones necessary for our life (growth, activity). It is because of this that it is very important that a person is in a comfortable and comfortable position. 70% of this directly affects his mood and emotional alignment for the entire coming day. Because of this, probably everyone will agree with the fact that the choice of a mattress should be taken seriously. All orthopedic mattresses have one thing in common - a preventive effect for a person, relieve (relieve) back pain.

Orthopedic mattresses - a guarantee of healthy sleep

Today there is not a single person who would not be bothered by back pain. An orthopedic mattress also helps to fight insomnia and enjoy a strongthem a good sleep. Waking up, you can perfectly feel the feeling of cheerfulness, fresh strength, excellent mood.

Orthopedic mattresses are divided into two types according to their design: springless and spring-loaded. It is difficult to judge which one is better and which one is better not to take.

After all, every person is an individual, and should be selected depending on his personal preferences of age, weight, height, and so on

Now it is very difficult to determine what a client needs as there is a fairly large selection of mattresses for all types of designs. For example, for children, you need a special mattress with 10 cm high springs, or springless.

A person whose age is less than 25 years old should give preference to mattresses of a harder type, because before the age of 25 the spine has time to fully form and he is not afraid of hard planes.

Orthopedic mattresses - a guarantee of healthy sleep

From 25 to 45 years old, you can choose any type of mattress. People over 45 years old should sleep on
mattresses, the construction of which consists of independent spring units and fillers.

The filler can be soft or medium hard.

So much time should be devoted to choosing a mattress, because at this age the condition for good sleep is the support of all parts of the body during sleep.

That is, it must have an excellent anatomical effect.

Orthopedic mattresses that are able to remember the curves of the human body are in great demand today. The secret is that the base of the mattress is made of a special material, which tends to maintain the shape of anatomical curves. A good orthopedic mattress should support the whole body, and most importantly, the back in the correct position.

This allows you to completely relax the muscles, it is easier for the circulatory system to deliver nutrients to all the cells of the body, the body is completely resting, sleep really brings joy and a feeling of vigor.

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