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Original nail design with foil

Modern women prefer to look fashionable and well-groomed. They pay a lot of attention not only to their clothes, makeup, but also the appearance of their hands. The fair sex wants to be beautiful to the tip of the nails.

Classic manicure is still in vogue, but you won't surprise anyone with it.

Original nail design with foil

That is why salon masters come up with original nail art methods that will not leave any woman indifferent.

Everyone has the right to choose the option that best suits the style of clothing, lifestyle. Foil has become very often used for nail design, but it must be remembered that it is better to buy all materials in specialized stores.

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Rules for choosing nail foil

Before you start making an original nail design with metallized paper, you need to decide on its type and purchase the necessary blanks in a specialized store. In the event that a woman wants to take care of her hands in the salon, she can listen to the advice of the master, but at the same time it will be absolutely useful to have some knowledge in this area.

Cosmetic foil comes in the following types:

  • transferable. This product is very easy to use. Metallized paper is applied to adhesive tape. When creating a certain design, you can cut whatever you want from it. It is sold in rolls and as single sheets. The most popular are ready-made stickers that do not even need to be cut;
  • sheet. Such paper is smooth to the touch and does not have a sticky layer. It is necessary to cut out individual elements from it and stick to varnish or gel, which requires a certain skill;
  • reaped. These blanks are sold in special boxes. They are very thin and resemble gold leaf. Very often they are used by salon masters when creating original nail art;
  • foil Minx. This material is produced in the form of ready-made shrink stickers. Their shape follows the shape of the nail plates. You can fix the metallized paper using a special lamp or by dipping your hands into warm water. You can also use a hairdryer at home;
  • stripes. Foil strips are sold in thin rolls. They are used to decorate an already completed manicure. It is most convenient to use translation material.

Choosing paper in the storeThat is, especially when it comes to products on adhesive tape, you need to pay attention to the release date and expiration date. Expired workpieces lose their properties and, as a rule, quickly peel off.

How to make a manicure with metallized film?

Original nail design with foil

Many women are interested in how to properly use foil for nail design, is it possible to neatly decorate your hands at home?

Experts assure that everything is possible. You just need to show some patience and try to correctly process the nails.

Nail design with metallized foil for gel polish is done in almost the same way as for a regular coating. Before decorating your hands with stickers, you need to properly process the cuticles, give the nail plates a certain shape.

It should be remembered that bright nail art always attracts attention. In this case, it is completely unacceptable to commit flaws during hygienic processing.

There are many design options.

The most popular are:

Original nail design with foil
  • with shrink wrap. To perform such a manicure, you need to purchase special stickers in the form of nail plates in the store. It may be necessary to slightly adjust their dimensions so that the material meets all the requirements. It is most convenient to simply trim the stickers with scissors where necessary. Next, you need to remove the protective layer, glue each workpiece to the corresponding nail, straighten it well and hold it under hot water, or use a special lamp. This option looks very impressive on short rectangular marigolds. From the side it seems that they are completely covered with silver or golden lacquer. This manicure is distinguished not only by its beauty, but also by its durability;
  • French. A classic jacket involves the application of white enamel to the tips of the nails in the form of a smile line . But there are a lot of variations on this theme. For example, a French manicure can be done using metallized film. For these purposes, it is most convenient to use the transfer material in the form of semicircular blanks. They can be completely different in size and shape. Triangular French is in fashion, as well as an inverted type of nail art, in which the emphasis is not on the free edge of the plate, but on the base of the stock. The film can have a variety of shades. Golden, silvery materials are popular. First, you need to do a hygienic treatment, apply a base coat to the nails, dry it, and then attach the foil. Next, it is imperative to cover the entire surface of the plates with a transparent fixer to give the manicure durability;
  • with gold-plated effect. The design looks very stylish, which involves decoration with thin crimped metallized paper. To execute ityou need to process your hands, paint over the nails with transparent or colored varnish, and then very carefully, without waiting for the enamel to dry completely, attach pieces of golden crinkled foil. They can be both small and cover almost the entire plate. After 10 minutes use a clear fixer. You can cut the material very finely and decorate individual marigolds with such pieces to focus on them;
  • geometric pattern. Particularly noteworthy is the nail design with durable tape foil. You can choose the width of the decorative stripes yourself. To perform a manicure, you need to treat your hands, cover the plates with a layer of varnish and let it dry. Next, you need to cut the required number of strips and glue them to the nails, while showing all your imagination. For example, the blanks can be placed on the nails in the form of a lattice, or the plates can be decorated with vertical stripes running right in the center. This technique allows you to visually make your fingers longer. In this case, it is very important to choose the right color for the material. It should contrast with the varnish, not merge with it. Modern tape films are available in different color variations. Some materials even feature floral or geometric designs.

How to use foil correctly to make your manicure stylish and sophisticated, and the image harmonious

Nail stickers should be used with care. This is because bright and shiny paper can easily overload an image. After all, no woman wants to look tasteless, especially after spending a lot of effort on self-care.

Salon masters recommend their clients not to use many different decorations when doing nail art. For example, a complex geometric pattern consisting of several intersecting stripes can be used to design multiple nail plates. Typically, this technique is used to draw attention to the fingers on which the rings are worn.

Original nail design with foil

Today it is already out of fashion to paint nails with varnish of the same shade as lipstick, or to match the color of enamel to the clothes.

The same rule applies to foil designs. If a woman chooses such a bright nail art, do not combine it with outfits in metallic .

Even the highest quality materials with a sticky layer need additional fixation. Do not forget about using a fixing varnish. This simple action will prolong the life of your manicure.

Foil nail design is extremely popular. Modern women choose it to draw attention to their image.

There are a huge number of options for decorating the nail plates and this gives every woman the opportunity to make a choice in favor of what is in harmony with clothes, makeup, hair.

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