Women Secretly Hide This From Men

Oh, these secretive men!

Remember, when we were little, we loved to imagine that we had some kind of magical power. Someone dreamed of flying or becoming invisible, others - to get super-strength or the ability to teleport.

Oh, these secretive men!

But one magical ability could really be useful to us not only in childhood, but also in adulthood - this is telepathy.

What girl doesn't dream of finding out what's in a guy's head? How to understand without superpowers whether a new acquaintance likes you, or, if you are married, has your husband stopped loving?

Men are mysterious creatures, representatives of another planet, whose psychology is not easy for women to understand.

How to understand a man if he is silent about his feelings, is laconic and stern in life? There are indirect signs of interest and sympathy, resentment and indifference. A wise woman from an early age learns the basics of reading signals from the faces of guys, by gestures, hints, scraps of phrases, she is able to form an idea of ​​the true motives that determine the actions of the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

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Loves - loves not

Unmarried young ladies, as a rule, are most interested in how guys feel towards them? You can guessing on coffee grounds or pick petals from chamomile, trying to calculate whether he likes or dislikes, throw or kiss, but it is much more effective to take a closer look at the behavior of a young man.

How understand that a man likes you ? A guy in love is unlikely to hide his attitude behind seven locks. Rather, he will subtly hint at his interest.

Oh, these secretive men!

Here are just some of the ways in which a gentleman can signal that he is not indifferent:

  • offers to help, even if you did not directly ask for it;
  • is interested in your hobbies, mood, asks how you spent your time since the last meeting with him;
  • looks after in all sorts of ways: serves up a coat, offers the best place in the room or transport, gives a lift home after a party or from work, makes little surprises, gives minor souvenirs;
  • often looks you in the eye, smiles, jokes and laughs when you joke;
  • whatever company you are in, in the end, one way or another, it appears next to you;
  • tries to find an excuse to lightly toucharm, shoulders, hair - it says a lot.

How to understand what a man loves if there are no obvious signals? It is possible that the subject of your interest is head over heels in love, but for some reason hides its attitude.

It might seem to him that your heart is occupied by another, or he is not sure whether he will reciprocate, confessing his passion. Since it is not easy to understand a man's attitude, especially if he carefully hides feelings from others, it will take patience and observation to bring him to clean water.

The goal is to declassify the silent man

Suppose there is interest on the part of the guy, but the partisan intentionally hides his feelings. What can be done to make the secret clear? How to understand that a man likes you? To do this, conduct a simple experiment, observe the reaction.

Here are some options, like a litmus test, allowing a woman to guess if she is interested in her:

  • How to understand a man if he hides his thoughts? Come with a beau to a party where your subject will be present. It is not at all necessary to go too far, let the partner only emphasize your presence: he looks after you beautifully, shows attention, but does not let go. It is important that the guy who really likes you feel a pang of jealousy, feel that you are enjoying success with the opposite sex. Let him understand: if he does not hurry up and does not prove himself, he may miss the chance to be with you.
  • Now observe: the lover will not tolerate the presence of an outside person next to you, he will be nervous, do things that will reveal him. How to understand that a man is jealous? He will talk and joke deliberately louder than usual, attracting your attention to himself, he may get involved in an argument or even a quarrel with a decoy. In the end, be prepared for the fact that he retreats on the first pretext, slamming the door. One way or another, but the behavior will betray him headlong. But the stone calmness of the chosen one, who indifferently watches that someone is next to you, is a sign of indifference. And this, in fact, is not bad - it's better not to harbor illusions and look for a new object of love, than secretly hoping that maybe the guy loves you, but hides his feelings.
  • Want to know the right way to understand what a man loves? Another, more radical experiment can be carried out. Simply and bluntly ask him out on a date. It is not necessary to invent some difficult reason, and it is absolutely contraindicated to hint at a possible intimate relationship. Refer to the fact that there is no one to go to an interesting event with, and you thought about it.

The most innocent and at the same time interesting options that you can easily use:

Oh, these secretive men!

  • planning to go to classical dancing but need a partner;
  • want to visit an ice rink, have not skated for a long time and need moral support;
  • openThere was an interesting exhibition, the ride itself was lonely (great, if a guy understands art, then you can refer to the fact that he can give an expert assessment of the exhibited canvases);
  • your friend (mom, brother, second cousin - it doesn't matter) couldn't go to the concert with you, the ticket is lost.

You can use these templates or come up with another reason. It is important that you take the first step and then watch the reaction. How to understand a man's attitude? If he loves you, he will not be able to hide his joy, because he was chosen as a companion.

He will instantly agree, discarding all other cases, no matter how important they are to him. When you offer your company, you stand and wait for an answer, the guy doesn't have time to think, so the first reaction will be the most natural and truthful.

How to understand that a man likes you? What to do if this question haunts, and the solution, as it seems to you, can turn your whole life? The answer is simple - be careful, watch every little thing - movement, word, hint.

How to understand a husband?

Even in a long marriage, when, it would seem, the spouses know each other's habits very well, the wife may suspect that her husband has stopped loving her. Indifference can be very painful for a spouse. How to understand a husband if he has become deliberately delayed at work, does not want to talk about the events of the day, finds fault with trifles and is always unhappy?

Try to think about what could be the real reason for this behavior. It is not at all necessary that your spouse is cheating on you, found love on the side and plans to leave the family. This is an extreme that can only happen if the relationship has been badly damaged by constant quarrels, quarrels and misunderstandings.

If you had no doubts about your husband's love and devotion before, then probably one or more of the following reasons were to blame for secrecy and irritability:

Oh, these secretive men!

  • difficulties at work;
  • health problems;
  • fatigue accumulated over the years;
  • midlife crisis;
  • routine, lack of vivid impressions;
  • increased responsibility for business, family;
  • lack of moral support from loved ones;
  • crisis in the country, uncertainty about the future;
  • financial instability and many, many others.

Could it have happened that at a party or at a party, you gave your spouse a reason to doubt your loyalty? How do you know if a man is jealous?

In addition to turning into a silent or grumpy, most likely, he will also show in all ways how dissatisfied he is with your behavior in society.

Jealousy is a feeling that can poison the lives of both partners, so it is advisable to overcome it as soon as possible, to go through this dubious stage of the relationship. Sincere talkwalk with your husband, admit that you see his doubts and worries, assure you that suspicions are unfounded.

It is not at all necessary to be a telepathic or a professional psychologist to guess whether a gentleman loves you or not, whether he is jealous or absolutely cold and indifferent.

A wise woman will not only be able to correctly interpret the behavior of the chosen one, but will also draw the necessary conclusions, flexibly adapt to the situation.

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