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Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?

Today, you will not surprise anyone with the desire for prospects in professional growth. There is even a category of women who give up motherhood in favor of work. However, not everyone succeeds in achieving real career heights, and there are a lot of reasons for that, ranging from lack of time to voluntary assistance to their colleagues. How to make a career?

Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?

First of all, you should learn to be principled and determined enough. Also, remove all obstacles to your career advancement as soon as possible.

And remember - in order to become a professional in your field, it is not at all necessary to trump a good education.

Naturally, it has not harmed anyone yet, but it has never been the only important aspect of successful work in the service.

Why do people strive to make a career? Everyone has their own personal reasons. Someone wants to simply assert themselves and prove to their loved ones what he is capable of. Someone craves a completely expected monetary profit. Someone dreams of creating a real family dynasty, and leading it as the most outstanding doctor, mathematician or physicist ...

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Bad advice for aspiring career women

Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?

How to make a career for a woman?

First, get rid of the old-fashioned canons about the hearth keeper . Nobody bothers you to keep the hearth and raise children, not making all this the only purpose of your existence.

Moreover, psychologists have found that it is women who have two or more children who are more ideological and creative, and therefore are appreciated at their true worth in the service.

The statement that your husband should provide for you until the end of your days, and your destiny is a home and children, is fundamentally wrong.

Believe me, grown-up babies will become much more proud of a successful, intelligent and independent mother than a tattered housewife who is embarrassed to ask her husband for money for feminine hygiene products.

Secondly, be prepared for the fact that something will constantly interfere with you. Alas, every successful person went through hardships to the stars, and this will not pass you either. But, taking into account other people's experience, you can avoid many fatal mistakes that hinder you on the way to achieving your cherished goals.

How to prevent life and others from preventing yourself from building a successful career?

Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?
  • Forget about doing someone else's work. Your colleagues, employees, subordinates, and even managers just want to shift some of their routine affairs and problems onto you. Don't let them do this and steal your precious time! Think back to some great examples from school. You probably had smart guys in your class (no, no, they were not necessarily excellent students). Usually they were sent to the last desks at all control, independent and exams. But even there it was possible to get them to the whole class - every now and then the guys threw them notes with a request to solve their problem or translate the text into a foreign language. As a result, everyone got good marks. Everyone except the one who worked for them. Either the person simply did not have time for his task, or wise teachers deliberately lowered the grade, seeing what was happening. They were the first to teach us to be wiser in such situations. Even if you manage, it would seem, everything in the world, do not take on someone else's work. This is someone else's problem that you shouldn't worry about;
  • Leave the urge to be in time for everything. You don't have to work until you sweat . And in general, accustom yourself to work less - this way you will have much more time to create and implement brilliant ideas. You will probably think that we were mistaken when writing this paragraph, because all stereotypes unanimously say that a career woman should work 24/7! But this is not at all the case. If Papa Carlo is envied in you, you will remain in your position with them. And your lazy , but rather original and cunning colleagues, will easily bypass you in positions tomorrow. Better gain wisdom, inspire the team and learn how to manage it. Become a gray cardinal! After all, you are not a slave, and you should have enough of your own time;
  • Forget being honest, and don't rush to resent the title of this paragraph. The stories of people who have made a business or a career say that you should not be extremely frank with everyone and in everything. That is, running a business does not mean constantly deceiving someone. But it means not always to finish . You should not trust your professional affairs even to close people, let alone a detailed discussion of upcoming career plans in a circle of laughing friends. In general, make it a rule to think it over hundreds of timeswhat you want to say right now. Will your words affect your reputation and authority? Will they not affect material well-being? Will it affect job success? Silence is golden, sages talked about it for a reason. And if you also want to get into success stories, make it a rule not to share with others everything that comes to your mind. Especially when it comes to some ideas and secret plans.

Is career growth realistic in specific structures?

How can you make a career in the civil service? Following almost the same principle. Nowadays government leaders are not much different from individual entrepreneurs. True, in the civil service you probably will not have to be creative and endlessly synthesize interesting ideas - you just need to fulfill your official duties with dignity and surpass your colleagues in some way.

Don't forget about the initiative - the boss will notice your efforts faster if you keep an active position in the team. Gray mice, even if they are extremely hardworking, are not interesting to anyone. And they, in most cases, despite their bright little heads, remain in the shadows as a result. Moreover, they do the work for more impulsive, persistent and purposeful employees.

Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?

How to make a career in a large bank? Accounting and auditing is a profession that has gained particular popularity over the past decade.

If you are a banker, you are definitely in luck. If only because you are constantly rotating in the monetary environment. But being in a certain energy flow sometimes prejudges fate! But this area is also the most responsible. And here, as opposed to one of the bad advice , you have to sweat. Especially at the beginning of your journey, and especially if you are a loan officer.

Don't be surprised that a work plan can keep you working on weekends. But, having noticed your efforts, the bosses can almost immediately promote you in your position.

Another female profession, from which sooner or later almost everyone wants to escape - a clerk, or simply a secretary. What other career can a clerk make? If you have enough experience, apply for Personal Assistant Leadership. But keep in mind - now you have to work not only with the internal documentation, but also be a constant maintainer of your boss.

As a rule, the work schedule of such an employee is not standardized. There are also constant business trips, but if nothing particularly keeps you at home, this aspect of the profession is very acceptable - you will constantly travel and gain impressions. But still, this profession cannot be called easy. But in it you can get your profit by learning how to do business right from the inside and in practice.

Quick Tips forfuture career women

This list contains basic and quick tips for those looking to get ahead quickly in their careers:

Note to careerists: how to quickly fly up the career ladder?
  • Pay attention to your appearance: it should fully comply with the generally accepted business dress code;
  • Follow the internal policies of the company in which you work;
  • Be able to keep your face and don't let the photos on the Internet (for example) compromise you;
  • Cultivate a sense of endurance, tact, always remain calm and self-control;
  • Do not participate in disputes and clashes within the team, do not take someone's position, do not participate in gossip and scandals.

May your career develop in the most favorable way!

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