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Mushroom as medicine

The modern drug market is literally overflowing with a variety of synthetic drugs. Sometimes it is really impossible to do without them, but much more often people take them, just in case, in unreasonable quantities, and then they are treated for the consequences of previous drugs. It turns out a vicious circle, from which, at first glance, it is impossible to find a way out.

In fact, this solution not only exists, it is also quite simple: instead of abusing pills, one should turn to nature, which is a real storehouse of medicines for most diseases.

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The healing properties of mushrooms

Mushroom as medicine

The healing properties of what grows in the forests and steppes nearby have been known to all peoples for a long time. A huge plus of globalization is that we can get access not only to those gifts of nature that are available in our area, but also to borrow the invaluable experience of other peoples.

Slavic folk medicine has used the beneficial properties of plants since ancient times, but in Japan and China, in addition, mushrooms have also been widely used for the treatment of various diseases for a long time.

In ancient times, their healing abilities were valued on a par with precious metals, and the places of growth were kept in strict secrecy. Now everything has changed: what was a secret in the old days has now become a subject of research for scientists. There was even a whole direction - fungotherapy.

Since the use of medicinal mushrooms in medicine has long been practiced in eastern countries, the most studied are those that are found in the wild in Japan and China.

Mushroom as medicine

Shiitake, reishi and meitake are among the most popular medicinal mushrooms. All three belong to the group of woody fungi, although only the last two grow on the stumps and trunks of trees. Shiitake, on the other hand, interacts with the roots of the tree, but it looks more like an ordinary forest mushroom with a well-defined leg and cap.

All these species have been grown on special plantations for quite some time and sold all over the world. The most popular of the three is meitake, which gained its fame due to the fact that the dried mushroom and its extract are used in manyfields of medicine.

Weight Management

Probably the best known benefit of meitake is its ability to lose weight. It was for this purpose that it was used by Japanese geisha.

According to custom, the geisha had to taste all the dishes served to the guest. The meaning of this custom is clear - poisons were a very common way of settling scores with enemies, and rich people, who had someone to fear, did not want to risk unnecessarily taking food from the hands of a geisha.

However, for the girls themselves, the need to taste so much food threatened a deterioration in their figure, and this geisha completely dependent on their own beauty could not allow it. Here they were rescued by the magic meitake: they sprinkled the food with dried mushroom powder or drank its infusion and did not gain excess weight even with such an improper diet.

Mushroom as medicine

How does this healing agent work and why does it help so well in the fight against extra pounds? While most modern diets are focused on reducing calorie intake, meitake addresses the problem at a deeper level. It normalizes the hormonal background, as a result of which the metabolism is normalized.

Thus, with the same amount of calories received, more energy is consumed in the metabolic process and calories are not stored as spare fat on the sides. Just two grams of dry powder per day is enough to gradually normalize your weight.

However, one should not forget that geisha were more likely to maintain their normal weight, and not get rid of the excess. If you want to lose weight noticeably in a short period of time, then the process can be accelerated by a combination of powder intake and diet. If you eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and fewer pastries, and instead of the usual coffee with milk drink green tea, then the result from taking meitake will be seen much faster.

Women's health

Mushroom as medicine

In addition to helping women get their perfect figure, the meitake mushroom is also used to solve many other problems that most women face.

Regular consumption of this supplement helps to normalize the menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual pain.

This remedy is also useful for the problematic course of menopause in women. Of course, we are talking about regular intake and gradual beneficial effects.

Don't think that meitake can work as a pain reliever. This is not a one-time remedy for pain, but a method of treating hormonal imbalance, which is the real cause of unpleasant effects.

Improving immunity and preventing bacterial and viral infections

Another property of medicinal meitake mushrooms is the ability to have a beneficial effect on the human immune system. The normalization of hormonal levels also leads to an increasethe number of macrophage cells that destroy all foreign microorganisms and are responsible for the ability to resist infectious diseases.

This property becomes especially relevant in the autumn-winter period, when, due to bad weather, a person is forced to spend more time indoors and in public transport. In such conditions, harmful microorganisms are almost everywhere and the only reliable way not to get sick is to maintain the body's protective functions in good shape.

It should be borne in mind that this remedy is not an antibiotic and, although taking it during an illness contributes to recovery, in order to effectively use it for prevention, the course of administration must be started in advance, at least two months before the onset of the peak incidence. Then the immune system will have time to come on alert just in time.

Adjuvant in the treatment of malignant tumors

Mushroom as medicine

Since meitake helps the body fight a variety of foreign elements, it has a beneficial effect on the cancer treatment process. A malignant tumor is a foreign body, so an increase in the number of macrophages helps to overcome it.

While it would be wrong to call this a panacea for cancer, its positive effects when combined with traditional treatments are obvious.

But to reduce the risk of disease, this is exactly what you need. Unfortunately, many products that a modern person consumes at least from time to time contain carcinogenic substances and it is very difficult to completely exclude what is harmful from their diet.

So, in this case, such a food additive plays the role of a kind of airbag , which, although it does not ward off a blow, but reduces its negative consequences.

Where to buy and how to take it right?

This product, like other medicinal products, is sold dried. You can buy it at the pharmacy or order it online.

  • To make the mushroom convenient to take, it is ground into a fine powder, which must be taken with meals. The powder can be washed down with water or juice, this will not affect the healing properties of the mushroom at all;
  • You can also prepare an infusion and drink it two to three times a day. If the purpose of the intake is to lose weight, then you can use the infusion some time after dinner, so as not to overload the body with a night snack, but also not to fall asleep with a feeling of hunger;
  • Since meitake has a distinct taste and pleasant aroma, the powder can also be added directly to food like any other seasoning. This should be done when the dish has already passed heat treatment, you do not need to boil the powder;
  • In any case, the dose of the powder should be approximately equal to one tablespoon per day, divided into two to three doses;
  • Recently, preparations have appeared on the market, which are dosed and packaged in convenient capsules extracts of Reishi Shiitake and Meitake mushrooms. Although there is no particular difference in the healing properties of these capsules and just powders, they are much more convenient to use.

Combination drugs are also popular, for example Solgar . They combine the beneficial properties of two or more types of medicinal mushrooms. So Solgar contains Reishi Shiitake and Meitake mushroom extract.

Since these products are not classified as drugs, but as bioactive additives, they do not require a prescription to purchase them, you can simply buy them at a regular pharmacy or specialty store.


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