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Morning exercises: a useful shake for the body

Everyone wants to look and feel great. But due to circumstances or their own laziness, not everyone succeeds in taking care of their body.

Morning exercises: a useful shake for the body

But there is an effective way to tidy up the body, to make the body fit, slim, while not putting much effort. The secret lies in the usual exercises, which will invigorate and charge you with strength for the whole day.

With just a few regular exercises to recharge at home, you can achieve surprisingly good results. You need to do everything regularly, only daily repetitions will justify the effort.

And it's not so important how much time you devote to morning exercises: it can last either 5 minutes or half an hour. The effect will be evident in a week! Of course, you don't need to expect that by the weekend a set of exercises for morning exercises will do a miracle, and you will lose tens of kilograms, but it can help you start feeling cheerful, active and collected by the end of the week.

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Why morning exercises are useful

Waking up early, regular exercise mobilizes the organs and systems of the body, the body gets used to daily stress and develops a readiness to wake up quickly in the morning. Therefore, people who are not lazy to do morning exercises do not feel sleepy, are always full of energy and hard work.

Another positive point is that short-term morning exercises include metabolism, which is a sure way to lose weight. But the effect is achieved precisely in the morning exercises, in the evening you will no longer be able to lose as much energy.

Regular exercises in the morning will help bring your appetite back to normal and switch to healthier foods. It is also able to normalize sleep, increase mental activity and instill confidence in a person in their own abilities.

In order to feel a burst of energy every day, you need to choose the right set of exercises and do it regularly.

Complex of morning gymnastic exercises for charging

Consider further one of the many sets of exercises. It can be done by both men and women at home or in nature , as the classes are active, but easy.

Morning exercises: a useful shake for the body

The complex has 5 blocks of exercises for all parts of the body:

  • heads;
  • shoulder girdle and arms;
  • torso;
  • legs;
  • general stretching exercises.

Perform each action 10 times.

1st block:

  • head turns to the sides;
  • head tilt;
  • moving the head in a circle.

2nd block:

  • shoulder rotation in a circle;
  • circular motion with straight arms;
  • alternate hand waves;
  • rotation with arms bent at the elbows;
  • hand rotation.

3rd block:

  • bends with a straight back forward, with feet shoulder-width apart: you need to smoothly try to touch the floor with your palms;
  • rotation of the pelvic area, hands on the belt;

4th block:

  • swing legs (one and then the other);
  • squats, heels stay on the floor.

Such exercises for charging are quite effective in themselves, but if you want to complicate the training program, you can add the following elements to the complex:

  • body lifts lying on the mat;
  • straight leg raises (in the same position);
  • fast jumps.

The following exercises for morning exercises are especially useful for a woman, because good stretching makes legs slim and attractive, and the body gains flexibility and grace.

5th block:

  • legs are wide apart, one of them should be bent, the other should be kept straight. Stretching is done by squatting on a bent leg. Repeat the exercise, squatting on the other leg;
  • Bending over to feet wide apart while sitting on the floor.

How to overcome laziness and start doing morning exercises

The fact that exercise is important and useful is beyond doubt, but how to overcome the ubiquitous laziness? After all, the bed in the morning is so soft and warm, and the dream is so pleasant and colorful!

Even the most consummate master of excuses and lovers of sleep can force themselves to easily do exercises for charging. Psychology of personality will help with this.

Get like-minded people. You don't have to do the exercises at home: take your friend, go out to the park or yard and do some exercises.

Women can also motivate themselves by buying a beautiful and expensive tracksuit. Moreover, you need to hang it so that in the morning it is the first to catch your eye. Handsome, new - he will definitely persuade you to get out of bed.

Morning exercises: a useful shake for the body

Imagine what it would be - your ideal figure! Ponder, lying on the couch, over how everyone will turn around, looking at the curves of a slender body, how people will bite their nails and faint with envy. Does not help? Then instead of abstract people substitute girlfriend , friend , colleague or husbanda .

Flip through the old photo album. Look what freshness and grace you possessed in your youth! Choose the photo that you like the most and hang it in a prominent place: let it become your guide on the way to your goal.

Pick up invigorating music, it will help you wake up in a good mood and tune in to a working mood.

Don't be afraid to experiment, of course, sooner or later there will be something that will lift you up in no time.

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